Romano shares details behind Chelsea’s remarkable nine-year contract offer for Caicedo

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It seems we are finally nearing a conclusion to the most long-drawn and dramatic transfer sagas in recent memory, one that is not set to end with Liverpool failing to secure the services of Moises Caicedo.

As reported by Fabrizio Romano: ‘Understand the agreement between Moisés Caicedo and Chelsea is for a contract valid until June 2031…but the contract will also include an option until 2032, one more season.

‘Caicedo agreed personal terms with Chelsea at the end of May. Clubs working to close deal now’.

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This reveals an unbelievable nine-year contract on offer from Chelsea, something which means that they can attempt to get round the FFP rules by splitting a believed £115 million deal over such a long period.

It feels like this blatant tampering with the supposed financial constraints can only end one way for the Londoners but this really doesn’t impact us in this moment of time.

Jurgen Klopp was already said to have been ‘feeling bitterly disappointed…and frustrated’ before we saw this supposed deal agreed and you can only imagine his mood won’t be getting better.

After facing the media and confirming our interest, we are now left with egg on our face after a record-breaking bid was rejected because a player didn’t want to come to Anfield.

It’s something that will hurt but now the manager, his recruitment staff and the owners need to work together to ensure that we get any more targets secured and signed as quickly as possible.

This saga has dragged on too long and the whole event seems very ‘un-Liverpool’.

You can view the Caicedo update via @FabrizioRomano on X:

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  1. How does this leave us with egg on our faces exactly? From all accounts Thursday night his representatives say he’ll come to us, we bid 111m, BHA accept the bid.
    Friday, Chelsea contact the same representatives with improved personal terms & his representatives tell him to reject the offer.
    Saturday, Chelsea offer 115m instead of their original 80m offer. Chelsea are the wankers paying 35m more than they wanted to with the added bonus of dealing with these dickhead representatives for apparently 9 years, not us.

    1. They’re all put after living in outer shadow and haven’t to grin and bear it. Gary Neville will be out protesting with the prawn sarnie brigade. Shearer has found his lungs after the shameful episode ending in Newcastle selling their soul trying to be relevant.

      100% agree with you, I don’t want this shit bag in my club throwing his dummy out like a Home bBargains Mbappe.

      If Chelski don’t breach FFP this year it will come in any of the time these rediculous contracts are running and now the rest of the world knows they’re desperate to balance the books when they sack Potechino in the next 6 months and dont qualify for Europe again.

      Theres always another player, they’re 10 a penny just ask Keegan, Owen, Torres, Gini, Mane etc

    2. Absolutely spot on. Some of the reporting on this is a joke. We bid in good faith after assurances from Brighton and the player/agents which turned out to be blatant lies. I’m glad we left our bid on the table and forced Chelsea to pay more but I hope we never do business with Brighton or Caicedo agent again. I have ZERO faith in the PL to enforce FFP rules. We appear to be the only club following them. PL management not fit for purpose

    3. Love this post !! Pretty much perfectly summed up Chelsea.. Rent boys will always be rent boys
      Sell their souls to be a pretend big club !

  2. They can’t split the transfer fee over 9 years anymore. The loophole was closed as of this summer, five years max. If he’s badly injured or just not very good then they’re stuck with him on their books until 2032 too. Bell ends with more money than sense

  3. I thought this manner of offering 8-9 year contracts to circumvent FFP was identified last season and was no longer viable. Crazy that this simple loophole was even allowed to exist as it clearly is designed to stretch the rules.

  4. 9 year offer is illegal , 5 years is max as per fifa UEFA & the fa

    Never seen a player so desperate to

    Join a team not In Europe
    Finished 12th last year
    Have a manager that failed in his last 4 jobs
    A club they has changed manager 5 times in 15 months
    Is gathering players but not creating a team
    Soulless money orientation of fans
    Ruins players (list too long to do here)
    This week received £8 million FFP fine
    Maybe banned from Europe next season due to FFP and have pints deducted
    Manager may not last until December

    Rather than LFC
    A established team that is adding
    Chance to play alongside a previous colleague
    Top 3 most supported club in the world
    4th top shirt seller
    One of the worlds best managers
    Is in Europe
    Finished 5th last season
    Anfield has the most Amazing atmosphere

    It’s not making sense people , why chose chelsea , I am dumb struck

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