Danny Murphy shares honest FSG verdict after Moises Caicedo transfer trainwreck

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Former Liverpool player Danny Murphy has applauded the Reds’ owners, Fenway Sports Group, for showcasing a willingness to spend big this summer.

The pundit referred to his old club’s attempted hijack of Moises Caicedo, a move that ended in double heartbreak for Jurgen Klopp’s men, as Chelsea not only fended off a late swoop for the Ecuadorian but then also snapped up the Merseysiders’ backup option in Romeo Lavia.

“If they’re willing to do that, they’re willing to back him. But they’re not willing to just spend stupid money on any player,” the Englishman told Rio Ferdinand Presents Five YouTube channel (via The Boot Room).

Despite suggestions to the contrary online, the towel has yet to be thrown in, with the club now understood to be exploring a move for Crystal Palace’s Cheick Doucoure ahead of the potential signing of Stuttgart’s Wataru Endo.

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John Henry and Co have taken a lot of friendly fire from Liverpool fans over the years – and rightly so when it came to attempts to furlough staff during the pandemic, not to mention efforts to try and get the club involved in the ill-fated European Super League.

We’re not claiming that FSG’s judgement has been entirely unsound – quite the opposite on average.

That said, we simply can’t afford to take on the challenge of a return to the top four spots without being well-equipped in the holding midfield role.

The addition of Endo will help in that regard but is by no means a permanent fix, so we’d be far from surprised to see some movement on the Doucoure front very soon should Klopp’s outfit be given the right indications over a fee.

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  1. Yeah fair play Danny, FSG are willing to spend 111 million on a player they knew wanted to sign for Chelsea. Smoke and mirrors from FSG fooled the clueless.

    FSG who were recently intested in signing Bellingham then pulled the plug on that one.
    Then they dithered over 50 million on romeo lavia.

    Danny Murphy just like so many former Liverpool players turned pundits who’ll never ever criticise FSG for anything. Carragher, Murphy, Aldridge, Gillespie, warnock, mellor. The only truth you’ll get is from Didi hamann. Stay well clear of the fenway echo and LFCTV which is a propaganda FSG show.
    They didn’t criticise even after the super league lies.

    Liverpool now in the Europa league, the 3rd richest club with the smallest squad in the premier league.
    Danny won’t mention that one.
    Danny applauds FSG again for willing to spend big as the exodus at Liverpool continues with nat Phillips.
    Still the lowest net spend of all the big clubs.

    The wage bill cut by 72 million a season, fabinho replaced with a 30 years old Japanese player.
    Who can also play in central defence.
    Saving FSG buying defender’s.

    You’ve got to laugh. FSG only spend big when they sell big Danny. Where have you been for the last 13 years.

    Liverpool football club in terminal decline under charlatan owners FSG
    Only the clueless can’t see it.

    1. @redmist21 – your name says it all. I think you are the one who cannot see clearly. FSG are not perfect but here is one clue YOU have missed. They are astute rich businessmen, while you are most probably stuck in your 2-room bedsitter complaining bitterly in your tea.
      I do not know the key to success but I do know that the key to failure is trying to please everyone.

    2. 100% redmist – half the problem is the ‘happy to take part’ element of the fan base who think keeping it positive off the pitch will have any positive effect on the pitch. Learnt nothing watching decades of football most of them. Id rather listen to mormons.
      Even Jurgen knows we are a joke, his demeanour and tone says it all. I expect he’ll slip off end of this year – why would he stay where he’s been utterly wasted?
      And who on earth would come to work for scabby fsg for chrissake, when a move to London and an upward moving club with an owner that invests in future success.
      I shudder to think who our next manager will be, altho at least Fsg know not to scab on that front, within their operating model.
      Which failed miserably with a 111mil bid on Caicedo clearly.

      History repeats itself – we all know whats coming. If your own life experience is still lying to u, ask the redsox and the penguins.
      Fsg are wizard at picking up wayward top franchises for chips then restoring the brand by modernising the commercials then coming from nowhere in the relevant championship. But the model fails at the next stage. You can live offside for a while, but the mean catches up always.
      Yet they consistently fail to sell at the top, even when 10x+ return is available, then just watch helpless as the whole thing goes to pot again.
      I am resigned to where we are long ago, as this has been coming for seasons now obviously, the numbers spoke for themselves. Who needed another final warning after Ali’s last minuter vs west brom??
      I am now more worried by much bigger concerns – whos next – who will these guys sell us to a sportwashing petrostate? The ultimate shame, as the desperados all get on board, like the disgrace of the mancs.
      They should have been kicked out at last last year after their BS last summer, but blagged a dodge of the ire by implying Bellingham was a done deal, like Haaland was for city. Liars again. And look where we ended up.
      But again this summer they messed around like amateurs and now we are completely unfit. Laughing stock of global football. Yet the mormons will get all positive about a 30yr old Japanese from Stuttgart who if he was any way fit for purpose wouldnt be found at 30yrs at Stuutgart, OBVIOUSLY. Suddenly the Bundesliga has all the answers issit. I wish him all the very best, its not his fault, he has all my support, but get f’ing real you fsg mugbags.
      As if the shame of the superleague and furlough wasnt warning enough, not to mention the childish sulky slap down to fans over Werner which followed. Uncertainty, issit. But lap it up wont you all.
      You’ll be lauding the capital expenditure on another 6000 seats soon enough. Another great day for the benefactors of Henry’s estate.

      FSG OUT!
      But then what…they wont care, especially if pushed, we saw that with werner. Calling Bohly’s twin, calling Bohly’s twin…

  2. You must definitely have gotten out the wrong side of the bed. Carragher even criticizes Liverpool’s Transfer Policy on this page, Aldridge has said similar. The purchase of Endo is a good move for a few reasons, one he’s immediately available unlike any of the other midfielders we’re interested in and we do need somebody NOW, two, his record in Germany is excellent as is his attitude, three Bajetic can learn from him as he did from Milner and four hist fitness record is excellent also. I don’t care who sanctioned it but it’s a good move. Finally, with regard to FSG, they should have gone for another Midfielder when Tchouaméni chose Real Madrid, instead we ended up with Melo. They should have done the same as soon as Bellingham mentioned Real Madrid, he was always going to go there. They definitely made a mess of the Caicedo and Lavia Transfers, why think they could get Caicedo when he stated ages ago that he wanted to move to Chelsea and more important LONDON.

    1. Well said you have to check that a player definitely wants to play for your club before you make any financial offers Liverpool we’re very foolish over Caicedo affair.

  3. Bottom line is that whoever was/is doing the negotiations they are no good at it .Doesn’t matter if your a road sweeper or a rocket scientist, no one likes to be told they can’t do the job but that’s the truth of it.

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