Six pundits all agree Liverpool are about to make very ‘smart’ transfer move

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In the most Liverpool-esque manner, Jurgen Klopp’s men have surprised fans across the globe with their move for a name no one anticipated.

Stuttgart’s Wataru Endo, if reports are to be believed, looks destined to be the next man to pull on the famous red shirt this summer.

Despite some of the outrage online, however, the verdicts coming from those close to the Bundesliga – from Jan Aage Fjortoft to Kevin Hatchard – appear to point towards the club having made yet another shrewd signing. All of which can be found here on Reddit.

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An aerially dominant operator in the middle of the park (registering in 95th percentile amongst his midfield peers, according to FBref) with a non-existent injury record and likely low wages, it’s far from being a move we’re opposed to here at Empire of the Kop.

Registering five goals and four assists from 33 appearances in the Bundesliga last term – notably for a struggling Stuttgart side – it’s promising to see potentially further goals added to the Liverpool midfield.

We’d very much expect this to be a squad signing, of course, with a younger name selected to replace Fabinho on a more regular basis in the middle of the park.

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  1. This will be a great signing that compensates for the loss of Caicedo and Lavia. I look forward to finalising this signing.

  2. That would replace the experience we lost with losing millie – Hendon, seen a montage of him – boy can he hit a ball.

  3. As a lad I watched Billy in the 50’s give some crack to the ball and look forward to this guy showing the same. He can smack that ball somewhat!

  4. I think Liverpool need to close their chaque book cause they have failed to sign the right players. Now they need to improvise and stop acting like head less chickens there is no player now who can come and pleases the fans. Chelsea showed us what to expect in the next coming games, weak Liverpool team with no direction and another dry season watch the space.

    1. Goodness me, Chelsea really showed us what to expect by thrashing us, eh 1-1. Sahla marginally offside @ 1-0 Chelsea goal from a set piece. Suppose you will want Klopp gone before September eh. Its been 1 game and the transfer window is open till till the end of the month.

    2. I doubt you are a genuine Liverpool fan if so must be fans registered less than 10years because clearly you don’t understand our philosophy as a club and what makes Liverpool a team even at our poorest, makes great coaches stand up a take a pose whenever we hit the pitch. Trust me, losing those two to Chelsea was a blessing to many us a fan and kloop himself. My advice before you choke yourself with unnecessary BP, go back to the foundation of we stand for as a club and grasp the dynamics of how we play as Liverpool..just then, maybe and that’s a big maybe you appreciate the honor of that badge of what it is to be True Liverpool fan and what makes us build an atmosphere considered the best in Europe..we lift our team, our staff from the grounds men and women to the board room. We are never and will never be average, let those teams that spend millions and millions year in ..year out continue the trend but they’ll never be Liverpool no attain our status as fierce competitors if the game. Would like to see you stand by your comment at the end of the season..

    3. Maybe. A few areas need shoring up in terms of squad depth. A case of ‘owt better than nowt’?
      Or do you trust Klopp’s judgement?

    4. Watch and wait.See who else we get and discuss at the End of the season.Silly to write us off at the moment.

    5. I don’t think you should believe all you read about from pundits/press ,they are looking for something to say/write about.
      There are plenty of excellent players outside of the. premier league that would love the chance to play for Liverpool or probably any of the big premier league clubs.

    6. Just observe you will see this team thrive. Yes we lost Hendo and Fab. We don’t have quality step inn players but the young players will grow and become the most wanted players.

  5. If you have watched the world cup very well, then you would notice how good Endo waratu was against Germany, he destroyed the entire midfield of Germany..this lad is extremely good..remember James Mill..came to Liverpool when he was about to clock 30 and he ended up being benefiting Liverpool, so this guy Endo is even much better …his work rate will definitely blow your mind, long range passes are absolutely very good, Diaz, Nunez and salah will benefit alot from him

  6. You sound like your knowledge of football could fit on a stamp. I have this weird feeling Klopp knows better than you.!!!

  7. Watch and wait.See who else we get and discuss at the End of the season.Silly to write us off at the moment.

  8. I’m a Liverpool fan for over 50 years, nobody needs to tell me what the club should stand for.
    The illustrious history, which came about because of one man Bill shankly. Ambition, 1st is first second is nowhere.
    Liverpool football club exists for one purpose, to win trophies. Not to be run as a business for billionaire’s FSG to make profits.
    That’s what Liverpool football club has become under charlatan owners FSG.

    Last season record revenues, 3rd richest club.
    We have the best manager, why are we in the Europa league. Why have Liverpool got the smallest squad in the premier league. The wage bill just cut by 72 million a season. An exodus of players gone. An exodus of recruitment staff gone.

    What does endo improve. At best he’s a cover player.
    Bajcetic can do that job. Liverpool still need a quality defensive midfielder, a right back and a quality central defender. It’s 16 million that doesn’t improve anything. Does he close the gap on Manchester city and Arsenal. No.
    It’s no good saying support the team. If the club is in decline, and the club is being run poorly, supporters need to say what needs to be said.
    Liverpool are in terminal decline under charlatan owners FSG who don’t spend. The net spend is the proof.
    Arsenal don’t have any problems spending, nor Manchester United or Chelsea.
    American owners who spend. Unlike FSG who don’t.
    Yesterday we had excuses from klopp saying we can’t compete. Klopp is becoming an FSG apologist.

    Nothing new on here, on most of the Liverpool website’s.
    All the FSG worshippers all singing from the same hymn sheet. While the club is being left behind.
    Arthur melo last season, a 30 year old Japanese player on the other side of the mountain this summer.

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