Reds won’t believe what Guardiola begged Man City fans to do before Newcastle game

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Pep Guardiola felt forced to urge Manchester City’s fanbase to attend the Etihad Stadium once again ahead of their meeting with Newcastle United on Saturday.

The quotes in question were relayed on X by @FootballTalkHQ (and available via Football Daily), with the Spaniard requesting supporters to ‘stay with us please, because we are not in our best moment’.

The Sky Blues have enjoyed a strong start to the campaign, bouncing back from a Community Shield defeat to Arsenal on penalties to secure a 3-0 win against Vincent Kompany’s Burnley before lifting their first piece of silverware with a win against Sevilla.

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It’s an utterly bizarre reality when compared with the fervent support the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United attract on a weekly basis.

To have to request that fans go to the game after just coming off the back of a treble-winning season – a campaign that yielded the club’s FIRST-EVER Champions League trophy – absolutely boggles the mind.

In fact, it’s hard not to feel a bit for Guardiola being forced to inspire a seemingly disinterested fanbase despite their raft of success.

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  1. Your article has taken his comments completely out of context as you well know….but if it makes you feel happy in some perverse way th3n crack on. Sad!

    1. You are talking to the kult they light ca dels when people sing nasty songs about it never being their fault.

      So what chance they could read between lines,

      Just just put 3 fingers up and them and if they reply put 4 fingers up with the other hand.

      Treble and domestic Quadruple.

      Once in 35 years they won a the league, just let them rot back under the rock they crawled from.


      luv it arr kid

        1. I bet the bell end had never heard of his beloved Citeh 10 years ago. Wonder if he’s ever seen them live? although easy to get tickets at face value for every home game.

  2. Club is on its ar$e, can’t even fill the council house. Funny when they all came out of the woodwork in May for the glory.

    Hopefully the triple digit cases on FFP are concluded soon and they can join the average attendances in league 1 where they belong

  3. Desperation seeping into shoddy, lazy journalism……please tell me you don’t get paid to write this tosh.

  4. Newcastle fan here. Scousers are generally disliked the country over. They think they deserve to win the league every season. Newcastle were more successful until the mid 70’s. They know they are falling behind the likes of Man City and Newcastle, so are having a. Pop and Peps comments. Totally taking out of context. He wasn’t asking fans to attend games at all. The writer knows this too. Klopp and LFC have become like bitter neighbours. I can’t even see top 6 for them this season.

    1. If I wanted a Geordie opinion, I would have flushed the toilet. Go back to your own site, toon tosser.

  5. All Manchester City’s Premier League home games are sold out for the entire season. Check man

  6. Ha ha pep means the team are struggling with injuries so we need the crowd louder than ever to get the win please don’t twist it. Ps once in 35 years covid champions !:)

  7. What a stupid twisted article. Clearly Pep didn’t say this, you have twisted it to suit your narrative and have a childish little swipe at the worlds no1 team/manager/club. Stop being so envious and bitter and just except we are a truly superb team.

    1. You forgot to say plastic oil bought club who were winning fuck all before all the cash and will go back to being a nothing Club when the owners fuck off

  8. Need a new issue of plastic flags for the plastic fans of the plastic club.
    Face value tickets available to buy yesterday.
    Contrast that with trying to get a ticket for any Liverpool home game. Nigh on impossible and we’re a club supposedly ‘in crisis’ whereas they won the triple last season.
    Bet they wish they could buy support and an atmosphere.

    1. You’re full of shit with your atmosphere, I’ve been there and all your Irish snd Norwegian joke fans were sat speechless all looking at each other in total silence. Absolute joke of a myth your place. Granted it will get noisy from time to time but you lot try to suggest it’s a caldron all the time with us Bollox.

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