(Video) Man who interviewed Henderson says Jordan is struggling to ‘justify’ Saudi move

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Jordan Henderson has catapulted himself and his move to Saudi Arabia back into the public eye and one of the two interviewers from his chat with The Athletic, has provided his insight on the events.

Speaking on Sky Sports News, Adam Crafton said: “My impression, being in the room with Jordan Henderson, was that he’s a pretty good guy who’s made a decision that is very hard to justify in line with the advocacy that he’s previously done.

“I think as we went into more detail, he found that more difficult as we went along but I would stress, we were there for over an hour and there wasn’t one question where he said ‘I’m not prepared to answer that’…

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“He said what he wanted to say and I’d like to think that we posed some of the questions that people wanted to be heard”.

Our former captain was such a public ally of the LGBTQ+ community, that you can understand the anger that has come from his decision to move to a country where members of that community face severe repression and legal challenges because of their sexuality.

It feels like the interview that needed to be done but also the one that should have never happened, although answering every question is admirable – it may have cost the 33-year-old a lot more than his Middle Eastern wages can ever cover.

You can watch Crafton’s comments on Henderson (from 2:09) via Sky Sports News on YouTube:

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  1. I am guessing he really said that he saw the writing on the wall in terms of taking a step back to becoming a squad player . I’m equally sure that Klopp told him that he wanted him to stay as the leader through the rebuild
    I also would conclude he didn’t go for the money as his main goal, just that he never wants to give up just yet the feeling of being top dog on and off the field
    I also would say that if you decide to move there, anyone with any intelligence would know that it can only hurt you to be vocal on your human rights beliefs
    I think he made a great decision for himself and I assume his family see it as a 2/3 year adventure

  2. Greedy and compromised the respect he had gained with his somewhat tainted support for the LBGT+ community
    He coukd have stayed been a big part of LFC still and gone into coaching at LFC and had a future there
    Klopp didn’t want him to go
    He said he wants to help the game evolve in saudi ……thats ticking boxes
    His self respect and that of many around has gone out the window as he chooses some more millions over the 7 8 million a year he’s earned for a decade
    His verbal stance about Qatar which is the same as Saudis shows he is a great big hypocrite when it comes to moral beliefs

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