(Video) Rodri’s painfully ironic comments about players moving to Saudi Arabia for money

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To say that Saudi Arabia have disturbed the status quo in football would not be an understatement but if there’s one club in England who can’t really moan about the power of money in the game – it’s Manchester City.

Despite this, Rodri spoke with the media and had some painfully ironic comments on the Saudi Pro League: “Evidently, European football loses with this situation and it is a very particular opinion of the players who decide to go out to these leagues.

“It is totally understandable due to the amounts of money they offer. I think it’s a personal issue for everyone to decide for themselves.

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“We Europeans don’t really like it. It must be controlled in some way this drain of talent because at first it seemed like it was just veterans in the twilight of their careers, but there are young people now who are leaving. They are respectable decisions, but the people who take action must control this situation.”

Saying that the spending of the new league ‘must be controlled’ is certainly a statement to make for a man who plays for a club who is currently being investigated for over 100 financial breaches themselves.

The argument the Spaniard is making isn’t wrong but when you play for a club that bought its way to success and have consistently overspent in order to get there – you’re not the right person to put the case forward.

You can watch Rodri’s comments on Saudi Arabia via @SkySportsNews on X:

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  1. Sad, trying to make yourself look better by dissing others, you’d think we killed somebody the way you go on, (oh that’s another club that does that J39 ) your just a bunch of whiners, who hate not being relavant 🙄

  2. Silly article,if a player from man United or Chelsea would of made these comments would you of wrote about that,these clubs have massively out spent city

  3. rodri did not go to city for money…he went to the best team in the world…this article is stupidly biased

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