A look back at Liverpool’s worst Premier League kits

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There is a classic vibe around many of the home shirts on show in this season’s Premier League. The likes of Chelsea, Everton, Burnley and Liverpool have all turned towards some classic styling. However, along with the good, there are some visually challenging kits knocking around too.

Punters dipping into the best Klarna betting sites will have to get their eyes prepared for some terrible away kits this season when it comes time to watch matches. Arsenal’s away kit is arguably the biggest eyesore. But Bournemouth, Fulham, Everton, and Manchester United have all done their best to try and beat it as the worst kit in the 2023/24 Premier League season with their respective away shirts.

Liverpool aren’t off the hook either, having some design challenges with their second and third kits. They lead us back to the annals of Premier League history as we recall some of the worst kits worn by the Reds. But first a look at this season’s line-up.

Rating The Reds 2023/23 Premier League Kits

Home Shirt: Makers Nike have knocked Liverpool’s home kit for the 2023/24 Premier League season out of the park. It’s a classic cut, and the beauty is from the simplicity. The shirt pays tribute to the 50th anniversary of legendary manager Bill Shankly leaving the club. The red is a beautiful, bright shade and with simple white cuffs and collars, it’s a thing of glory.

Away Shirt: Things start to get a bit sketchy as makers Warrior, who have produced some nightmare designs before, have tapped into one of their previous 90s creations. The latest Liverpool away shirt is white with blocks of green, which kind of makes it look more inspired by Minecraft than anything else. But it’s not horrendous and all cuffs, branding and logo being black saved it a bit.

Third Kit: Another shirt inspired by a colour of the past – purple. This is probably one that Reds fans will be happy not to see pulled out too often. The shirt was revealed at a Fan Event in August and it shouldn’t have gone any further. It’s not the colour as much as the strange vertical patterned uneven lines that are on it, which looks like a Moiré clash printing error that’s really hard on the eyes.

Liverpool’s Top 5 Home Kits of All Time

  • 2017/18
  • 1985/86
  • 1989-91
  • 2012/13
  • 1976-79

1995-1996 Away Kit

Now onto the bad, starting with the one that has inspired this season’s away shirt. This green monstrosity was Liverpool’s away kit in the 1995-96 season was wrong on all levels. The green and white Harlequin-style Adidas shirt was made even worse by three lines down each sleeve that made it even busier. The grandad collar and oversized club badge capped it all off.

2013-14 Third Kit

Building on a purple theme that had been used the previous season by shirt marker Warrior as their third kit, Liverpool’s 2013-14 third kit got even worse. Unlike the previous season’s effort which was mostly a solid bank of purple, the later version was more eclectic. The shirt was just a hodgepodge of seemingly random bits of different coloured material cobbled together. Nike’s latest release of a purple third kit (as on show here, courtesy of the Liverpool Echo) isn’t a massive improvement.

1995-96 Home Kit

What makers Adidas were thinking with the collar of the Liverpool 1995-1996 home kit remains an absolute mystery. While the overall design of the shirt looked decent enough, there was no getting away from the deep, thick white v-neck cricket band. It was ridiculously oversized, ruining the entire shirt because it stood out that much. Adidas in the 90’s didn’t seem to grasp the ‘less is more’ design concept.

1992-93 Away Kit

The branding of Adidas overtook what was Liverpool’s very first away kit in the Premier League. The shirt was an unappealing green to start with and again poor finishes were the real problem. Streaking across the right shoulder were the three Adidas lines, not in a subtle way either. 

Even the odd, contrasting red trim around the collar for some reason wasn’t enough to deter Liverpool from bringing it back the following season.

2013-14 Away Kit

This gets the gold medal of terrible Liverpool kits in the Premier League era. Made by Warrior, it got some things right, namely the nice proportioning of the club and sponsors logo. But the rest should have gone to the design bin.

It was a white shirt with black shorts. But the black from the shorts merged up onto the bottom of the shirt just below the rib cage, where all sorts of weird hypnotic patterning came into the picture. 

The real horror came from some bizarre red trim that cut in from the armpits to the torso and then back out again down the side of the shorts.

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