(Video) Diogo Jota would love to have ‘intelligent’ Premier League rival as a Liverpool teammate

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Diogo Jota has named one Premier League player who he’d love to have as a teammate at Liverpool.

The 26-year-old partook in a Q&A with That’s Football when he was asked which of his international colleagues he’d most like to bring in at Anfield, and he mentioned a player who’s been a direct rival of the Reds for the past few years.

Jota replied: “Bernardo, Bernardo Silva for me. Probably one of the most intelligent football guys I’ve known. The way he can hide the ball from opponents is special, I think I’ll go for him.”

While the Manchester City player’s qualities as a footballer are beyond question, Liverpool fans mightn’t be overly keen on having him at Anfield due to a long-standing rivalry with the Reds.

Between his half-hearted actions during the guard of honour for LFC, his dig at Kopites who revelled in City’s exit from the Champions League in 2020 and his complaints that Pep Guardiola’s side get inferior recognition to Jurgen Klopp’s men, the 29-year-old has clearly had it in for us over the past while.

In any case, the chances of the Manchester club selling him to us would be remote in the extreme, so Jota will have to be content with playing alongside him at international level.

You can see the Liverpool forward’s comments below, via @ThatsFootballTV on Twitter/X:

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