(Video) Another glaring error from Simon Hooper as Richarlison yellow card missed by ref

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Simon Hooper was lucky that the catastrophic mistake for Luis Diaz’s goal has taken the spotlight away from his terrible performance in our match against Tottenham Hotspur and now another error has come to light.

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Inside the first five minutes of the match, a clash between Joe Gomez and Richarlison led to a free-kick for Spurs which seemed like the correct decision to be made.

However, what followed was the former Everton man following the referee asking for our No.2 to be punished further – before waving an imaginary card in his face.

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The official, much like with what happened later in the game with Destiny Udogie, ignored this obvious bookable offence though…

You can view Richarlison waving an imaginary card in the face of Simon Hooper (from 08:34) via LFCTV Go:

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  1. Stop being picky about everything. We are Liverpool. We are better than that.
    What is bad is the two idiots in the VAR room who just came from the UAE working part time on a game and making way more than they make in a month in gifts and wages. How is that not a conflict of interest?

    1. It is a fact that Liverpool players were shown yellows for mimicking cards, for celebrating with supporters etc., yet Tottenham players were not !! There are so many discriminatory decisions that the argument is whether its individual bias or orchestrated.

  2. Human error is part of the game. Stop being a cry baby. When Chelsea went down a man on a questionable handball in a game against Liverpool two years ago. You celebrated. When the UK parliament chose arbitrarily to impose sanctions without a trial against an owner of a football team because he is a European Jew who loves the beautiful game. There were no cries of conspiracy from Liverpool fans.

    How about you just grow up and accept that sometimes life is unfair.

  3. Stop all of you throwing shit out there about Liverpool all Liverpool are doing is looking for common sense here. We were denied a goal and that that’s. Fair is fair. And this kinda stuff shouldn’t be said about a team that looking for fair play. No matter what club you guys support this has not happened before we’re it was a goal and it was given and the Referee did not here Var and plus VAR seem to be watching or doing something else at the time me sleeping on the job.
    Common sense 👏 please.
    We could have been at the top of the league or at least in second place but no we’re supposed to sit back and take it human eire my you know what !!!. As it will matter to us in the end if we’re short of a point in the end or 3 point.
    These mistakes are costing the money and time. All VAR say in the end is sorry and it supposed to be okay after that. Sorry there’s too many of those sorry returning to Liverpool and were only 7 games in. Replay or else points to Liverpool too.
    Or something othere then Sorry.
    It doesn’t matter to teames at the bottom of the league or mid table. But it would matter at the very bottom of the league for those. Sorry doesn’t cut it for us this time.

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