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It’s reportedly understood that there is ‘no chance’ of the Premier League allowing Liverpool to replay their 2-1 defeat to Tottenham.

That’s according to a tweet from BBC reporter Simon Stone, which, although accurate as far as likely outcomes are concerned, might be slightly wide of the mark when it comes to the legality of the matter.

When the question was put to JMW Solicitors’ co-head of Sports Law, Stephen Taylor Heath, the point was raised that there is some room for interpretation on the matter: “Rule L18 outlines that the Premier League board has the power to order a league match to be replayed provided that recommendation to that effect has been made by a commission under rule W51.

“In addition to this, under rule W1, the Premier League’s board has the power to inquire about any suspected breach of rules, including those made by a match official, while rule N4 ensures that each match official agrees to be bound by the laws of the game as well as any protocols and FA rules.

“There is therefore a possibility that Liverpool could lobby the Premier League board to convene a commission which would have the power, among others, to order the match to be replayed.”

That said, the legal whizz in question did note that it would be a challenge for Jurgen Klopp’s outfit to prove that they had been denied points given ‘infinite scenarios’ that could possibly arise from a game of football.

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Where does this leave Liverpool?

In short? In a quagmire of sorts, were they to attempt to seek some kind of legal recourse.

Though our German tactician did note that a replay would be a possible solution worth exploring, the key point that seems to have been rather outrageously overlooked by much of the media is that the standard of officiating in this country is in dire need of improvement.

How we start the process is really quite simple – by collectively putting a foot down and challenging the alarming status quo.

Simon Hooper observes footage of Curtis Jones’ tackle on Yves Bissouma – (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

It’s a giant pity that collaboration has come in the form of rival fans blowing a gasket at Liverpool for daring to question the integrity of match officials.

Make no mistake though: an improvement in the general standard of officiating in the Premier League would be a boon to all – not just us!

As far as we’re concerned at Empire of the Kop, you can keep your replay. Keep the points and Luis Diaz’s goal for all we care. We just want to be able to watch a game of football without fear of the post-match chat being dominated by tales of woe woven by inept VAR operators and/or spineless refereeing performances.

After all, for those in the ground or watching via broadcaster subscription, neither are paying for the latter, are they?

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  1. Think the lawyer has made a dlighterror. Liverpool would NOT find it difficult to prove there lost points because they have. Goal stands the game is drawn. Simple

  2. The game should be replay because that goal alone can give liverpool winning base on there passion to play with one man down and the zeel to win. Replayed is the best option, and VAR should change the method of showing referee the footage at monitor, the process have to be involve before the incident.

  3. The Commission cannot order the Premier League to have the game replayed. The commission make the recommendation, that then grants a power of discretion to the Premier League to order a replay. Ultimately still in the hands of the premier league.

    BBC is actually right, your man from JMW is the one not technically correct.

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