(Video) What Klopp did to Chris Kavanagh at full-time was telling

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Jurgen Klopp would have been beaming with pride as he watched his side battle and secure victory in the Carabao Cup final but he was certainly far from impressed with Chris Kavanagh.

When our manager went to shake hands with the officials at full-time, it was telling that the German did so with both linesmen and the fourth official but ignored the referee totally.

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After the match the 56-year-old said that the Manchester-born official was not at the ‘level of the game’ (via Daily Mail) and this was an understandable opinion.

If we take just the Moises Caicedo incident with Ryan Gravenberch, for that to be missed and unpunished was farcical and there were many more errors that followed.

You can watch the video of Klopp and Kavanagh courtesy of Sky Sports (via @tempous271 on X):

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  1. kavanagh is so blatently biased against liverpool yet NOT ONE of the so called pundits has the cahoonas to call him out on it .!
    The pgmol along with the ludicrass way it is using V.A.R is KILLING the game , so many wrong decisions and far too much collusion between the officials on VAR and those on the field of play , neither wants or tries to go against the decision of the other ,onfield refs back down to VAR 9 times out of 10 , and this idea of showing incidents on a screen at the side of the dugouts is farcical , why not show them on the grounds big screens as well ? then at least the fans ( you know THE MUGS THAT FORK OUT A SMALL FORTUNE TO WATCH THE GAMES) can see and ( maybe) understand HOW and WHY the
    officials come to the decision they give .
    Since the appointment of Howard Webb as chief of the PGMOL standerds have dropped significantly and the appointment of so many Manchester based officials speaks volumns about where Webbs loyalties lie !

    1. Millions of people not just in the UK but around the world agree with your post. I’ve been saying it for years Webb and his hand picked CORRUPT officials have to go. There are far better HONEST referees in any Sunday league you car to name. Why can’t the FA see this.

  2. Class from Klopp, knew he was going to be calling him out in interviews so why be 2 faced about it, if Kavangh wasn’t well aware prior to that point he certainly was from that moment onwards haha

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