Piers Morgan completely missed the point with juvenile swipe at Jurgen Klopp

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The Carabao Cup has often been dismissed as an inferior piece of silverware. 

In fairness, it is the least valuable of the three on offer in English football, though that shouldn’t take away from the magnitude of the performance Liverpool delivered on Sunday.

Ravaged by injuries – crucially missing Mo Salah, Dominik Szoboszlai and Darwin Nunez – the Merseysiders pulled off an unlikely victory in extra-time against an expensively assembled Chelsea side.

Despite that, some commentators, Piers Morgan included, took time to mock the achievement and Jurgen Klopp’s emotions.

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Completely missed the point, Piers

With all due respect, Piers – you’ve completely and utterly missed the point.

If Jurgen Klopp praises our Carabao Cup final performance as ‘the most special trophy’ he’s ever won – it’s not to claim the trophy is superior to the league or Champions League.

But how on earth can you not get emotional at the fact we managed to pull off such an improbable victory that saw five players aged 20 or under play a role?

Lewis Koumas, Jayden Danns and Trey Nyoni pose with the cup – (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

How can you not tear up at the sight of Conor Bradley showing all the gusto of a senior starter? How can you not weep with joy at the sight of an 18-year-old Jayden Danns striking fear into the hearts of the Chelsea backline?

If none of that matters, then football simply isn’t for you.

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  1. Stop giving this waste of breath the time of day. Piers simply likes the sound of his own voice and never has anything relevant to say. Stop printing his idiotic statements.

    1. I didn’t realise they had found a brain in Morgan. He is, probably , the lowest form of slimeball but I do sympathise with him after all he has to live with himself 24 hours a day. to me, even for him that’s cruel and unusual punishment

  2. He doesnt command the respect and loyalty of the people around him thats why he does not and will not know the meaning of true loyalty and true grit like what was shown by the players to Mr Klopp to achieve the feat… go put a sock in it morgan…

  3. It sounds like sour grapes. If he can’t accept the victory especially the challenge that the youngsters overcame then he should shut up do everyone a favour and retire.

  4. Piers oh Piers oh Piers. You supervised me as well as a seasoned journalist. Not comprehending the actual meaning of Klopp’s comments. You should stick to stories about the Sussexes. You doing a great job there

  5. Morgan, you’re not pretty enough to be this stupid and I don’t have the time or the crayons to explain it to you!

  6. These are the the sort of broadcasters ruining the once upon a time professional media industry because their selfish egos. Senseless self glorification.

  7. Looks like piers is talking thru the other end of his gap…ar..hole can’t keep his mouth shut and always get owned by his guest in his podcast shows what a clown he is….YNWA

  8. Man these guys don’t get the point a billion dollar side against LFC under sixteens. Well said Piers.
    Klopp showed his mental strength. LFC trophy cabinet just getting bigger and bigger.

    1. Piers is trolling the most decorated english football manager in the last decade. Good luck to him trying tio remain relevant when Englishman love Klopp more than him. 😆

  9. Piers is a prick his entire world evolves around Ronaldo. In our country South Africa he is known as a “ DOOS”

  10. Piers Morgan should be back at BGT more like is dipstick knowledge about nothing ,always misses the point,at one stage he was singing klopp praise and wished he was coaching his favorite team jackass

  11. Ex-Editor of the Daily Mail. Shows the idiocy of the guy. Attention seeker. Stick to slagging off the Sussexes, Piers. You do that well.

  12. Hey Piers

    I’m South African , and I get if !!!
    You Proper English and you don’t???
    Where the brilliance there???
    To many question marks.

  13. Hey Piers

    I’m South African , and I get it!!!

    You proper English and you don’t???
    Where’s the brilliance there???

  14. He’s simply trolling – he simply wants some attention – he knows and understands the situation – he’s a sports fan – don’t give him the attention…

  15. Piers is trolling the most decorated english football manager in the last decade. Good luck to him trying tio remain relevant when Englishman love Klopp more than him. 😆

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