(Video) Steve Nicol was rightly fuming after Webb’s explanation of Doku-Mac Allister incident

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Steve Nicol didn’t hold back in voicing his disgust at Howard Webb’s explanation over the VAR decision which overshadowed Liverpool’s recent 1-1 draw against Manchester City.

The Reds were denied what looked a clear penalty in stoppage time after Jeremy Doku caught Alexis Mac Allister on the chest, but the officials in Stockley Park ludicrously decided that the Belgian had played the ball first and that both players ‘come in high’.

PGMOL chief Webb explained (as per ESPN FC): “You see something that’s pretty subjective and therefore stays out of it, and the feedback we’ve had from people within the game is that this is a pretty subjective situation. It’s split opinion.”

That cut little ice with Nicol on ESPN FC, who said: “There was another piece to that which we didn’t see where he says that it’s ‘unfortunate’ that Doku catches Mac Allister in the chest. I mean, that’s all you need to hear.

“When was it ever OK, regardless of whether he got the ball or not? Listen, does he get the ball first? Yes, but he carries on and sticks his studs into the chest of Mac Allister. It’s just nonsense, it really is.”

When the presenter mentioned that, according to Webb, an ‘independent committee’ including three former players came to a split decision of 4-1 in favour of the VAR decision, Nicol shot back: “Isn’t that weird? It’s like policing yourself and coming up with the right answer. Independent, so it is? I don’t think so.”

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The former Liverpool defender is right to be raging over the flimsy explanation for justifying Michael Oliver’s on-field verdict, and that of Stuart Attwell in Stockley Park.

We’ve watched it numerous times and, even if he gets a slight touch to the ball, Doku’s foot was already high, and he certainly didn’t pull out of the chest-high contact on Mac Allister.

Once again, it seems that officials are being overprotected for decisions which appear inexplicable. It’s no wonder football fans have so little trust in the VAR process in the Premier League.

You can view Nicol’s comments below, via ESPN FC on YouTube:

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  1. McAllister gets the ball 1st, but that is not the point. IT IS A FOUL AND THEREFORE A PENALTY. PGMOL and their officials should pull their heads out of their ar$e$ and start officiating properly. As for Mr. Webb,……,well enough said!!!!!

  2. Can someone explain that after a on field Referee and two linesman and two refs on VAR that Webb has to come on tv and justify the decision they came too just covering their own backside when they obviously get things so wrong it’s unbelievable

  3. Both players made genuine attempts to play the ball. Mac led with his chest, Doku with a high boot. Therefor Doku is more dangerous. Mac plays the ball first, not Doku, so Doku is late and has entered Mac’s space. Doku then kicks Mac in the chest with his studs high. FOUL. WTF PGMOL?

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