(Video) Everything Jurgen Klopp had to say about Xabi Alonso’s bombshell announcement

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It looked increasingly likely that Xabi Alonso was being lined up to replace Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool but his public announcement to stay at Bayer Leverkusen has ended these rumours.

Speaking about the Spaniard’s decision, our boss said: “One part I can speak about, a young manager being at a club where he’s doing really well. I was in a similar situation, and did pretty much the same if you want. And never regretted it. That’s pretty much everything I can say about it.

“Xabi is doing an incredible job there. Leverkusen has a good team, will probably keep their team together. I think that’s a possibility, not every year is like that.

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“I understand that he wants to do that. For the other stuff, there’s nothing I have to say to be honest.

“I cannot think myself anymore in that situation. Do you think he is staying at Leverkusen because he thinks it is too quick?

“I don’t think you can compare. Leverkusen are really impressive. It’s not he just built on last year. He put an idea on the pitch. They stick to it and are incredible.

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“They created a mentality which is really special. We won a lot of late games, they won a lot of late games. It’s crazy. You cannot say for former players it is like this or like that. For some it might be too early, for others not. I don’t know.”

It was an honest answer from the 56-year-old who was clearly remembering his decision to remain with Mainz at the start of his career.

Our current manager is clearly a big fan of our former player and we may well see the pair meet in the Europa League final, in what would be the end of one story and a mid-way point for another.

You can watch Klopp’s comments on Alonso (from 0:28) via Liverpool FC on YouTube:

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