Dirk Kuyt: ‘What struck me’ after working alongside Arne Slot

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Arne Slot is on the brink of being announced as our new manager and after shadowing the coach in Holland, Dirk Kuyt has provided his insight on our potential new man.

Speaking with The Athletic, our former striker said: ‘What struck me about Arne was his ability to make the players believe in what he believes in. I talked to some of them when I was there and they all spoke so highly about him. They love how he organises the training sessions and how he gets his ideas across. He’s an excellent communicator and man manager.

‘Watching Feyenoord in recent years, you can see his signature on the team in how he wants football to be played. Everyone bought into his vision. He gets the best out of people.’

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Given his personal legacy at Anfield, we should take notice of the comments from our former striker who would want the best for the Reds.

When no cameras or the man himself are present, for our No.18 to hear glowing references about the Feyenoord boss from his players is another good sign.

As much as we probably all wanted a manager of higher prestige than the 45-year-old who is primed to take the role, we should trust the decision of Michael Edwards who has selected him.

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It’s set to be a remarkable summer of change at the club and that’s happening from the very top downwards, with squad changes likely to follow too.

Nobody can replace Jurgen Klopp and there’s no guarantee about success for the future but we can only ride the wave of what is to come and hope it works for the best.

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  1. Sallah was very disrespectful to Kloop honestly. He should be reprimanded just like Nabi Keira was by his club no matter how much his contribution to the club’s successes was.

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