(Video) Fan footage shows what may have instigated touchline spat between Salah and Klopp

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Footage taken from behind the technical areas at the London Stadium appears to show what may have instigated the touchline row between Mo Salah and Jurgen Klopp this afternoon.

The Egyptian had a disagreement with his manager shortly before he was introduced as a substitute in Liverpool’s 2-2 draw against West Ham, and he told reporters after the match that “There’s going to be fire today if I speak”.

A video taken from the stands today seemed to show the German approaching the 31-year-old to shake hands with him, but the forward appeared to be trying to avoid reciprocating the gesture in apparent annoyance at being omitted from the starting XI for the second time in the past week.

As much as we love Salah and are appreciative of everything he’s done in his seven years for the Reds, unfortunately this isn’t a good look from the Egypt international. Let’s hope that he and Klopp can patch up any differences amicably and quickly.

You can view the fan footage below, via @xhellthemessLFC on X:

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  1. As much as I love Salah, his anger should be directed at the opposition on the pitch and not Klopp off it. He has done very little to justify starting and did very little again today. Let your football do the talking and keep your mouth shut. Klopp deserves better than your mouthing off to him.

    1. Totally agree,he showed disrespect to klopp his boss, the shirt he wears and the supporters who travel and sing his name when he is playing well and scoring which he hasn’t done for most of the season and part of last season too!! Poor show from him!!!

  2. Their season is in tatters! Obviously emotions are high 🙄 They have been one big happy family over the years and now the imminent end of an era will result in these kinds of arguments when each one is trying to make another push to save a hopeless title race 🏁, arguments and disagreements will happen! Let’s not pretend that we as fans are above all these things, and let’s not forget that they are always under our microscope…

  3. Mo salah and Jurgen klopp along with the others have put Liverpool on the top once again it doesn’t make sense for mo salah to snap at klopp when he is in poor form.

  4. Unfortunately certain players think that they should be selected automatically, Salah being one. Since the African Cup and his injury his strike rate has beeb abysmal, the old Salah would have been well over 30 goals with the chances he has had. He is not the only one we should offload Nunez thinks that everything is a joke, after such a promising start. Let’s hope next season we can get players who want to play not just for themselves, but for the club.

  5. Regardless of his beef with Klopp, he should have kept his cool. What he did was not cool. Personally I’m disappointed in his behavior. Maybe it’s time for him to go…

  6. Salah has gotten too big headed for his own good. His benching is well deserved. No one is bigger than the club and no player should disrespect a manger like this. I cannot forgive him before his behaviour that day had unsettled the club in the last few games of the season. He needs to go. And he has forgotten he was nothing before he came to Liverpool and Klopp was a big part of who he is today. Ungrateful twat!

  7. Salah should sincerely look at his display.He has been in poor form,loses the ball frequently or miss pass to opponent, putting pressure back on defenders.His defending is a formality, half willing…His finishes poor lately or for z year.And he has grown big headed,thinks he is undroppable,and Klopp’s sticking to him n trusting him has spoiled him.No one is greater than the club.Klopp needs respect from all.He gives his all.Respect.

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