(Image) What a surprise; Man City handed easier PL fixtures than anyone else

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Manchester City seem to always have things go in their favour and now that the Premier League fixtures have been released, it appears that 2024/25 will be no different.

As reported on theanalyst.com‘City have the easiest final 10 games of 2024-25, with just one of their last 10 matches against a team that finished in the top seven last season.’

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Who saw that coming, the team with an excessive amount of financial charges who make a mockery of their opponents by cheating every season – now given another advantage.

Arne Slot’s got a huge job on his hands to usurp Pep Guardiola and it’s beginning to feel like the only chance anyone has is if and when we see justice for their book cooking.

You can view the image of the Man City stats via theanalyst.com:

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  1. All 20 teams play the other 19 teams home and away over the season. So no advantage /disadvantage to anyone in a fixture list FFS.

  2. Bizarre paranoia. Don’t all teams play the same fixtures? And City’s 1st is Chelsea away.

  3. We’ve been playing teams from the championship for the last four years! And you’ve just found out! Shame!!!

  4. Always the victims well them and the ppor sods killed My the bombs and bullets bought with money from the terrorist bank of choice only laundering 9 billion this time wonder how many AK guns that can buy

    STANDARD CHARTER what team would show that to the football family on the front of their shirts?

    Like the 39 other victims that gets brushed under the carpet eh!

  5. What the …….!! All teams have to play each other home and away. Yeah I know, it’s a hard one to fathom, but ask around, you might find someone to explain it better.
    The main problem with your post though, is that when a team is rated as the highest, by definition all other teams are rated lower. Therefore the top rated team is always going to be perceived as having easier games. Rocket science not !! but easy to blurr the lines when you want to.

  6. What is the problem with the last 10 games?!
    Other teams have an advantage to be ahead on points by playing mid table teams whilst City are playing top 6 teams, it all pans out the same at the end!
    We have won it with a hard draw in the last 4 years

  7. City’s February schedule is a nightmare and if they trip up there the final run in could be irrelevant. All it then takes is for the main challengers to be a handful of points ahead with ten to go, and not to choke. The fact that in the last few seasons City have been relentless is to their credit,they haven’t been handed anything!

  8. 115 FC handed an advantage?
    Shock horror. Yes all teams play the same games but anyone doubting the importance of timing during a season is thick…

  9. What fool wrote this? Do they not understand the way a league works? Liverpool victimhood I think

  10. What do you expect from a team of cheating owners I hope they get expelled from the premier league

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