(Video) Carragher leads passionate answer in Suarez vs Torres debate

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Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres both hold a special place in the hearts of Liverpool fans, despite both going on to be booed by the Anfield supporters.

Asked to pick between the pair, Jamie Carragher said: “I think if we’d have won the league that season [2014/14] and Suarez had of still left, I still think most people would go, ‘he’s definitely in the top 10 players to have ever played for Liverpool, probably in the top five or six’.

“Because I think that last season at Liverpool and his next sort a two or three at Barca, he was the best centre forward in the world by a mile.”

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It’s probably an answer that most would agree with, given the unbelievable performance level of the Uruguayan who dominated in a team with Steven Gerrard.

Perhaps seeing as one of the pair went on to great success in Spain and another struggled at Chelsea, we can see who did better easily.

You can watch Carragher’s comments on Suarez (from 1:04:49) via BOSS Podcast on YouTube:

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