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  1. Hi,
    My name is Anthony and I do outreach for a handful of clients in various niches.
    We’d be interested in advertising on your website, is that possible?
    If so, please send me the rate you charge to publish a post on your website.
    We ask it’s not labeled as advertisement / guest, normal follow link and not a hidden post.
    If this is possible, please let us know and we can go from there – looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. I feel I need to give my side of this story and hopefully you can understand. What this video has been turned into is nowhere near what it wad meant to be. As I stood in the newsagents I flick over the papers and seen the headline “your history” to me that resented with the toffees song. So I made a video to slag of my siblings who are all reds. It wasn’t until a lfc fan out it was that paper I realised but it was not pre planned and certainly not my aim. I’ve deketed the accounts not to hide but to protect my family from the abuse. I’ve had pics of my wife and kids sent to me. Those who looked tru my accounts would have seen nothing but support for the jft96 fight and a blue I feel hurt that people who do not know me would think I’d do such a horrible thing. Hindsight I obviously wouldn’t have use that paper as I don’t hide behind fake profiles with fake names to troll or abuse. If I’ve hurt the families then an apology isn’t enough but I am truly sorry. I’m not that type of person in anyway.
    Appreciate your time

  3. its the same old story year after year and transfer window after another, the board are too tight assed to part with money and always have been, and end up running around like headless chickens. I f they are that worried about money why arent we looking at free transfers – we could easily have had Daka and Joe hart, and we we go for signings why cant it be kept quiet and private as everytime we go for a player they go to another club. So come on Liverpool board sort yourselves out stope selling best players and get rid of the crap like Tsmikas, Minamino, Origi, Gomez, Firmino + Adrian even Ozan Kabk was better that Gomez. So come on lets get 2 or 3 more signings before the start of the season and have a great season, also alot more of the youngsters need to go out on loan like Phillips, R Williams, Kelleher, N Williams, Koumetio, and the youngsters that should be involve with the 1st team should be Woodburn, Elliott, Jones,

  4. I call on all Liverpool supporters in London at the weekend to demonstrate outside of the Russian Embassy in support of the Ukrainian people who we spent time with in 2018

  5. Just checked out bluenose website honours list and they have included “runners up” as an honour !! As the Messiah Shanks once said “you finish second your top of the losers” We don’t add these as honours but should we?

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