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One response to “Write for E.O.T.K.”

  1. The criticism Andy Robertson gets this season is unreal, opprobrious and irrelevant. Just because Tsimikas stepped in and people see him more, doesn’t mean he earned a spot in the first team or achieved something special and proved himself. On the contrary, the Scottish left back is still our first choice and the best is yet to come for him.
    Robbo is world-class and broke all kinds of records in terms of left backs. He won the Champions League and the Premier League. He has just become the second highest ranked defender for assists in Premier League history.
    Some people forget very easily what he has done for the team and how many assists he has. The so called “Greek scouser” is nowhere near him and the statistics shows it. Not only that – he is not that fast, not that dangerous in games and doesn’t create that many big chances. Tsimikas may be a good backup, but right now he just acts like an Instagram influencer, hyping people with his hashtags and the nicknames he created for himself. And he’s trying to copy Robbo. If he wants to be decent player and to be remembered not only for his hashtags, he must find his own style. Okay, he has 2 assists and played more this season, but the assists aren’t against teams at the top of the table and he is nowhere near the Scottish captain.
    Robbo was relentless last season and impressed many people with his assits the last 3 seasons. Our Braveheart doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment and Klopp said that too. Sometimes people forget what he accomplished and act like the Greek has broke such records and accomplished such great things. And no doubt the future is bright for Andy too.
    The point is that Tsimikas hasn’t done anything spectacular and extraordinary yet. Let him be that praised, when he is near Trent or Robbo, but right now that hype is unnecessary and irrelevant.
    Neco Williams has the same statistics as Tsimikas this season (g/a) with less game time, but noboby talks about him in that way, and he is much younger.
    Moreover, Neco doesn’t call himself “the Welsh warrior” for example, nor Robbo calls himself “the Scottish Braveheart” or something like that. Let fans come up with the nicknames, when the footballers earned them!
    Tsimikas started his own nicknames and hashtags and the fans played along. No other player from Liverpool has done that, at least recently.
    So let the time show who will be remembered and by what, and show respect to the best left back in the world – Andy Robertson!

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