New Video Schedule

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Unfortunately I don’t have the time to make a preview for today’s match. But I will make a video review which will be new and exclusive to Empire Of The Kop.

Here are some of the many things that will be included in videos. CLICK FOR BIGGER SIZE.

Monthly things will feature Goal of the month, and Player of the month.

This is where you can get involved.

Man Of The Match

After every LFC game I will put a poll up on where you can vote your Man Of The Match.

Score Predictor.

This for me is the most fun. Predict scores to put yourself as high up on the Prediction Table as possible. You get 1 point if you don’t guess the right score, but you guess the winning team. You get 3 points if you get the score correct.


As the Blackburn game hasn’t yet started, you can predict your score now. Email me ( your name and predicted score, or comment on this post with your predicted score. In The Red Result, you’ll see the prediction table.

I’m predicting Liverpool 1-0 Blackburn.

Until The Red Result, enjoy the game. YNWA

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