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By Brian Reece
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We saw a systematic destruction of both Arsenal and Spurs by the Manchester duo on Sunday, but do we take the results at face value or do we analyse the clear gap of quality between Utd and City and the other top four hopefuls.

The fact is that Arsenal sent out a team that would struggle against a championship team never mind the defending Premier League champions, while Spurs simply need to improve their squad or face next season without any European football what so ever.

Arsenal have an injury list the size of the Incapacity Benefit claiming office and a disciplinary ethic of a thug, so it’s not surprising to see Arsenal in absolute disarray, the answer is to replace the players Arsene Wenger has sold but some how failed to replace for some mind-boggling reason.

It is inconceivable to believe that Arsene Wenger didn’t know that Fabregas or Nasri wanted to leave the club and this situation was a surprise to him or maybe caught him of guard, he knew but for whatever reason didn’t look for a replacement for them, and that is the core of Arsenals problem, who is really in charge of their transfer policy.

When Arsenal do get all their players back from injury and suspension and if Arsene makes any additions to the squad, I would very much doubt that Man Utd could inflict such a humiliating score line that we saw on Sunday again.

And this is the point, Man Utd did destroy Arsenal but what Arsenal team did they beat so convincingly and with ease, the answer is simple it was a team made up of fringe players and one of inexperience in the main, it certainly not one that Arsene Wenger would happily choose or one that he felt could get a result at Old Trafford.

You can only play the team that’s in front of you but do Man United really believe that this was an Arsenal team that would normally give them a real game, I think not.

The Spurs game on the other hand was a true reflection of the current gap in quality between the two sides, but it was still a very poor show by Spurs who are normally very difficult to beat at White Hart Lane they surrendered the game at half time, Spurs we not expected to beat United at Old Trafford and by form were not expected to beat City either, so even if the City supporters now believe that this result is one that they expect as a normal scoreline against the rest of the Premier League then a massive shock is about to become them.

Spurs have squad problems and have an extremely poor defence which was clear against City and most of the better quality sides in the Premiership will expose when the opportunity arises to do so, Spurs like Arsenal need to buy before the transfer window shuts and buy top quality players not gap fillers or they run the risk of dropping out of contention before Christmas, I am not getting drawn into this media biased opinion that the Premiership is only a two-horse race or the over exaggeration of either of the Manchester teams, simply because they won convincingly against two very poor opponents, one that fielded a reserve team an another who’s defence has more leaks than a tea strainer.

One thing is certain don’t be fooled by these results from Manchester they haven’t played a team with any fight or quality yet, Liverpool are waiting for you.


  1. So true. Fergie would have just told his team to attack & attack. Tottenhams defence was terrible. No marking or pace or even determination. Still we have an even more improved squad then last year. Lets smash another 3 past both teams. A win is still a win no matter what the score.

    1. Aaron ur rite v have can show quality if they pass the test against stoke and totehnham… gerrad will return and that will create alot difference in liverpool gerrad waiting for u now liverpool have the fighting spirit please we have to defeat both manchesters and london clubs go on liverpool .

  2. The arsenal team not only lacked their experienced campaigners, but were hindered by lack of belief. A few goals later they crumbled unlike bolton who still fought.

    I believe United are two steps ahead of us still, Man city are in a similar position however, we are improving at a steady rate.

  3. Couldn’t have put it better my self, great read and so true.
    Have spoken to some united fans and they are baskin in it yet are refusing to except this article as true and are calling us bitter.
    It won’t be long before all this pace they have comes to an end through hamstrings and calfs being torn and ripped, wellbeck looks like a torn hamstring and not a pulled one. Young will be next and then take that away from the wings and your left with scraps .

  4. Arsenal still had 19 Attempts on goal (United 25) which should give hope to other teams who can hold a defensive line and attack at the same time which I think we are capable of doing with Lucas and Adams covering the back 4.

    Just a pity the first encounter is not at Anfield

  6. Who fixes these Champions League draws for Man U – they only played one decent team last year and that was in the final and again this year – dream draw.To digress even further what became of the young American and Mexican strikers we gave a trial to recently. Everyone rates the Mexican but the Yank looked really good as well Any news ??

    1. The Yank has signed according to a California newspaper. Haven’t heard any new news about the Mexican lad.

  7. It is still very early in the season too.
    Chelsea won their first few games 6-0 and had a massive lead at the top last year but ultimately fell short. You can’t win the league in August/September.

    Manure and Citeh have big squads but can they keep all their players happy and give them enough game time to find a bit of form for when they are needed?

  8. The trouble is an awful lot of teams will play the Manure or the Manshity already convinced that they are unbeatable, whereas they will still remember our Hodgson era and assume we are beatable.

    1. I completely agree with Bill, whenever clubs like Sunderland play manure, they concede and stop bothering to attack. Then, when it is against Liverpool, they will play and work super hard till the end

  9. agree. its so good to see someone else going through the mill. a year can be a long time in football. spurs and arsenal are in trouble and dont seem to have the money to get them out, we on the other hand are on the up and up. big games coming up we’ll know if we are in a title fight after our next 5 games. coates has all the attributes to be really good in the PL im really happy with our summer buisness so what if we paid over the odd’s for downing and henderson cos adam,enrique and coates could be real bargains. its so good expecting good football and actually getting it long gone are the negative style’s of the last 3 managers long live the KING.

  10. I think the Spurs result was a bit of an illusion to be honest. If Spurs had put their chances away, the result would have been very different. Saying that, City’s players do seem to be in a purple patch of form at the moment. Make no mistake, Manure are also looking strong with their new players bedding in well. BUT, both of the Manchester teams do have weaknesses at the back which I would expect a Liverpool first team to expose. But at this level results come down to fine margins, and the difference between winning and losing can come down to a posts width. The real reflection of a team is the table come the end of the season. I for one believe we can be right up there competing with the best, and say it quietly, we could even finish on top… YNWA…

  11. Jonesy is right the ECL is always rigged in favour of Utd. Even Jim White one of Utd’s biggest crawlers in the media admitted as much. When will anything be done about this scandal ??? Don’t hold your breath guys

  12. I think we are all jumping the gun. Mark my words, Utd and City may have had a field day yesterday, but even thought they faced weak and unmotivated opposition, they are still two forces to be reckoned with!

  13. I agree that yesterday’s results for Man Utd and Man City are not a good indication of their teams strength. Arsenal’s team is definitely depleted with injuries and suspensions, not to mention not replacing Fabregas and Nasri. Tottenham are NOT a great team no matter what anyone says and if they lose Modric then they will struggle to make the top ten in the league. I am full of hope for Liverpool. Let’s remember that since King Kenny’s return, Liverpool have beaten each of last season’s top 4 and we have strengthened again since. If Liverpool can keep on beating the mid-table teams, Bolton, West Brom etc etc. Then I believe we can also beat the likes of United and City and Chelsea home and away. Just don’t shout it too loud, or people will think you are crazy!! I am not, I am just quietly confident that Suarez, Downing and co will tear the defences of the Man Utd etc apart when the time comes. Just you watch!

  14. United have a double home advantage with all Refs taking decisions their way when 50/50 (even though strangely Webb gave a non existant penalty to the Gunners yesterday). But you know what, they only play have their games at Old Trafford and many will be out to claim their scalp on hometurf.

  15. it is good optimism i see from you lot.but i think we must stay grounded and not boast about anything just yet.we should take it a game at a time and not brag about the strength we possess.let the mancs show off what they have to offer through their games and crappy fans.We Reds certainly are a class above the rest and we will be humble through out.

    i really do believe we can win against the top teams.but we certainly do not have to say anything about it till we actually beat them.we dont want to caught bitten on the bum.


  16. this is a bit lame… As King Kenny, says we need to focus on what we do and how we perform… what’s the point in trying to belittle the Scums victory yesterday? ho cares how many players Arsenal had suspended or injured… It was a game in which everything the scum did paid off, could it happen again? possibly ? will it happen again, I doubt it…
    Take each game on it’s merits, don’t compare our game against Arsenal to yesterday… Further, it’s a fact that the Scum at this time are a more settled side, and they have confidence about them which comes from the success they have had.. .King Kenny will slowly but surely get us there and there we’ll stay.. .in the meantime, let’s focus on ourselves… YNWA…

  17. I just hope you are all right and that there is room for optimism! I was so exsited when the season started, and thought ya we can maybe win with no european distraction… but after yesterday’s carnival of goals… I AM NOT SO SURE… 3 or 4 would be great for me… city with there all star team and manu with the experience of playing together… lets hope for injuries…

  18. Hi Brian
    The only point I am concerned about is the two Manchester sides having a +5 & +6 goal difference on us other than that;

    City: Spurs had the better of the early exchanges and should really have scored a couple of goals. Ultimately the battle was lost in the midfield with Nasri being the architect. I can see us exposing their defense and scoring goals, WE can & WILL out muscle them in midfield, hopefully cut Nasri & Silva’s supply to the front men. Also lets not forget they have let in two HEADED goals so far. I believe our defenders will deal with Aguero & Co a lot better. With SG back I believe we can get a result at home & away.

    Manure: Their first goal against Arsenal was COMICAL. Van Persie’s penalty was a joke. Lets not forget the scoreline should have been 8-3, (that is letting 3 goals to a team with most of their best players missing!!).
    Shrek got his hat-rick the third which was a penalty, the keeper had a nightmare day against them, he should have saved both the free kicks leaving moving too early & to the wrong side!
    Young was good, & we have to watch out for him cutting in & firing with his right foot, but I believe Downing is as good if not better. So to put it simply I cannot wait for us to have SG back in the side & play both manure & their rich aunt.
    Let both teams gloat in their wins , JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING SOON


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