Gerrard and Torres going nowhere

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I received this from Mohammed Sami Faizullah
If Gerrard had to leave, he could have gone 5 years back. But he didn't.

The 'great' London-based media get bored time and again, and make articles
saying that a 'close-source' to Gerrard has revealed that Gerrard wants to
leave Liverpool. The great part about those articles is that the 'close-source'
doesn't exist and it amuses me that the writer knows exactly how Gerrard is
feeling, and knows for sure that Gerrard wants to move on and also knows that
Gerrard had a fight with Rafa etc etc. Either the writer is psychic or psycho.
I'm pretty sure its the latter. If Gerrard has said he want to finish his career
as a red, and if Torres has said that he is settling into Liverpool, that he
loves the city, and is learning Scouse. Then how in the world do
'close-sources' come out and say such crap?

I really want to meet these 'close-sources'.

I really want to know how does- 'I want to stay at Liverpool' mean- 'I'm tired
at Liverpool and want to leave.'.

Don't the media ever get tired of writing the same old 'Gerrard to quit',
'Torres frustrated' etc.

What is it going to take for the media to stop them from coming up with these
stories. Just weeks after Torres revealed his love for the club, city and how
well he has settled into life in Merseyside. The media come up with .Man City
line up 100m bid for Torres..

I was just reading the article from 'the People'. I don.t see any of these: '
So how does Steve Bates know that Sheik Mansour is impressed by Mancini. How
does he know that Mancini wants Torres, that they want another striker despite
having 8 first team strikers. The whole article is rubbish. 100m 200,000 a
week salary? Are Steve Bates and Sheik Mansour neighbours? Does he have access
to his or Mancini's secret diary?

In the article, he mentions that the .word around Eastlands is that the player
will be Torres. (who will be the .blockbuster. signing. The word around
Eastlands? That 'word' could be from the fans. Steve Bates probably heard some
Man City fans saying- 'it would be great if we could get Torres'. And bang! Its
headlines and its confirmed- Man City want Torres. Is that how the news are
made now?

In that case, I want David Villa at Liverpool. So hears hoping that Steve Bates
read this and talks to his imaginary 'close-sources' and gets the deal done.
Headlines next week: Liverpool to sign Villa. 40m deal, 150,000 a week salary.

I hope the media get this into their head- Torres and Gerrard are going no

Gerrard has been at the club he supported as a boy for two decades. He loves
this club as much as any of us do. If he was to leave, he would have gone 5
years back. But he is still very much in Merseyside. Before these stories are
made, the writers should stop and think twice from the players point of view.
Of course Gerrard is disappointed with Liverpool.s season. But is he the type of
player who will give up on Liverpool. Fortunately the answer is NO. Give-up is
a term not present in Liverpool.s or Gerrard.s dictionary. True fans support
the team through thick and thin, Gerrard supports the team through thick and
thin. Hes been here for 20years, wouldn't he want to finish his career here.
Wouldn't he want to be a Legend (if he already isn't). Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush,
John Aldridge, Kevin Keegan etc., all Kop Legends. None of them have been at
Liverpool all their life. Wouldn't Gerrard want to do something so rare? And
why would Gerrard want
 to leave Liverpool with some 4-5 years left in his playing days. Francesco
Totti, another player who has spent all his life at one club. Linked with many
clubs in his career. Been offered more money, but why haven't players like these
left their clubs even when they haven't been doing well? Because they LOVE the
club.  They can't think of leaving. They are as affected by the clubs poor form
as the fans.

Steven Gerrard, and Fernando Torres are Liverpool players, they bought
understand the passion of Liverpool, and both love the club. I'm pretty sure of
that. They are not going to turn their back on the club in this time of need.

If they haven't discovered it by themselves, then someone else would have showed
them. Probably Mr. Liverpool- Carragher, or Mr. Motivator- Sammy Lee.

"At the end of the storm, is a golden sky" 



  1. gerrard & torres are going nowhere..especially now. They are both prime asset to the club, and used as one of the marketing tool to attract potential investors..

    if you are a potential investor, which would you want….a liverpool with gerrard & torres or a liverpool without them???

  2. antoine. Why don’t you invite our Mr Mohammed Sami Faizullah to be one of the site’s permanent contributor/writer. if i am not mistaken, he has been e-mailing his opinion to you quite a few times..

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