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Hello guys,

Like you, I felt relief after our tireless Kuyt scoring the 2-1 goal. Our second leg match in Turkey could  be worst… It’s always hard to  play in those countries… Yes, ok, but after you said those comforting words, you have to be honnest: it could  be a real nightmare and disapointing performance…

I’ll try to analyze in my own words and opinion, what’s really worrying, and positive expectations.
First and foremost, we won. It’s not enough, but still enough in players heads to look forward with a little bit more confidence.
Especially when the starting eleven is defensive…

GK:Reina had nothing to do, or almost. About the goal conceded, he’s not to blame.
Def: I have a real big problem with Johnson. He’s not the guy you need when you have to defend. His lack of concentration still piss me off. In forward position, he’s the guy who can change a match. In right back position I prefer Kelly, who made a big match tonight. This young lad is now in good situation to expect a tenured position in right or left back position. Our central defense was too slow, but Carra was impressive tonight (we all dream of a team of him).
Midfield: What did you expect with Lucas and Poulsen playing together. It was a pain feeling watching them. Lucas can be good with a playmaker alongside him. I think Poulsen too. But when you want to create offensive situations and impacts, you can’t allow  two defensive players. We were unable to create offensive starting opportunities. And it explained why, we didn’t see very much Joe Cole in the role Roy want him to play: just behind the striker, giving him right balls to score. You can play offensively with Lucas (or Poulsen) when Gerrard alongside him. And Cole can play his role, with Gerrard making relay. In left midfield position, we had Fabio, playing as he uses to,  when he plays left back: taking the ball, looking forward and putting the ball in the box. We love Aurelio, but we all know he’s not an offensive midfielder. In right position, Kuyt seemed to be unfit. But only “seemed”: he finally scored the victory goal. As Cole, who didn’t make an impressive match, Kuyt needs a more offensive base to shine. In fact, the team was cut : Cole, Ngog, and Kuyt forward and the others far behind.
Striker: again, Ngog made a serious match. He’s the kind of player who takes responsibilities with concentration, and could become an impressive striker. He’s my MOTM.

A defense sometimes fragile, midfielders too defensive, it was a strange Roy’s strategy. We had Pacheco on the bench: he’s no more a rookie…

I’ll not blame Roy tonight. But I hope we’ll not see many times Lucas-Poulsen playing together. Our key players were at rest, Roy did what he could with the players he had, making turn over.
And I appreciate this way of management. We have hungry players who know that they’ll play second roles this season even if they’ll have occasions to shine in  more important matches. But I finally think we have to be bolder. Should Pacheco start the match? Roy prefered Fabio’s experience, and let offensive play on the bench…

We put marmelade sauce in turkish kebab :)

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  1. I think Roy is still tinkering with the tactic that will suit the team. We can expect him to change the tactics until he found the best one to use.

    Nice article there, mate.

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