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By Brad Loxley

Just a presumed squad list making full use of the players available and an interpretation of the rules, there will be players mentioned that won’t play, but will be eligible to play.

Squad List for 2010/2011

Foreign Players

1.    Pepe Reina        1st choice Goalkeeper
2.    Peter Gulacsi        3rd Choice Keeper (U-21, but we need to register 3 Goalkeepers)
3.    Phillip Degen        RB        Currently on loan
4.    Daniel Agger        CD or LB
5.    Sotirios Kyrgiakos    CD
6.    Martin Skrtel        CD
7.    Fabio Aurelio        LB or LM
8.    Dirk Kuyt        RW or ST
9.    Maxi Rodriguez        RW or CF
10.    Nabil El Zhar        RW or CAM    Currently on loan
11.    Raul Meireles        CDM or CD
12.    Lucas Leiva        CDM
13.    Christian Poulsen    CDM
14.    Alberto Aqualani    CAM or CF    Currently on loan
15.    Milan Jovanovic        LW or CF
16.    Ryan Babel        LW or ST
17.    Fernando Torres    ST

Homegrown Players
1.    Brad Jones        2nd Choice Goalkeeper
2.    Glen Johnson        RB or RW
3.    Jamie Carragher    CD or RB
4.    Paul Konchesky        LB
5.    Stephen Darby        CD or RB or LB
6.    Steven Gerrard        CAM or CF
7.    Jay Spearing        CDM
8.    Joe Cole        CF or CAM or RM

U-21 Players (Eligible to play without having to be registered on the squad list)

The players listed are the players most likely to feature this season
Martin Kelly        RB or LB or CD
Emilano Insua         LB            Currently on loan
Daniel Ayala        CD            Currently on loan
Danny Wilson        CD or LB or RB
Jonjo Shelvey        CAM
David N’Gog        ST
Daniel Pacheco        ST or CF or LW
Nathan Ecclestone    ST
Steven Irwin        CD or LB or RB
David Amoo        RW
Suso            CAM or CF or LW
And any other of the players born on or after 01.01.1989.

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  1. Erm, you seem to be getting a bit mixed up here. Players out on loan do not need to be named in the squad, as there is no chance they will be coming back to play. The squads also get renamed in January (in the transfer window) so any players on loan til December, say, can then be brought back and named in the shake-up. If you only loaned out a player for a month and you still anticipated they would play some part in your campaign, then you’d need to list them. If you named a player who then went out on loan you couldn’t replace him until the next transfer window.

    What I did was work out our first 11, then our second 11, then pick the three best kids from the the third 11 and promote them to the main squad. Thing is, you can have an unlimited number of under-21 players and they don’t count in your 25. Here’s where we have a bit of a problem.

    First XI:
    Pepe Reina
    Glen Johnson (HG)
    Daniel Agger
    Jamie Carragher (HG)
    Paul Konchesky (HG)
    Raul Meireles
    Steven Gerrard (HG)
    Joe Cole (HG)
    Dirk Kuyt
    Milan Jovanovic
    Fernando Torres

    Looking good so far. We’ve got five HG in there and no U-21. We only need three more HG…

    Second XI:
    Brad Jones (HG)
    Martin Kelly (HG, but U-21)
    Martin Škrtel
    Sotirios Kyrgiakos
    Fábio Aurélio
    Christian Poulsen
    Daniel Pacheco (HG, but U-21)
    Maxi Rodríguez
    Ryan Babel
    David N’Gog(HG, but U-21)

    So, if those U-21 kids were a bit older they’d be counting as HG. Unfortunately, right now, they don’t. Now we have a bit of a problem as we’ve run out of senior players (apart from Itandje, who I can’t imagine is going to be named).

    Third XI:
    Dean Bouzanis
    Stephen Darby
    Danny Wilson
    Daniel Ayala
    Jack Robinson
    Jay Spearing
    Jonjo Shelvey
    David Amoo
    Thomas Ince
    Gerardo Bruna
    Nathan Eccleston

    All these kids are U-21, but by the time they get to 21 will count as HG. I picked Bouzanis, Wilson and Spearing as the three to make up the 25 but, ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. If you have U-21s named in your squad of 25 then that is absolutely fine – they count as a full player and if they HG then they count towards your total.

    This could be either a good or bad thing depending on how pessamistic you’re feeling. You can see it as we’ve got a full squad of 25 with at least 8 HG players, with a whole reserve team of youth players at hand to pick from whenever we like. Or, you can say we don’t have enough senior players because those U-21s shouldn’t count – leaving us with a squad of 19 and only 6 HG.

    Personally I think we’re in a great position. We’ve got players like N’Gog, Pacheco and Kelly (who are either first team or certainly pushing for it) – it’s not like we’re having to uneccesarily promote children to the main squad just for the sake of it. Now if we magically do get new owners and Woy receives a massive bundle of cash to play with in the January transfer window, those U-21s can go back to being part of the pool of talent we have (as they don;t have to be registered) and we can use their empty places in the 25 for big name signings.

    Either way, you gotta see that we’re much better off than the original article states we are.

  2. my bad, Meireles doesn’t play in defence. Mr Chopper, we’re on the same wave length, we don’t have to register the players on loan, it just means that we’ll have empty slots in the registration (22/25),but spearing and darby don’t qualify for U-21s therefore will have to ve registered. Our 1st 11 is as strong as last year, and we’ll never have to field our 2nd 11 completley this season, it will only ever be a few players at a time whether its league, cup or europe (players playing at this level are expected/expecting to play 2x a week), and then there’s all the U-21s that will be playing aswell (Kelly, Ngog, Pacheco).

  3. Nice write up.
    Good job too by Mr. Chopper, but i can’t find Peter Gulacsi on your list.’sup?

  4. How comes you think we’ll have empty slots? You only need to register players that are going to play between now and January, and that can include U21s if need be. I’d assume they’d just fill these slots up rather than leave them empty. If anything it might give the kids a boost if they get selected.

    My bad on thinking Spearing and Darby were still kids, but I couldn’t be arsed going and seeing when everybody turned 21… Turns out that N’Gog is also 21! I think the rule is they have to be U21 when registered, so if you turn 21 in November you can still be entered as U21. All this means that Spearing, Darby and N’Gog count as adult HG players, lifting our total to 9.

    Is it just me, or does Spearing stick out here?

  5. Yeah, I completely missed Gulacsi. And Itandje! Why do we have so many keepers?!

    I just saw that Villa have submitted a 22-man squad, with players like Delph and Delfouneso left off. I guess they’re our Shelvey and Pacheco, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we also submit a squad short of 25.

    You win this time, Brad!

  6. And here we have it! Only 21…




    Turns out N’Gog isn’t HG at all!

    Can I point out this is the EXACT same list as the original post – I have been found wanting and, ultimately, full of shit. Next time I’m just going to leave it..!

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