Walking through a storm

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As many of you know I had gallbladder surgery two weeks ago.

I was recovering steadily until Saturday when the abdominal pain returned. It got really bad last night and I was admitted to the hospital.

I am still in hospital and after numerous blood tests & CT scans they can’t figure out what is wrong with me.

Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers I am very scared.




  1. Stay strong brother. You’ll get through this. Have faith. YNWA. (I hope the typo at least gave you a laugh!)

  2. Dear Antoine!
    You’re in my prayers, as in many other people’s, I’m sure.
    I hope you feel better as soon as possible!
    Please try to be optimistic, as this is the best weapon you have to fight this.
    Yet tell those doctors to treat you the best way and cure you soon because we all need you, happy and well.


  3. Awwww sorry to hear that :( Feel better will you, and hopefully they’ll figure out what it is real soon. xx LK

  4. Gee, we anyway read your blogs and posts Antoine!

    More seriously, don’t worry… all’s going to be fine! Keep us posted!

  5. Hey Antoine, dont worry about it okay? You will be fine :) everything will be good in the end. pls be connected… YNWA!!

  6. sorry antoine, hope you get well soon
    when i grow up i have made an aim to start my own LFC empire, you have inspired me.

  7. Hi. Hope you are progressing. Have you had an uss and bloods done? Difficult to go too deep on a webpost like this. All the best. It’s shit when worries like this come up.

  8. You’ve got prayers for you coming from the other side of the Atlantic! Don’t worry. Stay positive. It’ll be fine!

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