Tom Hicks spotted at JP Morgan/Deutsche Bank, LFC fans start email campaign

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Tom Hicks and his son Tom Junior where spotted outside the JP Morgan/Deutsche Bank  in New York City today.  Liverpool supporter @ErinNYC75 tweeted the photos that her husband (an expat Scouser) took. Apparently Hicks Jr. stared at him very aggressively when he noticed that he was taking the photos.

No one is sure why he was doing there but I can bet you he wasn’t there to have a Starbucks coffee.

As the photos hit the Twitter many Reds started emailing JP Morgan & Deutsche Bank the form letter bellow. We are not to take any chances should they offer Hicks a refinance package.

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Dear Sirs,

If your company agrees a £280million refinancing deal with Tom Hicks to retain his share in Liverpool Football Club, then the only return that you will see on your investment is bad publicity and a severe backlash from Liverpool supporters worldwide.

As you are aware, Hicks is trying to refinance his debt to the Royal Bank of Scotland before October 6th so that he can continue his disastrous ownership of Liverpool Football Club.

You are facing an energized, well-informed mass of Liverpool fans from around the world. We are tapped into a constant stream of information on the ownership situation. Every day, dozens of web forums buzz with the latest news. Protest marches, newspaper ads, boycotts and billboards are organized. Every move Hicks makes is scrutinized. And every associate of his is warned.

Refinancing is our nightmare scenario. Anybody who helps Tom Hicks refinance will become our primary target. Just ask the Blackstone Group / GSO Capital Partners who received approximately 7,000 emails in the space of a few days from disgruntled Liverpool fans following refinancing talks with Hicks. They soon saw sense and ended negotiations with Hicks after Liverpool supporters bombarded them with emails and phone calls.

The Sun Newspaper is another organisation who have felt the wrath of Liverpool fans following their disgraceful coverage of the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989. The boycott of the newspaper by Liverpool fans is said to have cost News International an estimated £10 million a year.

If you join Tom Hicks in raping and pillaging Liverpool Football Club, then you will be making a very powerful enemy.

You have been warned.


  1. I guess he’s still up to his devious plans to salvage his interests but he’s a desperate man with no credibility.

  2. As soon as we find out if they have been to JP Morgan/Deutsche Bank begging, we need their e-mail addresses and all bombard them as well as all the others

  3. Hicks will try anything and everything now. He believes that he can eventually get his 600-800m, but how I hope he walks away with nothing along with the other lying runt (yes it would have been so easy to change one of those letters)
    The silence from Anfield is making me nervous and I think that in the next two weeks we will either be looking forward to new beginnings or complete meltdown.
    If Hicks gets the finance I urge everybody, whether they have season ticket or not to boycott all home games and buy no merchandise, you would only have to do this for three games and Hicks and his financial backers would Gillett their trousers (you work it out).

  4. If Hicks does retain ownership, the cost of hiring bodyguards 24/7 for the rest of his life would be a huge added cost. Has he not considered that part of the deal?

  5. It certainly looks like him and his son. WHo is the bird?? Anyway why didn’t the fella who took the fotos go up and tw@t him one..

  6. Oh how I would have loved to have been there to take those photos. I wouldn’t have stood so far away. The camera would have been right in his face along with my verbal bollocking.

  7. im on the move lookin for the cunts in manhattan thats near un building i think from what i can tell from pic! lets get him

  8. im on the move lookin for the c*#ts in manhattan thats near un building i think from what i can tell from pic! lets get him

  9. we as a club can be ashamed of our owners but should be be proud at the way we have come together to fight these scum. Never before have the words you’ll never walk alone been so true.

  10. The e-mail’s taking too aggressive-a tone overtly. I don’t think that’s going to get us anywhere.

    I sent me own.

  11. Well done lads,

    This the kind of hostility that HICKS understands.
    I’ll try and put this on the BBC 606 site.

  12. When sending your message don’t forget to remove the quotation marks around the addresses- otherwise your e-mail won’t recognise them. I sent a slightly different e-mail. I stressed that I thought Hicks was a bad investment for them because if he can lie to Liverpool supporters when buying the club then why can’t he lie to the bank when seeking refinance. I also suggested that because Liverpool supporters were such a passionate lot they would seek to hit the owners where it hurts- ie in their finances (don’t forget that the owners making a profit is how the banks will make their money back). It was here that I gave the example of how effective the boycotting of the Sun has been- the Sun which is the best selling tabloid in the UK is unavailable in the city. Finally one thing to note if sending the message featured in this article is that it is not certain that the RBS loans are to be called in on the 6th of October. Other newspaper reports suggest mid-October. If you want to apppear knowledgeable better just to say ‘October’ as Deutsche Bank will undountedly have access to the real version of this. Finally I commend the author of the article on an excellent initiative. This is how we must react every time we hear that they are looking to refinance. Also it would be a good idea if people could try to persuade British newspapers that this e-mail campaign by supporters is a worthy news item in itself.

  13. I’m not sure I agree entirely with what Richard McGill says here. He’s right in that there’s no conclusive proof that they were going into the bank, however the simple fact is that viral campaigns such as these become the story in themselves. The more people that sign up to these campaigns, the more coverage they get in themselves. This kind of negative publicity is exactly what the bank wants to avoid, and is exactly the reason why they should be continued.

  14. I’m a supporter for 38 years and i’m totally and utterly cheesed off with what is happening in my club. But i’m horrified at what i’ve been reading on this website. Don’t you understand that this type of treatening vitrol achieves nothing but steel peoples resolve. You threaten me and i’m not going to be happy about it. Same goes for you. All this achieves is the undoing of the liverpool way. We can still get rid of the yanks, or anyone who buys our club, by doing one thing. Don’t give them your money. Surely that is better than this type of mob based behaviour? I’m thinking long term here. If hicks gets the finance then fair enough. I’ll be happy that we’ll be the club that bankrupts him by not spending a penny on lfc. Short term it will severely damage the club, but we are liverpool. 5 cl/european cups, 18 titles. Of course we’ll be bought by someone! I’m very angry too but i’m using it to hurt the owners of the club. One person can’t make a difference, but millions can. Keep your money in your pocket, thats the best form of protest. And its an approch with a bit of class and dignity.

  15. Really don’t think that anyone is going to lend that sort of money to a man (or should I say Muppett) who is in financial turmoil. Once the lending instituation finds out the money is for a re-financing deal there would be very few willing to hand out 280 million pounds.

    I honestly think his days are numbered. If I am wrong and he does get finance fans MUST stop attending matches and stop buying Liverpool Merchandise, hit him where it hurts.

  16. if i was there i would have paid somone to whack him….. and i mean for good, you just dont do business this way end off.

  17. Gavin we can never be sure if ppl will lend the muppets money or not. We need to be vigiliant and pro-active. we need to end this nightmare. These owners are dragging us to our death taht was started by the previous ownership. not everyone might agree with that.

  18. Mail sent!

    I’d love to see phone numbers distributed in the same way, wouldn’d mind calling the involved financial institutions on my spare time, demanding to speak to the Boss!

  19. I agree to some extent with AnimalCol that the best place to really hit Hicks is to stop buying liverpool merchandise & boycott the games however whether it’ll happen or not we don’t know. The club is such a massive global brand that there will still be plenty of people out there who will continue to spend money buying club gear, there are also plenty of people (myself included) that will support their players & their manager through thick & thin & so I can’t see attendances dropping much, we still all want our club to perform on the pitch & if we believe that the twelfth man has anything to do with that performance then people will still go to the games. In this respect it isn’t an area we can effect much, we can however try to cut off any attempts he has to secure enough investment to remain in control of the club. I for one would much rather see him leave straight away because of an inability to refinance the current debt than for him to refinance and for us to be the club that bankrupts him, because somewhere along that road we may have lost our best players & be in much more of a mess than we are at the moment. I do agree that we need to retain a sense of dignity in everything we do so I’ve sent my email but have worded it a bit differently. I’ve removed the third & 6th paragraphs & replaced the bit that says ‘You have been warned’ with this:

    Our club does not belong in the hands of Tom Hicks & we as supporters will do everything within our power to ensure that his tenure ends as quickly as possible. We will protest, we will boycott, we will strive to starve the owner of any commercial revenues and therefore if you do help him in any way financially, a return on your investment would seem very unlikely. This is a man who has lied to Liverpool supporters from the day he arrived at our club & because of this very fact, it is our primary objective to rid the club of this leech.

    I understand that this email may not have been sent to the correct person but I would appreciate it if you could pass on this letter to whoever you feel may be in a position to act on our request.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and would urge you to help in any way you can.


  20. You guys know that the emails you are spamming at DB are operations, right? They have no control over any of this business.

    Its getting you as far as you would harrassing the janitor or the cafeteria clerk.

  21. The problem with the letter is that Blackstone did not pull out because of emails from fans, they pulled out in August weeks before anyone knew anything about them. My biggest worry is that if Hicks knew about the pull out a while ago why the three hour meeting last week in London with Broughton. I personally think he has something up his sleeve I hope I am wrong and would love to see him walk away with nothing even a loss if that’s possible! My fear being people like this do not go down without a fight, if he was working and lost out on The Blackstone deal weeks ago I am pretty sure with time running out he hasn’t been resting on his laurels.

  22. Someone should beat the shite out of Hicks Jr … and keep on beating him … even when this is over and it will be … we must harass and harangue this disgusting clan of liars, thieves and cheats !!!!

  23. I’m not sure if anyone would loan him money to keep hold of football club.
    Sport is a risky buisnis and with new rules coming soon it will mean that clubs can no longer live of borowed money.

    Even when they depend on fans for profit, Hick’s hate fans becouse I’m not sure if there is anyone found of Liverpool FC who wants them in charge.

    I would not give them any money, not through tickets or LFC shirts or in any other way.

  24. If anyone would like to send the bank a letter (or everyone send the bank a letter) the address is
    J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
    270 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10017
    Phone: (212) 270-6000
    Fax: (212) 270-1648

    They were sat at the Starbucks opposite, so obviously they still have money if they can afford there prices.

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