VIDEO : Daniel Agger’s ‘Critical’ Interview

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Here is the interview that Daniel Agger gave to a Danish publication in which he criticises Roy’s style of play. I hope it was something lost in translation.


  1. we’ll have to wait for agger’s reaction to the translation in the papers. last week he said during a pre-match conference that everybody felt happier under hodgson.

    i don’t like long balls either if that was the case. we need a team that uses ball possession and creativity (which we unfortunately lack). i like teams where players find each other blindfolded.

    come on reds

  2. The translation is correct. I do not understand the big tam-tam. he just gave his oppinion in a polite way. No Masch-behaviour.

    Keep up the good work on the pitch, Daniel lad!

  3. 1st, thanks for the video.

    I like Dane’s way of playing and hope he doesn’t change it (I hate offloaded balls and I panic when I see ‘flying passes’ to Torres – he’s not a dog chasing a frisbee). We need to keep possession and work on the passes (I believe that when Meireles get used to the other players our creativity and quality will increase – he already showed it on sunday clash).

    C’mon Reds ;)

  4. Danny’s got a point! Besides don’t blame him for coming out and saying what he wants to. he’s not the type of player that should be left on the bench and his critisicm is also correct!

  5. He delivered this in a non-emotional rational way. I’ve no problem with that.

    All the players must be feeling frustrated at the moment with the club ownership issue still up in the air.

    Stick with it fellas, it will get better.


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