I owe so much to a Red Scouser, please help me find him

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I am looking for a great Scouser, I feel guilty that I never thanked him enough for the hospitality him and his family showed to my cousin and I. I have been living with this guilt for 20 years now and I hope that someone can reconnect me with him or his family.

Jim (I think his surname was Smith) was a Red Scouser who lived in Malta and worked at the family hotel, he was a great guy, of course with both of us being Reds we hit it off. I lost contact with Jim when I moved away from Malta.

It was in February of 1990 when my cousin and I were on holiday in London. We got a call on Friday evening from Jim ( I had mentioned to Jim that we might go to Liverpool and watch a game at Anfield), he gave us his mate’s phone number. Jim had surprised us and got a hold of his mate who was able to get us tickets for the FA Cup game against Southampton. We took the train from London in the morning, every single carriage was full of Southampton supporters but they were a civilised bunch, only 2 of them were removed from the train.

We arrived at Lime Street station, getting off the train we were the only ones not wearing Southampton scarves so it was easy for Jim’s mate to spot us out. We were quickly zipped to Anfield and after a pint (which he bought us) we made our way into the stadium. I asked to pay for the tickets but he refused the money.

Liverpool won the game 3-1 and although I froze to death the experience was something I will never forget. I still remember watching the Kop swaying back and forth, a sight which I was never able to see again as the terrace was demolished just four years after my visit.

After the game we were invited to their house for tea. Naive me didn’t know what to make out of the great hospitality and we politely refused thinking I wouldn’t make them go out of their way. We took the next train back to London.

When we returned to Malta we got a washing from Jim who said that his mate’s wife had prepared all these sandwiches for us and we never showed up. Gosh I felt bad but it was too late to do anything, a few months went by, I started dating and before you know it I was married and living in the USA.

So if have a mate called Jim who lived in Malta and sent you a couple of Maltesers who you forked money out for their tickets, please let me know, I would like to hear from you.




  1. Whereever we are because we are lfc fans we are jointed by a bond called mutual trust, i live in Delhi(India) whenever i see some foreiner i use to think may be he is a liverpoolfc fan so to make think regarding that i use to call loudly to my son hey torress! or Gerrard just to see whether these bunch of foreiners are lfc fans. I love lfc for the last 15 years and will keep on loving this mighty club for the rest of my life. YNWA

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