Roy Hodgson Needs to go

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I thought the owners would listen to the fans?

I thought Hodgson came to use different tactics to Rafa?

I thought Hodgson was going to sign quality players? (Excluding Raul Merierles)

Although I am not as annoyed as most fans, I believe it’s time for Roy to go. Roy Hodgson has apologised to the Liverpool fans but it’s got to be too little too late. I believe he’s tried his best, and just isn’t the right man. Although he doesn’t deserve all the comments with swearing, nasty words – he needs to go. Let’s just hope the owners listen to us rather than talk about how baseball is like football. It’s not been a good year at all for Liverpool and their fans, let’s hope we can turn it around in 2011. Although Roy Hodgson needs the sack, until he goes we’ve got to show a little appreciation. He used ‘good’ tactics against Chelsea which led to a win, but that’s probably the (only) highlight of his reign.

Happy New Year Liverpool F.C & its fans.

(I wish)


  1. Seeing as how chelsea have gone so down hill…kind of puts the chelsea result in perspective to see how far we’ve declined under hodgson.

  2. You said it… Meireles and 2-0 victory over Chelsea are two highlights but other than that…. Sorry Roy, we wish you all the best but its not working.

  3. I want the news that Roy has been sacked as “Otoshidama” (Means Japanese traditional New Year’s Gift).

    Wish all the fellow Liverpool fans in the world a Happy New Year.

  4. he can fuck off right now im sure we can play beter with out him bad manger we ever had, jamie carragher can do manger job for us

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