Five reasons to stay at Anfield.

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This is part one of My look at the pros and cons of staying at Anfield or moving to a new stadium.

I appreciate any Feedback and discussion on this in the Discussion Box Below!

– Atmosphere


"All the players who go to England to play come back saying wonderful things about it (Anfield), the fans, the people. I think I would have liked it.” – Iniesta February 2011

Anfield is legendary for its atmosphere they don’t call it the twelfth man for nothing. If Liverpool do move to a new Stadium despite everyone’s best efforts I’m sure the atmosphere will loose that little magic that Anfield has conjured in countless games throughout the decades.

Opposition Managers and Players comment on the atmosphere every time they visit. Its surprised and even intimated even the most veteran and experienced teams over the years.

– This is Anfield


    One of the emerging trends when teams moveing to a new Stadium is the selling of the naming rights to the highest bidder.

    Unfortunately the massive costs in building any new stadium is enormous and with sponsors willing to part with figures of around £100 million it has become a necessary evil.

    Sponsored Stadium names have even filtered its way into existing stadiums with St James Park one of  the most iconic stadiums in the Country being renamed Sports Direct @ Saint James Park .

    Liverpool would have to loose the This is Anfield sign above the players entrance  because it wouldn’t be Anfield in name or spirit.


As John Henry was quoted as saying recently its no coincidence two owners, and now him are struggling to balance the costs of a new stadium with the financial benefits it would bring.

Liverpool will have to go into debt again to pay for a new stadium, while still not as detrimental to the club as the debt by Hicks & Gillet as it would actually benefit the club long term and not just paying for there “valuable Asset”

However finances will have to be managed very carefully for the next decade or so, which has already been seen at Arsenal with then hardly making any high purchases. So it will for a period of time affect the Transfer and wage budget

– Capacity


As we have seen at times this season, Anfield has been less than sold out for quite a few games. While this has been during the smaller games or when fans were staying away in protest at Hodgson. it was still a worrying sight.

If Liverpool do move to a new stadium there will be major financial belt tightening for the foreseeable future. The stadium could take up to a 5 years to build and then perhaps another 10 before any serious profit is made.

Will those extra fans needed to fill a 60,00 week in week out still be there if Liverpool are languishing in mid league due to financial restraints? 

– History


Liverpool is Anfield! its were all those great European Nights have taken place, all those memories of glory, and even sorrow in Defeat. For it to be knocked down and replaced with a car park or supermarket or just about anything just doesn’t seem right.

Family members have had lost loved ones ashes scattered at the Ground. No tribute in the new stadium would be able fully replace being able to walk into Anfield and remember all the good times that have been had.

What are your thoughts on the Stadium? Post Your Thoughts below!


  1. I agree with the bulk of the content.
    However, please get somebody to proof read before submitting.
    In the first section alone it reads ‘loose’ instead of ‘lose’ and ‘intimated’ rather than ‘intimidated’!

  2. I agree – only rebuilding, i dont want a new stadium. We have a great history and we must save this history . This is like Pyramids or Coloseo in Rome.

  3. I agree
    It’s a “Heritage” for liverpool fc and liverpool city
    It’s the history, the past, the present and the future
    It’s bill shankly,Bob Paisley,The king kenny,Rafa,Steven Gerrard
    and all the legends.
    And the most important is “Atmosphere”

    long live liverpool
    long live Anfield

    Salutes from Egypt

  4. I agree with 4 of the 5 points, but disagree with the 4th point “Capacity”.
    42.000 seats Capacity , its not worthy of Liverpool FC.
    i mean Liverpool is one of the biggest clubs in the world but the Stadium is so small for a club with such a rich history
    the root of all Liverpool problems is small Capacity Stadium
    Anfield never hosted a European cup final not even Europe League.
    and about the “History” its Liverpool FC that made that history not he other way around
    Liverpool is a big Bird and its time for our big bird to fine a bigger Nest.

  5. Liverpool is Anfield.Do not build new stadium.Just rebuild it.Some serious extension needed.Pleas please please!

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