Would you want Aquaman back?

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Alberto Aquilani didn’t really got the chance to prove himself and his hefty €20 million price tag after his move from Roma to Anfield. Injuries and fitness problems prevented the Italian to play regularly as he very rarely played the full 90 minutes. In total, Aquilani played 26 games scoring twice and was voted the MOTM by fans on the lfc.tv on a number of occasions.

Although we never really saw the real Aquilani in action, I still felt the lad has got something special in him. Yes he has his own fitness problems and yes, Italians have generally not enjoyed playing in England but I think that this guy has the potential to be a success.

I never really understood Roy Hodgson’s decision to loan him out in the summer when we so desperately needed strength in depth in our squad and when it was looking as if his injury was a thing of the past. When we look at our performances in the away matches of Europa League this season where mostly our top players are rested, our midfield lacks creativity. If Aquilani had been here, things would be better by now.

The following 2 links are a compilation of Aqua’s best 2 performances in a Liverpool shirt:

1.Aquilani vs Atletico

2.Aquilani vs Portsmouth

As far as him returning is concerned, Juventus have recently announced huge financial losses which means the possibility of Aquilani returning to Anfield is highly likely. So, what do you think? Would you want him back? I certainly would!

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  1. of course, he will suit the passing football that kenny likes, he is more than deserve the 2nd chance

  2. YES! I would love to have AQUAMAN back. He is talented.King Kenny would know where to put him in the line up, He have seen him play.Poulsen & Cole cannot produce the goods but AQUAMAN CAN(I know).GET AQUAMAN BACK, the sooner the better.

  3. I would love to see Aquilani back. I have been able to see several of Juventus’ games and he has performed well there. Thar being said, I am not sure where we would fit him in the starting 11. I could see him being a strong sub for Gerrard, Suarez, Kuyt, or Meireles, and maybe a starting 11 when we rest on of our key midfielders

  4. I think loaning out was Purslow’s idea. He was too tempted to play Football Manager and was too heavily biased by what the press said. I think Aquilani took an unfair amount of criticisim in the press last year. From what I saw and heard the LFC fanbase liked him and were willing to be patient last season in order to see him play at his best this year. One of the sticks the press used to beat him with was that E20m price tag although I thought that fee was dependent on his performance and the starting price was only E9M.

    Another thing to mention is that Rafa wanted Aquilani and Jovetic to be bought to replace Alonso. Aquilanli came but H&G pulled the plug on the Jovetic deal.

    I would like to see Aquilani back at Anfield although I think the purchase of Meireles is going to limit his opportunities in the team. I can’t really see an LFC manager dropping Gerrard to accommodate Aquilani.

    It’s a shame because he did look a class player, but since he arrived, more players have come in and I don’t think he’d be happy with the number of opportunities he’d get. I think the ship might have sailed on this one unfortunately.

  5. We need to accept this – he’s never coming back. He was sent out on loan so that we wouldnt have to pay all of his astronomical wages for the rest of the season.
    He’s also stated numerous times that be doesn’t want to come back.

  6. Only if we don’t get Adam he is quality but seems to not want to be here. But this season we could really use him with the hole we have in the midfield when Gerrard is injured. Roys first mistake at liverpool was loaning him out he could have impacted this season but instead has impressed juve.

  7. We are already paying hefty wages for Cole. So if we can get some dead woods of the book, then Aqua can have his place in the team. He is a class act though!

  8. Please Aquilani is a class act and should be given a second chance!

    Get rid of Joe Cole and Poulsen. Bring Aquilani and Charlie Adam.

  9. He would be another goalscoring threat from midfield he would not cost anything he has good movement and good passing ability playing along with meireles and gerrard would be very interesting to see,if we played a 4-1-3-2 using lucas or another good DM covering wingbacks going forward and meireles gerrard aqua roaming around midfield supplying the front too its something to try in preseason i think.

  10. Its not aqua that i am concerned about. I want all to be fit n give squad depth bt now i am concerned abot qualifying into europe next season! With bolton , stoke getin into fa cup, now sixth placed team liverpool have to leap frog spurs n broken bridge or win europa league! We definetly can leap frog because with SUAREZ n CARROLL , we can cause headache to opposition defenders !!!!

    Also the top five teams are not in form , so this is where we gota bang in ! We hav to go on a unbeaten run n also hope top teams lose to other teams ! We can atleast become 3rd but requires a lot of work in midfield in absence of steven gerrard ! Agger is returnin bak ! Also kenny wil be made permanent after april !!! N hope we get a gud amount of transfer cash !!

  11. It’s only fair he’s given a fair chance under kenny. He oozes talent we just weren’t able to see it regularly last season as he was slowly getting back in on top of any conspiracy theories heard about purslow preventing him from playing as to not pay the full wack. For me I’d say he’s our midfield version of berbatov, although he’s not anchored to one spot like him. He needs time and a certain type of football. I think it’s only fair that kenny gives him a chance as he’s probably our best midfielder when at it and has the gile that meireles lacks and the elegance that stevie lacks. I’d have alongside Adam as well as it leaves us with a highly talented and versatile midfield that we can rotate as we cannot rely on stevies fitness nor can we expect raul to run himself into the ground every game.

  12. The first and biggest mistake Roy Hodgson did, was let Aquilani go. After regaining his fitness, every time he played did something special. He was among our most gifted and talented players, if not the most. His skill and creativity, were evident whenever he played. His style of play brought back memories of the flowing short passing football, the great Liverpool teams of the late 70s and 80s were renowned for. It is a must to get him back, and most definitely not as a squad player, becasue he will prove in no time that the team should be built around him. He is the type of midfielder, who can come up with something special during games that are not going our way. So far he is Juve’s player of the year. I am just glad that Juventus cannot aford to pay the 13 million clause in the contract.

  13. So many people go off on tangents when asked a simple question. Nobody asked ‘what do you think Aqua wants to do’ or ‘why do you think he went’. The question is simply would you like to see this exciting, talented and passionate Italian international playing in our midfield. Now if anybody says no to that they need tosort their fucking heads out!

  14. no. simply because he doesn’t want to come back. he’s been quoted several times over the past few months stating how he would like to stay in italy. while i would prefer him over some of our other midfielders, i don’t want anybody at the club who doesn’t want to be there. i, for one, had enough of sulky players.

  15. The more important question is would we really want yet another article on this site about whether we’d want Aquilani back (yawn)

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