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There is really no need to enter into the merit of this declaration made by Roy Hodgson, as in matter of a few months, he was proved totally and undeniably wrong! What Kenny Dalglish has done at Anfield since 8th January 2011 is nothing short of miraculous, and though many of us have religious belief in his capabilities, not many of us perhaps thought his influence would be this significant.

Let’s take a quick look at what has been achieved. The most conspicuous is the dramatic exit of Torres and the impressive entry and impact of Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll. The Reds have played eight home games under the King and remain unbeaten, and remain mathematically in with a shot of European football which was only a mirage last December. We have seen the rampant rise of Liverpudlian blood in the form of Martin Kelly and Jay Spearing and more recently John Flanagan and Jack Robinson, with many other starlets waiting in the wings and beckoning for the right moment to shine. Ultimately he brought back the ingredients needed for a team like Liverpool to regain the regard and prestige it deserves: belief, pride, commitment and unity.

These facts, achieved in the space of a few months, and after inheriting a team that had lost any sense of direction or motivation, are the arguments that will convince FSG to confirm Kenny as permanent manager. It’s undoubtedly a no-brainer, and the benefits the Club will achieve are all interconnecting and may well be the catalyst to another great era of achievement by the Reds. All the first team players, those that really count (Pepe Reina included!) have claimed time and again that Kenny has brought a breath of fresh air into the dressing room. All could see how he cracked a joke with Jack Robinson before he came on at the Emirates, or how he called Flanno to the touchline to reassure him after his incident with Carra! That fatherly reassurance that gives both stars and the new blood the confidence needed is not something you learn at a UEFA course, it’s something you acquire over time, with experience, and which only a few are able to express it the way Kenny Dalglish does.

He is measured in his ways; he is measured in his declarations. This week he came out with some comments concerning Alberto Aquilani! The scope, in his customary soft-spoken manner, was to send a clear message to Juventus that ultimately, the Italian international midfielder remains a Liverpool player and that at the end of the day he would not mind having him back in his plans. Personally, I feel the Italian will stay with Juve, but Kenny threw his weight into the incumbent issue and in doing so put more pressure on the Old Lady to either come up with the funds and keep their side of the bargain.

Kenny Dalglish, in truth, is not Superman and not even a miracle-worker, yet his injection of passion and love for the Club have brought about a dramatic change, and this is only the beginning. Kenny is about to kick-start a new era. He is the perfect candidate to forge our up and coming starlets into future stars and more importantly successors to Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. He has the team behind him, and he has the fans behind him. I have no doubt that the also has FSG behind him.

Kenny Dalglish has proved to Roy Hodgson that yes, taking the same team and the same players you can do a different job and achieve results he was not able to. And as we said, this is just the start.


  1. And Tonio, what has the much maligned Roy Hodgson done with the relegation bound Albion since he took over? Football is not always a black and white matter. Incidentally, is your name REALLY Tonio Bone or is it Tony Tabone – just very curious!

    1. Nic, Roy had done wonders at West Brom, like he did at Fulham. I did not enter into merit of what did not work with him at Liverpool, it just didn’t. However, the declaration he made as I pointed out in the article was quite evidently shot down since Kenny came on. I don’t think there is any argument about that.
      On a final note my name IS REALLY Tonio Bone and I am from Malta!

  2. the media now fuck all about football. they said the king has been out ov da game 2 long. an hogdson was da perfect man 2 steady da ship. TWATS

  3. Erm, sorry to burst your bubble but I think the transfers of Suarez and Carroll have helped (a) win games (single handedly in Suarez’s case) and (b) instill more belief in the team.

    In truth, spirit can only take you so far, you simply cannot go on without quality players around you, and this is where Luis and Andy have helped alot. So to be fair to Hodgson, he DID underachieve but without those transfers we would NOT be in the top 6 – let’s be humble with the truth.

    1. Sorry Al, you’ve burst no bubble. Note before Carroll and Suarez came along we did have a certain Fernando Torres who on many occasions single handedly won games for the Reds. I did not understand your point there.
      Do you remember Raul Meireles playing under Hodgson? He played out of position was was woeful. Then he has again played out of position for Kenny in our last two games and has given in his shift brilliantly.
      Spirit can take you VERY FAR, and as good as Suarez and Carroll are they will not be effective without a strong midfield, and solid defence and a supply of quality football that comes from the other 9 players around them!
      With regards to your affimation that with those TWO we wouldd not be 6th, I beg to differ. May I remind you that for the last weeks we have been without the likes of Gerrard, Agger, Johnson and Kelly to mention just a few (as others have just come back in form injury). We have practically played the last two games with 18 year olds as first team fullbacks.
      As I said, Kenny is no superman and no miracle worker. What you have done here Al is take the credit away from Kenny and given it to Suarez and Carroll (who incidentally only has played 3 straight games for the Reds). So you see, you have not burst my bubble!

    2. Hold on a second. When Kenny took over we were 12th in the league. By the time Suarez made his debut we were already 7th, with EXACTLY the same team. By the time Carroll took his bow, we were 6th.

      You are clearly wrong. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  4. @Al

    You’re a fool, mate. If Hodgson had Luis and Andy we’d be playing every week with ten men behind the ball, hoofing it up to Carroll at every opportunity and Suarez would be sitting on the bench because he actually knows how to play football.

    We’d be hovering above the relegation zone as we were before, but now under Kenny his tactical prowess as well as his ability to give everyone a much-needed lift has led us to the Top 6. I honestly believe that even without the signings we would be Top 6 because the players that would have played in threir places would have given their all and become new players, just as Kuyt and Meireles have done.

    Hodgson is doing *decent* at West Brom because that’s his level. No matter how long you give him he’ll only take you so far and his best is simply not good enough for any club that sets high standards or possesses any sense of ambition.

  5. Look at the players since Dalglish has come in, even before Torres left or Suarez and Carrol signed. Immediately after Roy left the club had a weight lifted from it’s shoulders. A stifling negativity disappeared overnight.

    Results improved immediately.

    Carrol is only just returning to fitness, and only replacing a £50M Torres with a £23M Suarez has transformed us from a laughing stock to a feared opponent once again.

    Roy was completely and utterly out of his depth at Liverpool. I didn’t want that to be the case, but simply, it was. He’s found his level again with West Brom and I’m happy for him.

    Meanwhile, we have the King. Soon to be Sir King if there’s any justice in the world. :)

  6. I suggest anyone who can’t see the night and day difference between how Hodgson’s Liverpool compared to Dalglish’s Liverpool this season, watch the full match reply of the Manchester City games, one by Roy, one by Kenny.

    3-0 and 3-0, one dominant win and one dominated loss. It’s not hard to figure out which one’s which. ;)

  7. Okay just in case those who read do NOT get the gist of my article, I am not flogging Hodgson! What I AM saying that it was premature for him to make such a statement which was punctually shot down since Kenny came in. It’s not all Kenny, but it has happened since he’s taken the helm.

  8. In fairness, the impact of Andy Carroll and in particular Luis Suarez have been much but generally its the same team overall. Besides, King Kenny has added other dimensions to the Team and they are largely succesfull. Including playing Glen on the left sometimes which has almost always worked. Martin Kelly was also a succeesful idea. And Raul has been more successful under him even in the long term absence of gerrard. Methinks roy was too defensive in football and to the fans but kenny has played to the strenght of his team. And just a thot you think Torees would not have scored in 13 games if he was still here?YNWA!

  9. Funny how people read what they want to, the article was about the positive effect kenny had on the team not to mention the club and the fans. The results speak for themselves as does our league position kenny is in charge, the club is on the up, the players are happier and are enjoying their football. Roll on next season!

  10. Ok pal, fair point.

    Anyway, I know this is off point but I’ve been watching some old videos of Torres on YouTube and can’t help but want the boy to come back home – why did he leave us? Why?

    I know Suarez and Carroll have come in but it’s just not the same. Kenny would have fixed him, restored his lost humilty. We would have been the best, he would have been the best and we all wanted him and Gerrard to lead the fight.

    Fernando Torres – Former Liverpool Number 9.

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