Keisuke Honda, heading to Anfield?

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Former Liverpool target has again been linked with a move to Anfield this week. Interest in the player was high when he had an excellent 2008/09 season in Holland playing for VVV-Venlo, and at the end of 2009, after being linked with Liverpool and other Premier League and European clubs, Honda signed for Russian outfit CSKA Moskow for €6M.

This move coincided with his rise in stature in the Japanese National team, where Honda starred in the 2010 World Cup  and the Asia Cup, where he was voted Most Valuable Player. Again, Honda was in high demand during the summer, but stayed in Moscow, honouring his 4-year contract.

Yesterday it emerged that Honda is ready to leave Moscow and try his luck else ware. “My life has been a series of ups and downs. Right now I’d have to say it is a downer. That includes my current situation at CSKA.” He told press.

After Honda’s personal success in the World Cup, he has become an idolised player in Japanese footballer. In a similar way to Ji-Sung Park at Manchester United, a move for Honda would provide substantial economical benefits to a club buying him, where extra revenue could be made through shirt sales in the Far East.

Known as a versatile player, Honda is recognised as an attacking midfielder, but has also been known to play anywhere across the midfield as well as left-back, and Honda is known for his passing abilities and his vision. His sweet left foot and ability to drop deep to link others into play has become a big part of his game.

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has expressed his desire for a wide player and having signed Jordan Henderson during a week – fans will question just what role Honda could fill.

With another 2-years left on his contract in Russia, the fee may not come cheap, and CSKA recently showed a hands off warming to clubs. But with the player unsettled it may not be long before Honda is seen pulling on the shirt of one of the Premier League or La Liga’s elite.


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  1. not good enough for lfc only sanchez or hazard are good enough but no doubt we wont even make a move for the top stars cos there not over hyped english no marks :-((((((((

    1. Are you on drugs? Have you even watched this guy play? He is carrying the whole team is moscow.

      This guy is a must buy would add a lot of creativity plus would be an awesome signing thinking about the fans in Asia.

      1. I agree with you HONDAISAMUSTBUY ! Keisuke Honda is a really good footballer and he can win a match all by himself. I have seen him in some matches (World Cup 2010) and he does some things on the pitch that no one else can. His free kicks are top notch and his understanding of the game are very good. As you say it would be a great signing for LFC not only for his helping at the pitch, but also for the interest in LFC for the Asian people, like Ji-Sung Park are for Man.utd.





      3. totally agree, not sure if “baza5x” actually knows anything about football beyond the “bigger” leagues.

    2. arsene wegner described him as a genius on French tv. not good enough….please watch the games

    3. the fact that neither Hazard nor Sanchez are interested in coming to Liverpool maybe needs mentioning?

      Classic phenomenon among fans thinking every top footballer would like to play for their club. Wish it was like that though..

  2. Very very unlikely we already have SG,Raul,Lucas,Spearo,Hendo and probly Aquilani for our midfield dont think we’ll be getting another… Should’ve signed him instead of Hendo would have boosted our shirt sales in Japan..
    But if we do buy him i think we should play a midfield diamond of 4 Center-Mids with the Fullbacks providing width and providing the crosses.

    The Left back doesnt have to be Clichy he can be anyone who is good going foward and can cross a ball.

  3. Baza5x why do you think only Sanchez and Hazard good enough. In my experience there are number of players good enough. Only two exceptional talents on planet cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. The rest are below them. The two players you mentioned are playing in Italy and France. It is possible they wouldn’t adjust to harder league. Or we have made inquiry and they don’t want Liverpool. Why assume we haven’t tried. Liverpool are keeping negotiations under wraps.

  4. He would make a good squad player. Bear in mind that one of our biggest sponsors did mention the benefits of getting an Asian player this summer. Japanese worship Keisuke Honda, and it really will work in our favour. Plus, if we really must bring in an Asian, I rather choose someone like him than an overrated player like Park Ji Sung.

    1. Nope. Park Ji Sung is not an “overrated player” my friend. And Sir Alex know that for sure…

  5. what because he is house hold name in japan and becaus he played and does play shite bag footie in russia you think we should buy him! no way.

    Yes he would sell shirts and the deal would be huge in terms of a name, but we dont just buy players for that alone, aguero theres a deal that you do for both of the reasons above but this guy, no thanks, what has he really done…

    1. Dude have u ever seem him play? He is a free kick master and can change a game on his own the shirt sales and Asian ventures could be considered a little bonus but he is still quality!

    2. Sam, you should go to youtube first before make a judge. Keisuke is a very talented playmaker. If he go to the right club with the right manager, I believe he would be 1 of the best footballer that world ever have.

  6. You forgot to mention he’s one of the best free kick takers in the business too.That is a useful weapon to have.

  7. Time we had an Asian player in the squad. They don’t come better than Honda. Would add creativity and an enormous boost to the club in Asia. YNWA.

  8. Some people need to get a reality check … no doubt I would love Hazard or Sanchez at Liverpool but with no European football we would have to pay Man City sized wages to get them to the club, this isnt Fifa or football manager on your computer we have to be realistic with our targets & expectations.

    Honda is a great player but I’m not too sure if there is a genuine interest in him as I’m sure we will wrap up the Adam deal in the coming days which will leave us with alot in the midfield.

  9. He a decent player and imagine the shirt sales around asia this summer and behond . we will rake in millions each season from having him here.

  10. He could be great for LFC. Most of the world cup he played on the right wing and was awesome. Exactly what we need.

  11. honda is the only asia player that cn fitt and adapt to lfc pattern so my brother dnt decieve yourself.kk should get honda cos we may miss out on charle adam

  12. Those who seriously think that Honda isn’t good enough for LFC are seriously mistaking… As i mentioned earlier on this page he has many qualities for the Liverpool team today, of cource there are players that are better than Honda but you have to think about how much you want to use on players. We have more players coming up from the academy and so on… I personally hope that players like Raheem Sterling, Adam Morgan, Suso and Conor Coady will play matches in the pre-season, they have TALENT !! Maby we shouldn’t hope for to many ”unnessesary” signings, thinking about the young ones… Kelly, Flanno and Robinson to.

  13. couldnt give a shit about asian shirt sales we need top class footballers and two wingers and mata,sanchez and hazard are the best three around that may move this summer and we should be in for at least one of them if we are to improve on 6th place.

    1. I agree a world class winger, a solid left back. But we have to clear out the dead wood. Get them off the wage bill. Insua, konchesky, aqui, Ngog, jovanivic, Poulson, Aurilio, Cole, Degan, El zahr. We dont need a huge squad because were not in europe. Having this dead wood hanging around just creates a bad atmosphere in traing because they belive they should be playing.

      So instead of looking at buying i think we have to start selling first.

  14. Not sure how much money we have or how many players for each position we need, would love to have Aguero playing alongside Luis & Andy.
    If you want to boost the shirt sales find a Chinese player!


  15. never commented B4.but some gobsh**tes here need to get real.I wonder if it is shirt sales that are important or is honda good enough for the mighty reds. Go the game, get of the websites. K**bheads.

  16. If this rumour is true. I will be very happy for LFC. They adding another one of the quality player. I hope this rumour is true.

  17. Honda would be a smart buy but i pray they get Juan Mata also both add much needed creativity.

  18. Honda is not a must buy player,the way the press is commenting on him seems he is a genius while he is not that good,if u want to get what am saying,just watch him play

  19. dont need honda mata is a must! the lad has good control, vision , good final ball, and can finish aswell, a proven match winner at valencia, carroll suraez mata left gerrard center lucas/spearing holding henderson right

  20. Liverpool is now take a new direction, but the only problem that we are facing, we did not have qualitative wing who can provide the essential service.

  21. Honda not necessary! Wigan athletics james McCarthy is the man Kop needs! He is a great finisher, pass the ball well, great at creating chances. Besides that, aaROn Lennon, the spurs winger, is the man who can make an impact on the wings. His speed, ssskills, and ccrosses are deadly!!!!! So JMCCARTHY and A.LENNON

    1. Lennon? Really? I’mean, yeah, he’s quick, but his crossing is shite. As for McCarthy, if we went for him we might as well give Tom Ince or Gerardo Bruna a shot on the left.

      Honda would be a great signing, not just for shirt sales and increased profile in Asia – he is a very talented player who would be well suited to a left-wing, cutting in role. the we get a quality, out-and-out right-winger and a class attacking left-back (someone along the same lines as Martin Kelly) to put crosses in for Andy Carroll, and we’re sorted.

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