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By Karam Raj

Yes,i am talking about Alberto Aquilani.
A year ago,he was dubbed as the ‘Most expensive flop’.
Rory Smith deemed him as the ‘Worst Liverpool player’(which was a very unfair and ridiculous thing to say).
Alberto is now making him eat his own words.

My article is not based on his recent performances in pre-season..Well,ofcourse it does support this article but his stellar performances all throughout last season for Juventus has what’s convinced me that he is nothing less than a world class player.

Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam, Steven Gerrard, Raul Meireles, Jonjo Shelvey, Jay Spearing, Lucas Leiva and Aquilani,the list of Central Midfielders Kenny has at his disposal.

Yet Aquilani seems to have the attributes that no one else in that list possesses.
For one thing, Aquilani makes our attack more direct. With Aquilani, we will charge more through the middle, which leaves more space in the wings..& with Suarez and Downing at the flanks with Carroll to aim for in the centre,his importance to the side could be immense.
& Not only is he capable of picking out his team mates with a long pass,he’s that kind of a player who could easily get himself engaged in a one-two with his teammates,and is also capable of having a shot at goal himself..In my opinion,he could very well help us to convert those frustrating draws against lower ranked teams into wins.
On another note,he is only 27,he’s just entered his peak of his career,he could easily end up as a regular in the starting 11 next season.

Aquilani was a quality signing by Rafa.. £20m could yet still prove to be a bargain for him.
Just give him a chance.

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  1. Besides his injury frailties & price tag for an injured player purchased at the time, I’ve not seen enough evidence that he should be shipped out. At the very least, he deserves a shot for a full season. I believe I speak on behalf of most Koppers out there.

    1. Brian you have a serious issue with aqualani, so far its his agent doing all the talking about where hes heading next not aqualani. Squad number aside how do you know that a) kenny doesn’t trust him/ want him or is kenny unsure that aqualani will be there next season and is possibly saving a preferred squad number for a potential signing? Seeing as you’ve stated in recent articles posted by you that kenny doesn’t trust aqualani, are you involved in the first team at liverpool or is kenny a close friend and told you so? If its your opinion and your entitled to give it on this site please don’t use kenny’s name as if he’s confided this to you personally.

      In regards to the article i’d like to see aqualani given a season to prove himself, worst case scenario is we sell him at a loss then but at least knowing he didn’t fit or he does fit and the club benefits.

  2. I could not agree more.
    Superb passing and really creates a lot of chances.
    We’d be foolish to not even try him this season.

  3. I really hope someone will finally write an article on here that talks about whether aquilani will stay or go this summer. Oh wait, whats that you say? Theres already been like 20000 of those…no wayyyyy

  4. I would not sell him.
    He is a super class with a fantastic passing. If Kenny gets him to feel happy at Liverpool he will give Anfield glorious matches.

  5. I am 100% in agreement. I think Aquilani would love to play along side Lucas and Suarez with big Andy as a target man. I always thought he was a good player with, most importantly, intelligence.
    He would need the likes of hard working Lucas and Adams around him for him to flourish….Suarez would love to link up with the lad…I am drooling at the prospect.
    Poulsen, Cole and Konchesky…they can do one, and go…but lets keep Albert.

    1. This is completely right Tony. Aqua needs someone behind him to allow him to play. I was surprised at his pass rate at Juventus, It was quite high. I think this type of player tries the difficult pass that can either be the turning point of the game of leave us exposed as the opposition close him down or cut his passes out. He would in a word be the old style playmaker like an old fashioned Brazilian No10.
      Today this is a luxury but we do have hight football standards at our club and if he does the business he can be used successfully. I hope he is up for it.

  6. God bless u buddy thats the truth. Aquaman is class. He wants cause did not show him enough respect. Bring back rafa. Can we not protest for him to stay. Much respect to John W Henry he saw the class in fantastic aquaman since day 1. Kk has become too english and why is silent. He should be carefull hes end might be worse than avram grant

  7. He is a class act and he has his own qualities which rafa has seen, he deserve time till his contract ends at Liverpool, because at 20 million we haven’t bought a crap for sure

  8. All I hear from Aqua’s detractors is that he cant hack it in the prem. How do we know ???. Not all midfielders are snarling pit bulls . There has to be room for the touch player,surely

  9. absolutely .. Once i have nickname for him ” Pinocchio ” .Well, guess he plays better with Juve last season. Why Milan & Fiorentina so interesting ?
    Aquilani should stay to prove and gain success with us this year.
    I can see LFC just like the movie Pirates of Caribbean + Robin Hood. Kenny Dalglish as Bootstrap Bill, Carol as Will Turner, Carragher as Hector Barbossa, Capt Jack “Suarez” Sparrow? Dirk Kuyt the flyin Dutchman? Hope Garry Cahill can join our ship!
    * Our skipper Gerrard always be Robin Hood, company by new arrival Henderson, Adams and Downing. (and Barton ? )

  10. Not forgetting that Gerrard is now very prone to injury, half a season loan won’t be bad for jonjo & spearo

    1. I think the bigger question is, does he want to stay? I keep hearing that he wants to return to Italy – I would rather have players who are passionate for the team and have their heart in it.

      If Aquilani does want to stay, I think as others have said he can help the team this year by bringing in an added
      dimension and further depth. Whether he can physically stand up to the demands of the EPL over time hasn’t been proven, but he obviously is a talented player.

      1. Well said buddy.. But I think management must coax him to stay…like wenger did with cesc in arsenal…

  11. first of all, i need to know if these publications are read by the lfc team officials. if yes, i cnt understand y we have not heard ani news concerning aquilani’s stay or otherwise..if he is sold i have no option than to say lfc doesn’t listen to it supporters..give the guy a chance..i dnt c any team in the world that wil play henderson ova aquilani..pls dnt do somethng we will all regret…YNWA

    1. Well, last season the supporters was saying that he should stay in Italy – good thing the officials didn’t look at that time. He’s pure class

  12. Alberto is a world class player nd should b treated wit dat fact dat he is,to my view after captain g he is d next in dat midfield,adams,leiva,jordan,meireles,downing nd jonjo,jay should b a reserve team

  13. I did watch Vålerenga (VIF) – Liverpool FC, live last night. I am not a huge fan of the players that lfc have got and last night did prove it. A VIF a team that they have picked players from a semi pro league (most players got spare jobs). Liverpool have spent some 50-60 mill on players that in my opinion is not good enough or are too young and NO SKILS!.

    I am very worried about this need season. Belive that top 4 will not happen this year.

    1. 1. Learn how to speak English. Then come back and say something constructive. Pre season…training….fitness…5 first choice players out.

  14. I 100% agree the writer why would we want to sell the stand out performer in my opinion during pre season surely everyone starts out with a clean slate? I think he should be given a chance to show his worth because I truly believe he can be a star for us!!! YNWA

  15. I’m in agreement here. We have lacked quality in depth in recent seasons. How feared would we be with Aqua Raul Hendo etc sitting on the bench ready to be unleashed. I say we should keep him at least untold January whilst Stevie and Raul are struggling for fitness. he’s direct and has a great touch. He adds another dimension.

  16. What you’re forgetting is that the pace and ferocity of the Premier League is quite unmatched, and Aquilani hasn’t proven himself there yet.

    I’d say, let’s see what he does with Sunderland, then dump him or keep him…

  17. It beggars belief … It’s like we’re stuck in a bad dream …

    Luckily, YOU (the fans) can do something about it by:

    – Finding and following me on Twitter (username: KeepAquilaniLFC)

    – Searching for “KeepAquilani” as a HashTag in Twitter … (Please tweet/re-tweet as much as you can with #KeepAquilani HashTag)

    It’s the best shot we have at making the management/board aware of fan opinion on Aquilani because it’s all currently buried in hundreds of different forum and comments threads all over the web … They’re unlikely to spend time browsing these threads, but if Twitter trending gets high enough you can be sure that at least John Henry at Fenway Sports Group will notice it if no-one else does.

    1. They are managing a football team that involves millions of pounds, not a reality tv show with text voting. The club will do what they, as highly paid professionals, will do, the fans should leave the be.

  18. He is only playing well for us at the moment because he knows he is in the shop window and is hoping to be whisked away. Once the transfer window has closed he will revert to his, I cant play in the English Premier League mentality.

  19. I think it will be the biggest mistake KK could make if he lets him go, I have an huge gut feeling that this boy is top drawer. Remember when we first signed him I checked him out on youtube and was drooling. I know an arse who made a huge mistake with Aquaman…..Woy, he let him go on loan last season…utter madness..I mean WTF was that all about…come on KK don’t go down the same route keep where he belongs….LFC YNWA

  20. Let’s not forget RAFA questioned his mental toughness early 2010 I think. The EPL is not physically intimidating to most but it is intense and aquilani may not be able to handle it from a mental point of view, the management will have clarified this a long time ago, pre season games are not physically challenging as no one wants to get injured and it’s all fairly polite. John Henry was right to come out and say why should he leave, but he is after all an asset to him so needs to get the best out of him to A either get him in the team or B sell him for as much as possible. He needs him to play to his potential and what better way to do that than to praise him publically. It also points to the fact he needs to go public to maybe boost his confidence. The Italian league suits Alberto so I will not go into the details about whether he even wants to stay in england at all. He may leave for many many reasons and Kenny may have no real choice so what will happen will happen and in the best interests of LFC.

  21. Ha ha is everyone on repeat….

    Firstly aquaman has came out and said he wants to return to Italy.

    Secondly everyone is saying he’s amazing etc etc where has this come from – playing for juventus in a very slow paced league (which suits Italian players) and the pre season they are about fitness if your to take them on merit man un**ed will win the champs league as they beat barca (not gonna happen)

    Thirdly “bring back rafa” are you serious great @ start but lost it towards the end don’t want to go back to rigid football.

    Fourthly everyone should just get behind kd afterall we all start on the same points, there’s a feel good factor round pool ATM keep it that way.

  22. He showed good performance in Juventus and pre-seasons. KK should give him a chance to prove his skill, i believe he can be a cracker like Meireles when we face a very defensive teams. So i prefer keep Aquilani.


  23. I couldn’t agree more with the article, Aquilani offers us so much going forward and he has the ability to pick out the right pass as well,going with the long one when theirs a option available or playing it short to open up more space for something more direct. He’s movement off the ball is good as well, if I rememeber correctly he missed quite a few after getting into good positions early on in he’s liverpool career,the point being the vision and work rate required to get into those advanced positions is an asset. He produces quality from the dead ball too, as he’s delivery for the Agger goals in the Valerenga friendly once again attested to. He’s last 10 games for liverpool in the league is further proof that he is up for the rigours of the premiership and I for one will be disappointed to see him go as it looks very likely at the moment.

  24. If preseason a abt practice S t also abt losin by big margins?..In these years i supporting LFc, never i was a fan of lucas .But now after seeing the preseasons i understood the role heplayed… Also aquaman s much better than raul…

    1. I don’t think we can make simple comparisions between the 2 players, I think they both offer a lot going forward,but I also think Meireiles offers a tad bit more defensively

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