Instant Match Reaction: LFC 1-1 Sunderland-The Redmen TV

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  1. Ohh… the red man we missed you. and your show. Unfourtunatelly flanagan was not much experienced gave seb larson the space no matter what. liverpool player superb the 1st half then dont knw what happend in the 2nd half

  2. It is clear liverpool need two more players with carroll up front if suarez goes off we are stuffed up front.
    We need one more really good stricker.
    I know flanagan is young but it was a kids mistake his we need kelly there or glen. but we do need central defender.
    Adams 8/10 henderson 6/10 downing 7/10 enrique 7/10 second half we where on way carroll that was to easy for them.

  3. i know everyone will say early days but what a dissapointing start 1st game of the season or the last game of the season the buck stops with the manager and dalglish made a couple of mistakes noticeably his team selections firstly flanigan should never have played infront of kelly i must say i was shocked with that before kick-off and jordan henderson looked and played very nervously kuyt should have started just because you pay 20million for a player it doesnt mean you have to play him straight away that was a big mistake i certainly dont expect to see flanigan play infront of kelly again at the emirates he would get slaughtered other than that all the other debutants were class adams and downing

  4. The fact is that yesterday was only the first match, 4 new players out of 10, Suarez was really tired in second half and without him we lose too much…however i am a little bit disappointed by the performance of Downing, one great shot but in the rwst of the game he was a ghost, Adam has done a pretty good game but in my opinion it’s clear the fact that he’snot Xabi Alonso…than i don’t understand why Kenny have chosen Henderson from the start, he had a normal game yesterday, not good but not bad, however i think that Raul deservedto play yesterday…than don’t forget the yellowcard to Richardson cause it was a red card situation…

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