Martinez and Henry in Miami (featuring John Terry)

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There is a photo showing John W Henry and Roberto Martinez in Miami Beach. The photo was making the rounds on Twitter and at first many Liverpool fans (including myself) thought it was a fake however later another photo proved that it wasn’t.

I must however thank @feintzebra for making sense out of all of it.


  1. I hope the unicorn gets the job, they’re supposed to be lucky, please god don’t let it be Martinez, the dog or Terry

  2. What is wrong with you liverpool fans who are hating on Martinez?

    Give the guy a break, I mean, the new season hasn’t even kicked off and already Liverpool fans are behaving like idiots, seriously.

    I’m a die-hard red fan for over 20 years and every single liverpool fan no matter if they live in Liverpool or worldwide that in today’s football age, every body else are absolutely ridiculing us as 99% of Liverpool fans go on and on about the bloody past. It’s time to wake up and realise that we’re no longer a driving force as we used to be and it’s that we use our branding as a means to move forward in the 21st century.

    Martinez isn’t a slouch. He’s a doctor and although Wigan aren’t a top 4 team, he has done admirably well at 38 years of age and has totally no money to spend.

    We have very positive thinking yet aggressive American owners and we should be very grateful. Let them foresee the entire interview, let Martinez handle the big questions at the interview stage and whoever is our manager I’m going to support them 100%. I did so for Roy Hodgson when everybody absolutely destroyed as well as Dalglish.

    Positive thinking people and please let’s not go back about the bloody past and move forward.

  3. would you let a rookie driver drive your kids to school when you could pick a real chauffar [ van gaal or benitez ] to do it ‘ answer that question truthfully. this is going to be a car crash

  4. hiring Martinez would be the wrong move. He’s done worse with Wigan than his predecessor, finished each of his seasons with them with an awfully high negative goal difference – -42, anyone? – his teams can’t defend OR score goals – the only thing Liverpool will do under him is sink to even lower league positions, and that is an undeniable fact. I will not be blindly optimistic and back him hoping for the best when the stats and his ability are there for all to see.

  5. oh, he’s also spent most of his last three seasons in the bottom three and spent a third of that time in last place.

    Is this the kind of man we want managing LFC?

    according to some fans, it would seem, the apparent answer is yes.

  6. Interesting. Not my first choice for manager, but if (looking more like when) he comes, he’ll have my support.

  7. The more I read about Martinez, the more I like him. I think he would actually do quite well for us. I do thing FSG would give him time to do things his way. I don’t think they really wanted KK to be more than a caretaker. I also heard that Brendan Rodgers is also in Miami. Either one would be great. Good brand of football to watch either way. And hopefully, our players are actually better than the ones they currently manage.

  8. Well put, hashim. I agree with you.
    On a lighter note. Of course it’s a fake- they would never give 70% off in that shop!

  9. its a tricky choice in Martinez he might perform or underperform..If he does underperforms he would be under heavy media critism,dressing room unrest and the respected owners image might be dragged through the mud..The Owners should stop living in a fantasy world they talked about grooming players from the young to have a viable resale value that should not be the basic foundation of this football club,they wanted a young Manager have they asked themselves will these Manager be able to compete with our Rivals home and away??the So called young players which Kenny bought did cost him his job when they underperformed imagining we had a descent right winger we would have been higher up on the table than we finished..The Owners needs a Reality check

  10. So? You want blind loyalty? Let’s give Martinez a break?
    Are you a complete idiot?
    Are we gonna let another guy try to be the manager of Liverpool Football club?
    This guy is a small club manager!!! Just like Roy Hodgson!
    Martinez will be the wrong man – there is nothing wrong by saying that up front in stead of three months into the job!
    Blind loyalty is for no-brainers

  11. he’s not my favourite, but IF he really become our next manager (i feel he is), i’ll support him because i support LFC.

    hope next season will be better. YNWA

  12. I don’t think Martinez is the right man for LFC . Some manager is only suitable for a small club. Can he handle all the pressure ? Please we don’t want Roy era anymore. Just bring back rafa . At least he will make sure we finish top 4

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