The Redmen TV: LFC’s Warrior Sports Kit Deal

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    1. because it’s double ov what addidas was paying u go with the money with the new FIFA rules spend what u earn that’s us £25mil better off that’s why we changed.

  1. Whether it’s Adidas or otherwise , they’re all going to be made in China and sold expensive around the world!!!

    1. According to Wikipedia, Warrior and New Balance maintain a legitimate number of their manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and U.K. I dont know how accurate or to what extent it is true but it is a small upside to the deal, if it and the deal are true.

  2. Adidas have good design,quality and technology made…why we need to change that???It’s easy to buy Adidas brand at anywhere country.Can their promise this thing to us??If cannot we only can buy at thailand,very cheap…only RM30.

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