Is Purslow tryin to shut down a Liverpool forum?

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Twitter is ablaze with Tweets such as these.

“Just been told that RAWK has been threatened with legal action over letter-writing campaigns by Purslow‘s lawyers”

“did you know Purslow has engaged lawyers to try and shut down a Liverpool fans’ forum? Incredible.”

I tried contacting R.A.W.K.  with no avail but as I dug deeper I found this posting on the forum.;topicseen#msg7082494

“Christian Purslow has as much right to privacy as any one else. RAWK acts to protect the privacy of any user, individual or company, if the moderating team feel that private information has been made public on this forum.

We regularly monitor the site via a number of volunteers, and we have a forum code of conduct with regards to what can and cannot be posted on the site. Those rules and regulations are widely available on the site. In light of this recent incident we’ve decided to placed to place reminders onthe forum to encourage our 30,000+ members of these policies. We believe we have acted sensibly and in a timely manner.

However, I have got links to scores of websites that have Christian Purslow’s personal details on public display.

I’ve got his home address.

I’ve got his date and place of birth.

I’ve got a list of companies he is associated with.

I’ve got his office phone number and address.

I know the names and addresses of the people that he associates with at those companies.

I know how many shares he owns in a number of these companies.

I know which accountancy firms act for him.

I know a fair bit else too.

I know which firm of lawyers act on his behalf.

Everything except that last point is in the public domain and is a matter of record. In many of those cases there is nothing that Christian Purslow or his highly paid lawyers can do about those records. All you need to do is use Google. Then add pieces of information together and Google again. And again.

It’s jolly tempting to post all of the links in one bullet proof, lawyer checked, publicly unchallengeable post.

But not today.

In words and actions Christian Purslow has demonstrated his lack of credibility to act as Managing Director of Liverpool Football Club.

This whole sorry thread is one that can come to an end right here. Usethe other threads to keep the pressure on the club, the owners, thebanks, the Premiership.

Mr Purslow – this bit’s for you – it’s time for you to pack up and head home. We’re all as sick and tired of you as you are of us.”

I am sure we will hear more about this over the next few days but if it is true it is very concerning that the M.D. of our club would resort to this.

I wonder who will pick up the lawyer fee?



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  1. What is wrong with you? Trying to make a tabloid case of this? Some idiot posted Purslows home adress on that forum. He found out and wanted to shut down the thread, not the forum. Its all common sense. Blame where blame is due. In this case, its not Purslow. Get a grip! And to the forum idiot, hang your head in shame.

  2. What has the bloke done wrong? he has brought far more money into the club than Parry ever did. A certain section of the fan-base just seem hell-bent on striking out at anyone involved with running the club.

    If RAWK have posted all his details are are inciting readers to use the data to undertake any acts of mischief or abuse, then they are bang out of order. If some people are stupid enough to be lashing out at the MD, just because he has something to do with the yanks, then they are stupid enough to take information like this and do stupid things with it.

    Look at the stupidity of information in the hands of morons:

    Claiming that the information is all out there anyway is a pathetic argument. Just because I can buy an axe at B&Q does not mean I can then give it to a bunch of kids on a street corner somewhere.

  3. Dont you think this has gone too far? Purslow is not the culprit here. People who cannot see that are stupid and should relax.

  4. Antoine, I wonder for quite some while now why people start having an agenda concerning Purslow. Maybe I’ve missed something really vital, but I really don’t know what the poor lad did wrong that so many people now ask for his head. Could you please enlighten me why you folks hate Purslow so much.

  5. Why are you conducting this pathetic hate campaign against Purslow? On what grounds or hard evidence are you basing this vindictive hatred towards him? I haven’t heard enough either way to like or dislike him, although I can congratulate him for keeping club business quiet for the first time in about 20 years. Why don’t you keep your poison pen in its sheath until we find out exactly what’s going on instead of forming baseless opinions to score a few hundred more cheap internet hits?

    1. Tom D, if I wanted to get cheap internet hits I would have posted it earlier in the day.

      What good do cheap internet hits do me? I pay for bandwidth you know.

  6. I’m not saying that Purslow is a power crazy, incompetent creep – that would be actionable. So I’ll content myself by saying “And I thought Rick was bad!”

  7. Purslime is a treacherous tool of the yanks. His agenda is himself and he has betrayed fans and the club more than once through his lies and deceit.

    He deserves everything he gets unless he gets out of our club now. He can take that toe rag Broughton with him aswell.

    Boycott now.

    Yanks Out.

  8. If your all just going to argue what antione posts, why vsit the site. as he said its over twitter not his personal opinion, yeah sure its fine to get rid of the purslow information its nessecary but if its not antione who has said “this is hapening believe me” why blame him, go blame the sources

  9. Looks like Pisslow has many fans jumping to his help … I’m surprised people even bother leaping to his defense, are you shills? If you’re not go read the forum in question and educate yourself as to why Pisslow and G+H need to be expunged from the club … and once you’ve finished reading come back here to comment. Otherwise your pro-Pisslow comments are baseless.

  10. “If RAWK have posted all his details are are inciting readers to use the data to undertake any acts of mischief or abuse, then they are bang out of order.”

    Let’s get the facts straight before you get sued.

    RAWK haven’t posted a thing. A member on the site posted Purslow’s address in a thread talking about Rafa’s interview with Radio City. The moderators removed it within minutes as soon as they were made aware of the post as per the website’s policy. It appears that they then received a warning letter from Purslow’s lawyers that same evening.

    I’ve not seen anything on or from RAWK about Purslow specifically threatening to close down the forum so you probably need to readjust your title/story.

  11. If there were posts that encouraged torturing him it’s dead wrong. But I have to admit that he has done one piece of stupid business. Why kick Benitez and pay him a severing package when the man was in demand. Listen to offers, let him leave for another club and GET cash rather than SPENDING it. If the club is on a tight budget, don’t you want to save as much as possible. That piece of business made no sense to me, disregarding what you might think of Rafa.

  12. How incredible it is that Purslow apologists jump on any site or thread that depicts him for what he has clearly been, the enemy within, the vulture who is ripping the carcass of LFC before the club is dead.

    Why so many apologists and why so vociferous and blind in their faith in Purslow and the Yanks he serves?

    I am now beginning to suspect that there are forums who’s sole aim is to propagate the Yanks disinformation and to offer the a defence for the actions of Purslow who is clearly the force behind the treatment of Rafa and the general change of attitude at the club over the last year or so.

    There has been a highly placed individual briefing against Rafa for the entire season and many believe that to be Purslow as no other figure could be identified who would be in a position to carry forward such briefings and who would benefit from them as such.

    We have people pretending to be red fans posting support for the board and the yanks for this period, something that never happened before. We are under attack as fans from within by the underhand and despicable actions of Purslow on behalf of our wonderful owners who have invested so much in out club and have not placed any debts on the club and have moved us forward so much since their arrival. lol

    I have found some of these forums and each time I post a response to some of the garbage they propagate ( all done ins polite and reasoned responses) my posts are removed!!!!

    we need to ID these site and campaign to challenge the enemies within.

  13. Still I don’t know why people hate Purslow so much. What exactly has he done wrong?

    What I do know now from reading all above comments is that if you are not of the believe that the man should at least be tarred and feathered, you are not a Liverpool supporter. How laughable is that. Have you people ever heard of the concept of having a point of view and that it may differ dramatically from person to person?

  14. Sacking Rafa was overdue. Can’t see why I should hate someone for that. Opinions may differ here, though.

    Refusing to appoint Kenny, well, all we know about that is hearsay, rumours at best. Not exactly evidence that could be used to run a campaign against a man. I love Kenny, don’t get me wrong. He was my boyhood hero. But that doesn’t mean that I think he should be made our manager. He loves the club, sure, but I am a bit worried that he has been out of management for too long, has very much to lose (do we want a fallen hero like Shearer or Keegan at NUFC?) and is, and again that is my point of view, much more important for the club in another position.

    So, why should anyone hate Purslow. Because he doesn’t do what the average fan deems the right move. Well, why not put the average fan in control of the first team. We shall see how the alleged knowledge and wisdom gets us relegated. I for one don’t think that my opinion is always right, because I have other things to think about, too, but I also think that only because the majority or those who shout loudest are right. Those who are made to find a manager (Purslow and Dalglish) will have their reasons for whatever appointment they will make and we may never know those reasons. So how come we start hating or running campaigns against one person who, due to his position, must be more in the know than all of us put together. I would rather applaud Purslow for not giving in to silly demands by blinkered fanatics. If he’d do so we may soon end up airing matches only on Merseyside because it is the out of towners who ruin the club. Heard it all before. Match tickets only sold to locals, merchandise too. Where would that leave us.

    1. Anteater, if you want to love Purslow that is your choice but I gave you the reason why many hate him and they have every right to hate him as you have every right to love him.

  15. That last comment says it all Antoine. This is all about the pro Benitez apologists and the anti Rafa realists. He has finally now gone, look ahead rather than history

  16. I do not love Mr. Purslow, I just don’t see any valid reason to hate him. The world is not only black and white.

  17. By the way, do you really think that it was Purslow’s decision to fire Rafa, no-one else involved in the process of making that decision? And do you also think that it is only his opinion (alleged) that King Kenny may not be the right man right now or could it be that there are other people involved in any such process of decision-finding? I don’t think that Purslow has absolute power.

  18. Are the people defending Purslow even Liverpool fans, or has that clown employed apes to post on the internet on his behalf.

    Can’t belive any Liverpool fans would defend him, if you don’t know what he has done to the club shows how ignorant you are to what is going on at the club.

    The sooner he with Hicks Gillette and Broughton are gone the better. Fair play to RAWK they are obviously getting to hi.

  19. Anyone who can´t see that Purslows agenda has been to get rid of Benitez for a long time is deluded.

    Do some reaserch and make some rational conclusions. Maybe there are no clear evidence, but if you put all the pieces together it really should become clear to anyone.

    You lot defending CP and even the owners are nothing more than simpletons.

  20. Antoine, I didn’t even say that I like Purslow, I just don’t see any reason for hating him. I don’t hate Rafa either. I just wasn’t convinced of his methods for a few years now. He may do very well with an already established squad, but I don’t think he is very good at building one (that doesn’t say that he is very bad at it). I also don’t think that I am defending Purslow. I just try to find out if there is any valid reason to hate him. So far no-one came up with one. If there is proven evidence that he has not the best for the club at his heart, fair enough, but sacking Rafa was, in my opinion, the right move, just a bit too late.

  21. I think those fans who believe Purslow has done nothing wrong should wake up & smell the coffee. Have you been locked indoors with no internet access the past month or so?
    Even if you did not like Rafa, the fact that Purslow was the chief culprit in firing him (in a cowardly fashion) says it all. He is nothing but a ‘yes man’ for the Wanks. Rafa even hinted in his last radio interview that Purslow was responsible for getting rid of Rafa. And it has been Purslow who has leaked shit (apparently) to the press. It has also been Purlsow who has backed the Wanks comments that they have put their own money into LFC – when it was actually a loan from their Caymans holding co. And as Antoinne says, Purslow has rejected Kenny’s request to be considered for the managerial position – when most fans seem to want this.
    So what has Purlsow done right? Put pen to paper for the Standard Chartered sponsorship? Big deal.

  22. Rafa should have gone and replaced by Kenny before Christmas. It was crystal clear back then that the game Benitez had been playing for 6 years was up. The man was an impostor as Inter will find very soon

  23. The interesting point here is not the request for the removal of Purslow’s home address – that is RAWK policy – home addresses are removed as soon as they are seen. Rick Parry’s address was removed previously. RAWK has 30,000 member, some of whom sometimes post something silly. The volunteer moderators clean it up as rapidly as they can.

    The interesting part about this is the tactics used. The home address was only on the site for a couple of minutes out of office hours. That suggests that someone is actively monitoring the site on Purslow’s behalf. If RAWK is being monitored that closely, it is a reasonable stretch to suggest that the other fan sites are too. Who is paying for this? Is the club investing precious funds on monitoring its own fans?

    The other issue is proportionality. By the time the lawyers had written the letter the offending information was removed. Laying on heavy legal threats was disproportionate. The MD of the club trying to browbeat the club’s own fans is unedifying.

    So Christian Mark Cecil Purslow, as you are probably paying someone to read this, why don’t you find someone to buy the club, and a world class manager, rather than waste time on covert surveillance.

    And if you want his home address, or any other information, you would be amazed at what you can find, in the public domain, using Google.

  24. How can people defend someone who leaked stories all year fro
    “senior sources” slating raga and saying how he’s lost the dressing room. Then he sacks him for losing the dressing room which was the rumour he started in the first place lol. The man is scum.

    Regardless what anyone says raga was a legend, as a manager and a human being. Purscum should fuck off.

  25. If its not one hate campaign its another. I thought our problem is that the yanks need to go? Now its Purslow. Who’s next? Frankly I’m sick to death of peaople who don’t have a clue as to what’s really going on at the club yet they incite fans who can’t think for themselves to hate people who are trying to get a job done. Purslow has a mammoth task on his hands and it isn’t made any easier by people concocting stories to make themselves seem more knowledgeable. If King Kenny wanted the job but there is a wealthy owner waiting to buy the club who wants a different manager, which is the better option?

    I’m sure Purslow will be the hero if its discovered that he’s organised the sale of the club to a wealthy arab.

    We don’t know the finer details yet so all this noise is just unnecessary!

  26. Anteater – you can’t see what Purslow has done wrong because of your hatred for Benitez. You and your follow “thinkers” are just glad that he has gone. So many things wrong with what has been done and more importantly the way it has been. To start with, why sack a manager in indecent haste on family holiday when no replacement was in sight? Why not allow him the opportunity like all others in the past for a decent send off with a “thank you” message as was the case with Houllier? Who gives any individual the authority to sack a manager when our woes are because of the financial mismanagement at the club? How could the whole SOS group be so wrong about their low opinion of Purslow after meetings with him? Why sack a manager in demand with a 6m pay off when we have no funds for players? If as stated today, Hodgson was always first choice, why invite insulting refusals from Hiddink, Rijkaard, Deschamps, etc? How does Hodgson rate a superior manager to Benitez in any international ratings? There is no abuse or threat in anything I have said. If someone has done that, it is wrong but we have every right to ask why a seemingly senseless act was committed by someone brought in with a limited mandate; generation of funds. As long as many supporters had a go at Benitez, that was fine but it is immoral to ask questions of Purslow!!!! But Mr. Anteater, you will never see the point because that is besides the point.

  27. For all the Purslow lovers wait until he appoints Woy as the next manager. That will prove we have sunk as low as possible and are heading in the direction of Leeds.

  28. Zahir, are you sure that you can read properly? Where did I write that I hate Rafa? Please stop making such silly claims. Hate is a very strong word and you should be very, very careful using it, especially when claiming that someone else hates another person. I won’t go into the opinions you seem to have in the rest of your post as they are too simplistic for me. And I find it very abusive towards me that you claim that I hate someone else. Hatred is for stupid people and extremely unbalanced.

  29. I dislike Purslow for 3 reasons

    1. He tried to censor his own comments he made in an interview with Spirit of Shankly, threatening legal action. (And I’m not a massive fan of SOS either) But the whole episode showed that he had an agenda to mislead the fans.

    2. He was ushered in as an accountant and business development manager, but immediately settled into a Rick Parry style role which if anything was more in conflict with Rafa’s control of the team, than Parry ever had been. Again there was an agenda, and Rafa’s recent comments back this up.

    3. The timing of the Rafa sacking, and now the timing of a Hodgson appointment, both seem utterly ludicrous. Purslow (albeit as a figurehead of the board) sacks a manager when there is a dearth of quality coaches to replace him, but appoints an inadequate replacement, just as it becomes likely some coaches of international repute look like they may be about to be available. All we can hope is that these decisions are being made at the behest of a rumoured arab takeover of the club, but I’m not getting my hopes up…..

  30. Seems to me the ‘love or hate Purslow’ argument is about as sensible as trying to answer this question with a clear yes or no: Are you as stupid as you look? :o)

    My wife loves me, she even likes most of what I do but not all of it. Sometimes she takes me to task and frankly she has good reason to. I’m not perfect! So if you were to ask my wife if she liked me she’d probably say ‘Yes… most of the time’ and I’d be quite happy with that.

    So let’s accept that Purslow sold Rafa, some like, some don’t. Purslow has not installed Kenny Dalglish as the new manager, some like some don’t. Purslow might install Roy Hodgson as new manager, some like some don’t.

    Come on people, THAT’S LIFE. You don’t start making threats, trying to incite actions of hatred and so on just because you disagree with someone. Not if you have brains and civility anyway!

  31. You guys need to get a life. I have to wonder if your website had been around in the 70’s whether John Smith had’ve been able to stick around as chairman, Robinson as secretary. Not to mention the fact that as shankly didn’t win a thing in his first years as LFC manager ….doesn’t bear thinking about.

    I loved Rafa and longed for him to succeed but he made mistakes, he’s gone …..give it up, you don’t speak for all Liverpool fans, you’re an embarrassment.

  32. The quicker Liverpool gets new owners and get rid of these people the better.

    If you take a position of a managing director in a club like Liverpool you can expect the fans to be unhappy about the way you have been doing your job after everyting that has happend.

    It is not just the terrible season frustrating, it’s everything asociated with the club, lack of real investmant or ambition, lack of manager and lack of any kind of integrity…

    Dechamps said no to a possible Liverpool job and opted to stay at Marseille.
    I remmamber the time when any manager from France would jump at the chance to come to Liverpool and any player from France as well.

  33. Anteater:

    “I won’t go into the opinions you seem to have in the rest of your post as they are too simplistic for me.”

    Yeah right. More like you have no retort to it, beacause it is very well thought through, and maybe somewhere in the back of your mind you know it to be true.

    Anyways… Isn´t sacking your manager supposed to mean that you replace him with someone better? Not one who just about qualifies to be the assistant?

    I can´t for the life of me see how sacking Rafa and appointing Hodgson is a step up.

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