Liverpool fans call out Rio Ferdinand on null & void hypocrisy

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Cast your mind back to spring last year – Liverpool were flying at the top of the Premier League table, which was good, but the COVID-19 pandemic was just getting started in Europe.

Because of the highly infectious virus, a lot of things in our lives simply had to change to stop the spread and shield the vulnerable.

There was then a war of words between large portions of the Liverpool fan-base and seemingly everyone else, with calls for the 2019/20 season to be deemed ‘null and void’, despite other leagues at least finishing up on a points-per-game basis.

The Reds were confirmed as champions a measly 23 points clear of Manchester City, with seven games left to play.

What I’m saying is Liverpool undoubtedly deserved the title last season and the calls for a ‘null and void’ campaign were selfish, with many using the pandemic as an excuse to attack our chances under the mask of ‘protecting the league’s integrity‘.

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand was one of the larger voices calling for the season to be scrapped, but his tune has certainly changed this year with his old side now fighting for the top spots.

Liverpool fans on Twitter clocked the former England man celebrating the Red Devils reaching the top of the table and called back to an article from less than 12 months ago saying the season should be scrapped, despite 76% of the fixtures already being played out.

[Here’s a link to the article in the tweet above.]

The first rebuttal to what’s been said is ‘but we know more about the virus now and how to prevent spreading it‘ – and yes, we do know a bit more but the Tory government haven’t got a clue what they’re doing and the UK now has the worst COVID-19 death-rate in the world, so that excuse falls flat on its face.

In neither scenario – the start of the pandemic or right now as you’re reading this opinion piece – are we suggesting the season should be made ‘null and void’, we’re just pointing out the hypocrisy of some people because of their allegiances to football clubs.

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  1. All past players and fans are biased towards their own team. They will vote in a way that helps their team. When not very good pundits like Rio Ferdinand give their views, you know it will be linked with giving his team some sort of advantage. It is sad that the only way Liverpool fc were going to be stopped this season is by injuries, and this has sadly been the case. Football is in a bad way and it will get worse, as the football money men panic to make sure they get their share of money, such as Premiership, European Championship and Champions league, not forgetting the corrupt World Cup. Players are human beings no matter what you decide to pay them, money cannot change them into super humans, even though the greedy money men hiding behind their desks with no talent at all, except a talent for being devious, think because players are paid so much, they should make them play as much as they can, so they can earn as much money off them as possible. All people who make the decisions covet the one thing and that is money. Same for governments, the British government only give money out if it is absolutely necessary, something bad has to happen before they release money, rather than release money to prevent something bad from happening. Most things don’t impact them or their cronies, but if it does, they give out the money or change laws without any hesitation, and make some type of story up as explanation. Any money released also only goes to their own people like the Track and Trace company that are useless, but having to give that amount of money away for a contract like that one, was never going to go to the correct people, it was going to be given to their own people, even though they were not the right people to deal with such an important contract. They then had to offer large amounts of money for people to come and make it work correctly for them, but never never give the project to more worthy people as that would be giving away what they covet the most, other people’s money. Governments’ like most people with power cheat and lie to get were they are, and to stay there. A Pandemic needs truth, honesty and to do the right thing, the government could never ever do that. People in government are just not made that way, same as the footballing people I have mentioned. The world is a beautiful place let down by a lot of Human Beings. I could go on but won’t., but think this untrue, then I leave it to you.

  2. Man United players seem to have a free hand when it comes to being totally biased on TV. The hatred Ferguson instilled in them, not to mention Neville’s father is plain to see.

    Gary Neville is an embarrassment with some of the childish things he comes out with. People who went to war against each 80 years ago had less bitterness towards each other once the fighting stopped, than he seems to have towards Liverpool and Scousers in general.

    Boxers knock 10 kinds of c*ap out of each other and embrace at the end of a fight, as do Rugby players.

    It’s funny how McManaman, Carragher and Murphy seem to go all out to prove how unbiased they are though.Any contentious decision by a referee you’ll find them siding with the opposition. Any debatable foul on one of our players and you’ll find them siding with the ref or the opposition.

    I think there’s so much discrimination against scousers in general, that scousers often go out of their way to please the people they’re talking to, which in their case is millions of football fans from all over the country.

    This is in contrast to Gary Neville who never hides his bias, which is fair enough.

    I just wish Carragher, Murphy, and McManaman had the courage to speak the truth sometimes instead of trying to garner favour with the national TV audience. Some of the tripe they come out with is unbelievable, such as the debate on Salah’s supposed diving, when there are far worse offenders, some of whom are English.

    I’m not speaking from my own bias, I’m writing objectively.

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