(Image) Ex-Liverpool physio takes random swipe at Reds on Instagram

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Former Liverpool first-team physiotherapist Jose Luis Rodriguez Robledo has taken a swipe at the Reds on social media.

It’s unclear what has happened between the Spaniard and the club, but it seems there’s some bad blood – perhaps stemming from the furlough scheme last autumn/winter.

Liverpool fan @rvchyna took to Instagram to ask Robledo if he’d come back to Liverpool, amid the ongoing injury crisis, but the physiotherapist hit back with a little more than a jovial retort.

He said the Reds need to change a lot of things for him to return to Anfield, signing off his message with ‘no thanks.’

In terms of validating whether this message is real, you can see a screen recording by @rvchyna here – it seems legit.

Take a look at the screenshot below:

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