An open letter to Javier Mascherano

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Dear Javier,

I still remember clearly when the word came out that Liverpool were signing you on loan, it was in February 2007 right before the Champions league clash against Barcelona.

You had arrived at West Ham the previous Summer together with your friend Carlos Tevez, while the press were all focused on Tevez you were left languishing in the West Ham reserves. Rafa Benitez rescued you, bringing you to Liverpool and soon after you become a permanent fixture in the Liverpool lineup, your International exposure quickly grew.

On the 29th of February 2008 you put pen to paper and signed a four year contract with Liverpool, a contract that bound you with Liverpool F.C., a contract that paid you a salary fit for a world class professional football player. You were a regular starter at Liverpool and were playing in the top E.P.L. and Champions League games, you had become an International star.

The Kop started singing your name while many kids saved their pocket money and bought Liverpool shirts with your name on the back. The Monster Masch was in full effect and we were happy to support you all the way. You saw red against Manchester United and you saw red against Everton but we supported even louder.

Diego Maradona  even made you captain of Argentina and some like me went as far as supporting Argentina just because of you. We stood by you during the difficult qualifiers and then were gutted for you when Argentina was trashed by Germany in the World Cup quarter finals.

The last summer transfer window was full of ups and downs and many of us Reds had conceded that we would be losing you as it was widely reported that you wanted to leave. Of course we were disappointed to lose you, but after your brilliant performance against Arsenal we all stood up and cheered you on. Javier you would have left Liverpool a hero but for whatever reason you missed the Manchester City game, a game that we lost 3-0.  I strongly believe that your behaviour upset your team-mates and the preparations for that game, quite honesty we probably lost that game because of your antics.

And then to rub salt in our wounds you go out and claim that moving to Barcelona has been a dream move and then you go further by attacking the club for what you say are lies said to the press.

Maybe Rafa or Roy upset you, maybe Tom Hicks and George Gillett did too but what have the Liverpool Supporters and your team-mates done to deserve this?

All we did was support you 100% and this is how you pay-us back?

Gracias por nada.


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  1. Hi but id prefer to play in champions league football with the best players in the world. I have a team that has players whp won the world cup, im playing with the greatest footballer in the world lionel. I dotn care about money but i need to move to a club that can give me a career where i am playing at the top level, liverpool finished 7th, you have had no new owners, rafa was forced out and now id like a new challenge

  2. Stop being bitter. He asked to leave a year ago and stayed on for a year simply as a favour. Roy didn’t play him because a deal was close, a player CAN NOT refuse to play, that’s just media bullshit.

    YNWA Masch, thanks for the memories.

  3. Una verdadera verguenza lo que hizo Mascherano, haberse ido del equipo que lo levantó, y más encima queriendo irse… Está bien que tenga sus razones, pero ningún hincha del Liverpool se merece esto…
    Argentino tenía que ser!!!!
    Saludos desde Chile

  4. i remember he said (after joining barca) ‘when the best team in the world want you..blabla…’ well, javier, best team in the world my arse!

  5. I disagree on this letter. Masch paid us back with fantastic football on the pitch and made an agreement a year ago to be released this year and to leave the club. The liars who are running our beloved LFC twisted the news to the press on the departure of Masch. The owners and liars inside the club should quit ASAP! before the rest of our big names players follow Masch actions. Please stop landing mediocre players into the club and inflate them with media hype to keep living in denial that all is fine and we are going to play champions league football next season…

  6. His consistenly bad tackles and red cards freaked me out , glad he’s gone …. so long u ugly faced ungrateful faggot ….

  7. this man was a virus.

    he signed for west ham …but was part of a strange transfer setup. the club never owned ..some company did. he left them under a cloud of legal wranglings, which took ages to resolve.

    when he was finally ‘our player’ barca were 9 months away from asking for him… it didn’t take more than a few months before this club, barca, were his ‘dream club’ .

    I’ve never saw the big deal about a player who, can’t cross, can’t shoot, has one foot, gives away TOO many frees, only able to give accurate short passes. I wonder what barca see in him…he will stand out like a sore thumb with his lack of positioning in attack. his technical weaknesses…as I said, even in his prime for us…stop him from becoming a truely world class midfielder . kuyt technicaly poor would leave his in the shade.

    sorry kop brothers and sisters….but I’m not sorry to see this disloyal pup go of and chase a bone at some other club. good luck you very over rated player. YOU WILL WALK ALONE!

  8. its not like a liverpool player to talk like that to an ex player, and blame him for a loss for us because he did not play. that’s 1, 2- yes we made him a star, but if we lost because of him, means he gave us alot too! and we won matches because of him, makes us equal. 3- yes ki…ds saved their money to buy his shirt, but kids are to be taught that players come and go! and we should respect our ex players. 4- Rafa benitez did not make him a star, he just revealed him to the world. Javier mascherano is a star. 5- Get over it

  9. correction

    its not like a liverpool fan to talk like that to an ex player, and blame him for a loss for us because he did not play. that’s 1, 2- yes we made him a star, but if we lost because of him, means he gave us alot too! and we won matches because of him, makes us equal. 3- yes ki…ds saved their money to buy his shirt, but kids are to be taught that players come and go! and we should respect our ex players. 4- Rafa benitez did not make him a star, he just revealed him to the world. Javier mascherano is a star. 5- Get over it

  10. This is quite pitiful. Those poor kids saving up their pocket money to get his name on their shirt! That argument could be levelled at any player who leaves.

    I’d say that whenever Mascherano put on the red shirt, he never gave less than 100%. Nobody really knows the truth behind the Man City debacle, but if he had agreed terms with Barcelona that day, why would he play for us?

    He didn’t really make any secret of his desire to go, and the state the club is in, compared to the state and lifestyle on offer at Barcelona. A place which speaks his native language and has Messi as stated above, why would he stay?

    I don’t blame him one bit.

  11. I don’t care what happened I still like Mascher the way I support Liverpool Javier You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  12. “You saw red against Manchester United and you saw red against Everton”

    ????????????????????????? that is crossing the lines !!!

    “but we supported even louder.” of courseeee we are liverpooooooooool we support our players !!!!!!! we dont tell them we support u, we support them without mentioning it to them !!! they know it and everybody knows it, its like feeding ur kid and then telling him i fed u, what is wrong with u we dont do that! we r liverpool, thats what make us special !

  13. “Maybe Rafa or Roy upset you, maybe Tom Hicks and George Gillett did too but what have the Liverpool Supporters and your team-mates done to deserve this?”

    ROY??????????? or u r too afraid to say rafa alone?

  14. so how about Xabi alonso? he …left because of Rafa, we fans did nothing to him, we stil respect him and love him and want him back, we suffered because he left, we dont hate him. !!!!

    oh so the whole explanation and excuses is because he did not play against city, ok lets suppose he refused, why did he? not mentally fit! alright then… its GREAT that he did not play and mess around and have been humiliated on the field no? and p.s. HE IS HUMAN !

  15. Funny the last excuse he gave was his wife could not speak English!! maybe you should have thought about that when we saved your sorry ass and made you a great player, with all the money you made maybe you could have spent some of it on your wife for some English lessons? you just became hero to zero for your actions!!

  16. his family didn’t live with him in liverpool, he had an agreement to be allowed to leave this year, he took a pay cut to go to barca… that doesn’t sound like a mercenary but a person who was genuinely unhappy in the city. he obviously loved the club but he needed to move somewhere where his family would be happy. i am ok with him, could he have handled it better? hell yes but i’m not trusting the club’s view on this one

  17. Javier Macherano? whos’s that?? is he a player that brought us three, two, or a single silverware??….auch!….a great player feels challenged to GIVE the club he play for, not to join a club just to GET HELPED to grab silverwares….Thanks to God we get rid of him now…just remember how sweet it was when we got rid of Owen n we got CL trophy?

  18. it’s true that mascherano was not happy at liverpool and his loyality to rafa was more thanthat to the club, but during the hard times those who show thier true colours and keep themselves distant from the storms rather than stay and fight in the middle of the storm don’t deserve to wear liverpool shirt.
    going to Barcelona from liverpool is allways a step down except in the eyes of those who think football is just a game but in liverpool it`s more than that it`s a matter of life and death it`s a way in life , YNWA YNWA

  19. I don’t think this letter is harsh enough.

    Masch – you are a manipulative, ungrateful, dishonest, disloyal prick.

    ‘My wife can’t speak a word of English’ – that’s no excuse. could you not afford lessons then?

    ‘Myself and Insua used to stare at each other in our apartments’. Bless – poor you. Couldn’t you go and see him? Or make some other friends.

    ‘Barcelona is Dream move’. Fuck you masch. Liverpool is a dream move but you couldn’t handle the challenge. As soon as you saw you weren’t going to be getting an owner with squillions you got in a huff and left.

    And not playing in a European game?

    You selfish arsehole.

    We made you and this is how you repay us.

    I hope you get your legs broken and you spend your contract with Barca on crutches.

  20. Thats spot on, everything you’ve written….let Javier Mascherano know who he has affected with his antics in his final moments with liverpool…the club that made him

  21. Oh come on, do you know what actually happened? Nobody really does except Masch and the club.Yes, skipping out on the City match was a stupid move, but to blame him for the loss is a bit overdramatic.

    Would it be so far fetched to think that he’s actually telling the truth–that the same people responsible for running the club into the ground are the same ones that lied to him about being able to leave?

  22. Ben well said to what and who, if you beleive the Javier then mate you are a nutter, I suppose the good things about forums and free speech is that it allows some idiots to make comments whoever you support. Javier is a quitter thats all there is to it.

  23. The Xabi Alonso (poor soul) ordeal was even worst. Yet he just eloquently kept quiet, did his job professionally, was ever faithful to the Kop and kept his dignity even after he departed.

    Javier Mascherano has proven that money and fame can’t buy CLASS that he is just a two bit FOOTBALLING MERCENARY.

  24. all the best mashcerano..dont bite the hand that used to feed you when u were a starving kid at west ham..

  25. Was that Javier? WoW……………..! The lad wanted to leave last year, he ‘played’ the season, and refused to play this year, making him unprofessional. I won’t hate him, but he will not be remembered as a great and if he does return to Anfield with Barcelona or any other team he might end up with after warming the bench at the Bernabeu, the Kop will give him back his due.
    Bye Bye Javier!

  26. Its not like we dont understand your desire to move to barcelona. i in fact whould support you whole heartedly had your leaving been under different circumstances. you could have played that game against city as a show of support to the liverpool fans who gave thier 100% behind your ass. we stood behind you and still would have after you left. but you had to be an ass and fuck things up didint you?!!

  27. this bastard and traitor player should not play for liverpool fc! Is shame to Liverpool fc to have this ugly player in liverpool fc history!

  28. Antoine…dear ur just toooo much kind on this selfish goat

    every thing is there to see..from his moaning of 2 years when barca came in 4 him till his refusal ….his italian language love…..every thing

    he him self know what he did it was tooo bad to be true …..and thats y he is trying to justify his sick mind…….i dont expect anything from him respect, love…i just want him not too spell or say liverpool ever ever from his lair mouth

  29. I wished so badly that I wouldn’t have to hate him after he leaves. But after what he apparently did before that ManC game, I’m not so sure anymore. Now I just hope that Guardiola will put him on the bench forever. Javier, say Goodbye to captaincy of Argentina. You’ll miss it when it’s gone.

  30. and those comments… at best club now ….im in dream… win everything now………

    u r such a f******* s**** ……bit** c**t……y dint u refused when liverpool picked u up from west ham garbage …..u should have told us…u want to sit on west ham bench and wait 4 ur barca dream .

    how can a guy face his people his family his wife his children after acting like such a selfish……*%^*&*

    and still ur not closing it down…..stop it now.kiddo

  31. Javier,

    You are the type who always thinks that grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I am sorry to state that you will never be a legend and will be forgotten over time by fans of Liverpool FC, the greatest club in the world. At Liverpool you were playing in the first eleven every week. But at Barca you will be one of the reserves and will be occupying the bench most of the time. You will soon be plucking out the splinter from your arse sitting on the Barca bench. There will be a lot of time reflecting on how you have let down the fans of Liverpool and never sing YNWA again, as you are going to walk alone for the rest of your days.

  32. A big club like liverpool will not miss anyone or stop from growing. As long as new owner come in, and a proper management board structured. Player like Javier mean nothing and will be forgot soon. He is not like SG, an icon to LFC….

  33. You cannot blame Javier, in fact i would not blame any of the players still there, if there was a mass exodus. Committed players want to play at the top level, its only natural. Our club is actually going backwards. The way we have played so far this season does not look good for the rest of the season.
    For 2 years, if not longer, we have needed another striker, look who we try to get at the last minute, Carlton Cole!!!!! These yanks have ruined the club we love and we have believed lie after lie, how do you think the players feel???I was a season ticket holder for 20 years until i emigrated. I’m glad i’m not paying to sit on the Kop anymore because i would find it very difficult to stay calm!!!

  34. Still one of the best 3 players to have worn a LFC shirt in an awful long time , never , ever gave less than 100% on the field for us . Ever stop to think he may be telling the truth . Thanks Masch for the time you spent with us .


  35. Don’t be such a mardy old woman.
    He talked with Roy and said his head was all over the place and agreed that playing wouldn’t be a good idea….’agreed’ being the key thing there.
    He worked his arse off for us every game he was here, which is a damn site more than can be said for our scouse contingent last year.
    And you’re making out he was an unknown when we signed him with is misleading at best, and total b*ll*cks at worst. He was already an international. We paid £17m for him remember. That West Ham were off their heads keeping him in the reserves doesn’t change the fact he was already top class.

    He was a great player for us. He wanted to leave the sinking ship. He got promises last year we’d let him go this summer. It looked like we were going to renege on that and keep him here so he started to dig his heels in. That’s all that’s happened here, take your dress off and stop flouncing around acting all hard done to soft arse.

  36. just EXCELLENT! this letter shows the disappointment (more than anger) of us supporters just staring on what he’s doing … yes to US because the club is for the supporters!

  37. Do you not think you’re jumping the gun? How do you know what actually happened? He hasn’t even given his side of the story yet.

    “And then to rub salt in our wounds you go out and claim that moving to Barcelona has been a dream move”. The psyche of the modern footballer. We’ve had players arrive with us who said this and we’ve not pulled them up on it.


    “and then you go further by attacking the club for what you say are lies said to the press.” And maybe they are lies. Our club has printed so many lies in the last 3 years, what makes you think it’s not capable of a few more?

  38. Javier WHO!!???? Well… no players will be bigger than LFC. So whatever you say or do maschie, you are nothing but a dreamer and never will be a winner… or an achiever for that matter. Time will prove to you and your “beloved” barca and those bunch of “best players in the world”. We will never let the REDS walk alone!!!

  39. I think you have to let Javier go. The mistake we often make is to depend too much on the opinions of the media who at most have their own agenda.
    Javier did all he could for the team and despite all the media frenzy media reporting on the whys he wanted to leave during the 2009/20010 summer, he said himself why he wanted to go. He is young and cannot be blamed for wanting to one day retire as having for for the greatest teams in the world, LFC, BFC and maybe Inter, AC M etc. Was that not the reason why Rolando left MnU and many others. This is a once in a life time opportunity every payers wants. He diid his part, the owners and the Board had their part to play but opted not to. So he closed his LFC Chapter and has moved. Let’s wish him well and if one day he comes back to visit, to play us we say welcome Javier!!!

  40. well it a very good open letter but on the match with manchester city we dont really know the truth may be Roy didnt allow him to play.
    either way but what he had said it bad he never credit Liverpool Fc. He said Rafa is who help him (Not Liverpool Fc.) when he get a good thing but when he get a bad thing he didnt said that who made it he just said Liverpool Fc. did it how can you do this…..

  41. he was already regarded as the upcoming def mid while playing at corinthins at brazil tevez didnt have a good season at the same club until mash joined him. like most english clubs didnt know much about him unlike rafa…….then again like most of us when a better work opportunity comes along we take it, dont we? good luck mash

  42. disloyal.i hope he fails 100% at barcelona and what is more,i hope all barcelona fail..i am starting to hate barcelona for one thing..when a great player is linked with them,you read xavi,messi,iniesta,puyol….saying “come to barca..”,etc…

  43. Ridiculous. You say yourself we knew he wanted to go last year and we knew he was going this year.

    Why hate him now, because of that?

    Wish him well. He was and is a truly great player

    We never handle selling big names well – remember putting McManaman on a plane to Spain when he didn’t want to go?

    Only this week we put Babel on a helicopter and he didn’t want to go – well he will now. Typical LFC – don’t blame the lad!

  44. Great letter, Antoine, thanks for this. But not only Mascherano, also Barcelona lost all credit with me. Apparently they can tap up players as much as they like and nobody says a bad word against them. Are they under some special protection from UEFA? The way they wanted to sign Fabregas and signed Mascherano was simply disgusting.

  45. Well, as it stands no player who has been successful in the premier league has managed La Liga success spanning beyond a year!!

    Masch , See you in Argentina soon before the next summer window closes..!

  46. In all honesty what did the Liverpool fans think they were getting when they signed Mascherano in the first place. Many of my Scouse mates and diehard Liverpool fans all were bragging stating silly petty comments such as why would he want to play for West Ham when he could play for Liverpool. My argument all the way through this is what a distarction the man would become to your club. He was far more disloyal to West Ham who paid his wages every week and all they got throughout his abysmal time at the club was a disloyal tyrade of abuse. So to all the Liverpool fans who gloated stating they had “changed” Javier and he was “Liverpool through and through” and “why would he want to leave the biggest team in the world?”… because Liverpool cannot compete anymore with the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea so on… and Mascherano only will ever think of himself. The man is a fantastic talent but even that doesn’t compensate for the lack of respect he gives any team or their hard paying, loyal fans. The man is a disgrace and I am pleased you and English football are rid of him.

  47. this letter represent many liverpool supporters emotions.
    you said many javier and we while we are suffering because of those greedy owners hoping we hear some good news you leave.
    thanks javier for your kisses on OUR badge.

    jason MALTA

    1. I know there was much written about me regarding this article both good and bad. Some on RAWK even went as far as posting the emotional video about Lucas I did, quite frankly they can do this but they will not embarrass me. If I was embarrassed of that video I would have removed it myself :-)

      Some have claimed, get over it? Get Over it? Yes now that I posted my rant I can get over it, couldn’t do it earlier because I had an iv attached to my arm. To be fair to Masch it is better I didn’t do it earlier, if you would have seen how cranky I was on Monday LOL.

      I was my opinion about how I felt about Mascherano.

      Embarrassed Never.



  48. i 100% agree.

    Liverpool made him big, especially Rafa. last year was also the players fault (the poor season), he doesn’t know what ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ means.

    the players need to bring us back on the track, but what did he do? left.

    ps: it’s not about selling him, it’s about his attitude.

  49. The thing that grates my nuts about this whole saga is, the way Massie went about his sulking. He was never a RED and to him this was JUST a job. Sad when pro sportsman act like prima donnas..On a positive note though we gonna have one kickass midfield this season. A thanx to Carra, Stevie, Babel, Lucas and Torres for showing their commitment to the team. Lets stick behind the lads and lets sing the anthem loud and proud.. YNWA!

  50. good riddance we gave him a stage and he did what all foreigners do when spanish or italian teams come calling ,he legged it cos 99% of foreigners cant hack the pace of the prem for more than 2-3 seasons saying they get injured too much and they are tired ,Boooooo Hoooooo they are a bunch of pansies who cant handle the pace of OUR game and want an easy life at 10 mph in a flowery meadow of a league.the 8 english born/nurtured player rule is crap it should be 15 english born by birthright and then whatever the clubs want to bring in ruling that at least 6 players on the pitch are said english , maybe then our standard of english players will rise and we might have more effect in europe and internationals (although not too bothered about international games)the fa is to blame for standards of football falling in our country by allowing the amount of foreigners into our game as quickly as they did and this is why they come, take as much as they can in cash and then do a masch ,THEY RUN to easy street , sorry lads bit of a rant but this has been coming and we need to sort it now ,putting terms in player contracts that if they refuse to play they dont get paid and if they want to leave they HAND IN A TRANSFER REQUEST like the rules state not whine like babies till they get a move

  51. what did we actualy win with masch playing for us ? good player yes in his position would he of made a difference against man city not sure his head was not there so maybe not do we look weeker with out him i would say todate no will we miss him maybe maybe not but one thing is for sure liverpool football club will move on replace him and welcome him as an ex player my fellow reds this is football today money means more to most of them not all of them and they will go were the money is we have to get used to it the thing we should all be up set about is the people running our club selling masch for 17 million a loss to the club letting young players leave the club as part of transfer deals that is disgusting liverpool pay out millions in youth development and the academy for the purslows of our club let our talent go there the people we should show are disgust in not masch he is only doing what every modern day player would do.

  52. For gods sake, he is one player that contributed a lot to liverpool but we will get over it, just like we moved on when fowler, owen etc left. One player does not make a club. I read this website daily and am amazed how the fans from foriegn countries who never go to or have been to anfield can write all these things and seem to know so much about players etc from thousands of miles away??? Mascherano claims the club have lied well since these 2 dicks from America took over the club has been shadowed by lies so it would not suprise me if masch is telling the truth. I for one am not glad to see the back of him but if he doesnt want to play for liverpool he should be allowed to leave as should any other player. People like me who go to game after game week in week out want to concentrate on the players we have not ones we had or should of had. So writing an open letter to a player is absolutley worthless do you think he cares what you have to say. Perhaps you should rename your site to antoines daily whinge!!! You claim to know so much about the club but actually you no sweet fa and only believe what you read. I apologise to any fans who may find my response blunt but reading things like this really piss me off. We are liverpool fans leave the bitching and moaning to those idiots at the other end of teh east lancs road.

  53. That might be the case but im not reporting things i know nothing about on a worldwide forum!! Looking at other Liverpool sites it seems im not the only one with this opinion!!! And by the way i wasn’t having a go at our overseas fans just merley stating that certain people on here claim to know quite a lot about the goings on at a club they have never been too, i was wrong to generalise!!

  54. Wow, what a letter.
    for some reason i cant believe for one second that Javier will actually read it

    He has always said that the supporters are great and it was a decision not to play was made by the management as well as the player himself.

    It also meant that had he got injured against City, then the deal wouldnt have gone through..

    Ive been saying for nearly a year that we should sell him, im just gutted we didnt get a decent price for him. £20million is hardly anything, Toure and Milner went for more and Mascherano is 10 x the player either of those are.

  55. Jamie, you appologise for generalising then you go ahead and in the same sentence you do it again.

    You call me a whiner as if it is the only thing I ever do. It is obvious you don’t know me or ever read all my stuff but if you did you will not be putting labels up like this.

    As far as knowing what is going on you don’t need to be living near Anfield to know what is going on.
    There is such as thing called the Internet and Social Media. People who fail to understand and embrace it are the ones who make stupid comments like that.

    As I said, if you don’t like the site there are plenty of others out there to choose from.


  56. Good letter I must say. The club IS for the supporters and Javier showed us absolutely no respect whatsoever, regardless of what happened behind the scenes. I do agree with some of the other comments saying that we have lied before but that is somewhat irrelevant as football is a business, not a playground game and to kick you toys out the pram like Masch did against City, well…I think it’s safe to say you’ve lost the respect of every single Liverpool fan! Enjoy sitting on the bench behind Busquets and Xavi!! Idiot!

  57. Antoine it is a well put out letter but my friend you are wasting your time do you really think macharano will reply to it . i no you mean well by doing this but the best thing to do with players like him is to just write it off mate he is just not worth it . and for jamie no need for you lad the man is expressing his opinon on what he belives is a issue he needs to make a statement about it does not mater were Antoine is from or if he has been to anfield the man is a red and in being so has every right to express an opinon about liverpool fc as you because you dont agree dosent mean your right lad you have your opinion respect other peoples opinions to or keep yours to your self .

    1. Thanks Albey, I don’t care if Masch reads it or not, I wanted to express how I felt about the whole thing and I am sure that there are many who feel the same way as me.


  58. Antoine,
    I’m sure the letter was from the heart and you are upset like a great many who use this site, but, mate, He’s gone. Unfortunately we have heard only one side of this sorry saga about the way Javier went about trying to leave our club. From the little he has said thus far, there was seemed to have been an agreement in 2009 that he would leave this season. Sadly the manager was removed and the club, apparently went back on it’s word.
    Most of the negative story centered on him, have come from/through the club’s press office, the same source that were breifing against our last manager.
    Where was the negative stories about past players? Like for instance Benayoun? He claimed Rafa forced him out, but Rafa had already been sacked before any transfer was agreed.
    How about Alonso? He left in similar circumstances to Macherano, but notice the lack of negative stories regarding how he went about leaving.

    Let’s wait to hear Javier’s version of events first before we all start calling him allsort ay Lad.

    1. Otis, I don’t blame him for leaving I don’t like the way he behaved.

      Yossi left Liverpool, went with Chelsea and sang YNWA as his commencement song.

      Xabi left Liverpool yet on his Twitter account joined the LFC Twitter before Real Madrid.

      It is different.

  59. He wouldn’t understand as it’s not in Italian or Spanish.

    Give it to his anti-social, downright miserable, sad sack of a wife – she’d probably understand..oh was too fucking lazy to even bother learning the english language

  60. Antoine,

    My message to you and many other reds is forget the past and move on. Like it or not but what’s happened has happened. Lets look forward to new ownership, a new manager and some quality players who actually want to stay loyal to us.

  61. Well Said Antoine, I would’ve been happier if he’d left on better terms than he did. If he had played against Man City and we still lost I’d have been happy he was fulfilling his duty.

  62. All I can say is don’t trust foreign talent. There hearts are not in UK football, as for Torres we are lucky to keep him, thank god :). however they don’t have the fire in them like the HOME GROWN PlAYERS.

  63. a no mark from day one

    2 goals in 139 appearances, not good enough

    captain of the worst argentina side in 20 years

    not fit to lace alonso’s boots

    this club can finally move forward

  64. He’s has his reasons for leaving, just like Torres will do if, No new owners come in!

    And whoever says it’s not a dream to play for Barca is either from Madrid or needs there head checked!

    Mascha always gave us 110% when wearing the red and was always a victim of the media, commentators and referees!

    Now maybe he will be free to play without discrimination from the cheating refs!

    He’s has done nothing wrong…

    If you look back to just before Rafa WALKED, he was on world cup duty and was quoted as saying “I’m staying am still waiting for a new contract” and went on to say he had heard nothing regarding this, as the club was stalling on the contract and him wanting out at that point was just media hype….

    He was so valuable to us that we were only paying him 30k per week when gerrard was on 3 times as much?

    He still has my respect!

    Great player!

  65. this agreement between the club and mascharano and i am not going with either side here but lfc have a buisness to run and because mascharano wishes to leave then liverpool do not have to except the first offer that comes along like the first offer from barca 12 million pounds which was insulting to liverpool and mascharano and so mascharano should of understand the situation made his point clear that when the right offer came in that he could leave the club not act like a seven year old and take his ball home was this down to his agent that he would not play at city wouldnt be surprised but in the end he got his move liverpool lost out on the deal because they only got 17 million pounds when he is worth a lot more . But any way thank you Antoine for bring a very good debate and letter and it is very intresting to see so many diffrent opinions to your open letter well done Antoine keep it up mate albey

  66. hello is it’s a little tardee but … I’m from Argentina
    think in Barcelona is not going to go anyway … but still no one
    will know because it was but he has ambition lgualque all! STEP

  67. Mascherano after winning the Champion: “This is for Liverpool”
    Saying this, after just winning the champion means that a piece of his heart is still with the Liverpool, he didn’t have any need of this speech

    See the video:

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