‘DELETE’ – Liverpool fans near universally horrified by club’s ‘unethical’ project

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Liverpool fans flocked onto Twitter in their numbers to share their disapproval of the club’s decision to sell NFTs as part of a digital, global community.

The club shared a tweet detailing what the ‘LFC Heroes Club’ would entail, with the Reds the latest to capitalise on a scheme that is attracting mixed reviews from commentators and economists.

The environmental impact of NFTs, in particular, has proved to be a consistent bugbear for critics across the globe, with one digital artist claiming that it costs $5,000 just ‘to offset the emissions from one of his collections’, as reported by The Verge.

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Though the moral fibre of football as a whole is increasingly coming under question (a situation Liverpool hasn’t been immune to either of late), it’s disappointing to see us embark on this path.

Having previously attracted critique for copyright schemes, its approach with a European Super League, furlough, and so on, it’s yet another occasion inspiring a feeling of disconnection between fans and the club.

You can catch some of the fan reaction below:

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