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As Liverpool were beating Steaua last night I was waking up from Anesthesia (it was still afternoon here in Florida), “what’s the score?” I asked the Uruguayan nurse (I had spent 30 minutes before the procedure explaining why I hated Diego Forlan :-) ). She didn’t know, the game wasn’t on TV so I had to wait until they moved me back to my room and was able to call my son who had my mobile phone. 1-1 was the score and I was nervous, my wife and sons were on the way back and the moment they walked into the room I snatched that mobile out of his hand to check the score.

3-1 it read, suddenly I forgot everything I had gone through. A couple of minutes later Ngog made it 4-1, a victory I could really smile about.

The procedure was a success, they found the stones that were causing the problems and removed them. The stones must have fallen out when I had my gallbladder surgery a couple of weeks ago and were blocking the liver ducts. After several cat scans and MRIs that showed nothing, I was getting nervous and yet the pain didn’t want to go away.  All the abdominal pain has now gone away, my throat is sore but that is normal after an endoscopic procedure.

I am currently waiting to be released from hospital (in the next few hours) and I want to once again thank you all for the great wishes that you have sent me. I received them from Twitter, Facebook, SMS, comments on this site, email and phone, it sure kept me busy just reading all of them :-)

I was never walking alone.

Bring on Manchester United.



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  1. Just in time, I was getting withdrawal symptoms from not reading the Antoine times when I get to work in the morning. Glad your ok mate.

  2. Guess N’goal, GI Joe and Lucas worked really hard for the success of your operation. Good to know all’s good…. Hope Stevie and Nando help out in the post-operative care! YNWA buddy, I mean it!

  3. welcome back antoine. good to hear everything’s alright. although, as i told paul tomkins, you could have tweet while being cut up. pity you had to be anesthetized. (^^,)

    anyway, as you said, bring on manchester united! YNWA


  4. Sorry antoine,
    couldn’t wish u earlier as the internet on my field projects is as good as none, hope you recover and InshaAllah nando shall give you the best Get-well-soon gift (a hat-trick) on Sunday…. ;)


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