Liverpool lineup vs Wolves

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Carra captains the Reds as Stevie most likely starting on the bench

Starting XI : Reina, Kelly, Enrique, Carragher, Skrtel, Downing, Henderson, Lucas, Adam, Carroll, Suarez

Subs : Doni, Gerrard, Bellamy, Coates, Flanagan, Kuyt, Spearing

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  1. Carroll and suarez,ohh! Dont know if The Match is on Star sports in India, it shows that its at 7.25 pm but it clashes with F1 (wonder who really watches it, leaving the europeans)

    1. Why isn’t Coates playing. Carra is turning into another kyragiakos and I don’t like it. I hope Coates doesn’t end up like another Pacheco

  2. henderson is shite!! carroll is shite!! why the fuck is kuyt n bellamy on the bench!?!? why in shits name are we playing 4-4-2, the lamest most weakest formation ever, its design is so simple, its easy to break, my god, its like roy hodgson all over again!! D: we’re probably gunne get embaressed again :S

    1. Geez, look at these whoppers posting on here. Critisizing a legend of LFC? Grow up and behave – and get an education whilst you’re at it.

  3. AAAARGGGHH. Why are we reverting to Suarez and Carroll up front? After the Spurs debacle and the performance of Ballamy and Kuyt in midweek it’s time that Carroll was dropped. He needs to earn his place and at present it’s not happening. I’m fine with him on the bench, but we need to get amongst Wolves particularly at home and he just ain’t quick enough.

  4. I m not confident with this set up I don’t wanna push the panic button yet but I am gonna keep my fingers crossed till the end of match and make some comments

  5. Is kenny really a gambler… He shud understand dat we pay to watch our darling club… Dats y i like mourinho… Pls forget price tag and get results wit good players and not average english shits plssssss..

  6. The reason Bellers is not starting is because of his knees, he spent last season at my other club (cardiff city), n he has his own training regime, n it’s advisable that he can only play 1 full match a week because of the swelling and strain it puts on his knees.
    If you look back at last season u will see that Bellers very rarely played midweek games, n if he did then he was left out of the weekend matches ……. it’s also y he dropped out of so many Wales matches (the midweek games predominantly)

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