‘Beginning of the end’ – These Liverpool fans are all saying the same thing following Newcastle’s takeover

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A number of Liverpool fans took to the Twittersphere to share their concerns regarding Newcastle United’s recent takeover.

Newcastle supporters were out publicly celebrating the ousting of unpopular owner Mike Ashley after a Saudi Arabian-backed consortium took control.

The concerns held by some Reds were heightened following director Amanda Staveley’s comments to Sky Sports, stating that the league title was an ambition for the Magpies.

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Whilst some fans certainly have some good cause for complaint in light of how the current league table has taken shape, it should likewise be remembered that Jurgen Klopp has allowed us to compete right alongside such clubs in question.

There will, of course, be questions over how capable we’ll be when it comes to keeping this up beyond the German’s tenure.

Beyond purely footballing reasons, however, it’s critical that fans also take into account the concerns around the group backing the takeover of Newcastle, with a broad range of human rights-related allegations being aimed at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

You can catch some of the fan reaction below:

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  1. It’s the way of the world. Money doesn’t talk it swears. Until enough people seriously challenge capitalism money always will win. I’m happy it’s the Geordies though. Imagine if it was West Ham or Arsenal!

  2. If we can achieve any thing like the level osuccess as our friends at l f club have achieved in the years ahead we will. Be happy wish us well not to well ,,we fully understand

  3. If it emerges that the Premier League is dominated by 3 clubs every season.
    Without a cap on transfer spending.
    Then maybe there’s an incentive for other clubs to join a European Super League after all.
    The people in charge of the Premier League need to take a look at themselves for allowing the takeover of Newcastle by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman.
    He presides over a country with one of the worst human rights abuses in the world.
    Anyone who doubts this should check out the Amnesty International website for detailed information.
    I truly hope there will be a high profile demonstration by Liverpool fans when we play Newcastle at Anfield.
    To highlight the human rights abuses committed by Saudi Arabia.
    We are Liverpool this means more.
    If this had happened at Liverpool I would hand my season ticket back.

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