(Video) “£10 million just to sign a new contract” – Enrique proposes a way Liverpool can keep Mo Salah and not pay huge wages

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Mo Salah’s contract negotiations keep rumbling on and now Jose Enrique has discussed how he sees a way for all parties to be happy.

Speaking on his Instagram account, the Spaniard said: “From what it looks like, this is very, very simple – Salah is asking for a salary that Liverpool is not going to pay, simple as that.

“Not because they don’t want to, although it is a bit of that, because they don’t want to disrupt the salaries… I totally understand and I defend the club on that.

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“There is a solution for this guys, that is: for example if Salah asks for £400,000 and Liverpool pay £300,000 and then give him a signing fee.

“For example and just saying a random number, £10 million just to sign a new contract that compensates all the years and it’s like making a new signing and you don’t have to put his salary higher”.

In theory, this certainly makes sense and wouldn’t disturb the wage structure within the club for current and future players but it’s hard to see how they wouldn’t be aware of this huge fee being paid.

If word gets out that these huge figures are being paid for a contract renewal, then whenever a player has a contract negotiation they will ask for the same and the issue won’t be solved.

The longer this deal goes on, the more people will be upset with either the club or our No.11 and it will start to turn toxic.

We can only hope an amicable solution is found soon and it is done so in a way that everyone is happy with.

You can watch the full video on Enrique’s Instagram account:

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