Rafa is the right man for Liverpool

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Currently, there are three types of Livepool fans concerning Rafael Benitez.

1) Who support him through and through and want him here beyond this season.

2) Who support him right now, but want to wait until the end of the season before coming to a conclusion.

3) Who want him gone now right now.

When names like Hiddink, Mourinhio etc are put in. Fans get swayed to their side. Benitez is a great manager. But he is not the best in the world. There cant be too much of an argument on that. But right now, he is the best that Liverpool can have. We cant afford the likes of Mourinho.

Moreover, Rafa Benitez is probably a geuine Liverpool supporter. He signed a new contract last season despite knowing who owns the club. He has constantly come out in the media and said that hes not going to leave. On numerous occasions Real Madrid have come calling, with a bigger salary offer, but he has stayed here. That certainly means he loves this club. If he can reject one of the most famous clubs, and a club he probably supported as a child, the club he played at as a youngster, and the club that gave him his first job in management- Real Madrid for this club. Then he probably is a supporter. Its every players dream to put on the white of Real, and every managers dream to get the chance to manage Real. That dream is more powerful for a Spanish national. But Rafa has rejected all that to stay in Merseyside. So, yes, he is a true fan. He has probably given up his dream to continue with us. And calling for his sacking isnt the best way to repay him.

Rafa signed a new contract last season for Liverpool which gave him total control of players- transfers, youth players etc. He has a say in more topics now, he has the power to sign and make decisions on the future of Liverpool. Just like Wenger at Arsenal, Rafa too is conducting a project at Liverpool. The only way for that project to be succesful if we back him completely and remain patient. We have to think long-term and not ‘instant success’.

Ferguson took 6 years to win his first major trophy at Manu, 3 years to win the FA Cup.

Arsenal have kept their faith in Wenger for 13 years or so. Their have been highly succesful seasons, and highly disappointing as well. Arsenal too are a big 4 team, but they had a disspointing season last season, and its been 5 years since they tasted silverware, but he is still in charge of the club. A club where there are a number of shareholders, but no one has sacked him, because he is conducting a project. Which slowly but surely is beginning to be a success.

 Benitez won the UCL in his first season, FA Cup the next, the UCL final again in his third season and we came so close to the league title last season. Closest in years. Just like Arsenal have kept their trust in Wenger, we too must keep our trust in Benitez.

Liverpool FC is having a difficult time right now, so are the fans, players and certainly the manager. The only thing that will get us through this period is if we support everyone concerned with the club. And look forward to next season. Your never going to get a complete period of success. One step back, two steps forward. You got to expect blips here and there. Failure leads to success. This season will make our players more passionate for next season, for it to be a successful one. They’ll take this season as a lesson, and go all out next season.

You’ll Never Walk Alone is the famous song of Liverpool FC, it has been attached to Liverpool and its wordings too don’t speak of complete success. The main theme of the song is to remain optimistic and proud even during the storm. Its not going to be all sunshine, theres always a bad storm in between. The important thing is to get through it. We have to take an example from this too.

So when others are linked with the Rafa’s job, we should reply with even louder support for him. When the team is peforming badly, support them even more and sing even louder.

Remember the Kop Pledge: “Always support the team, no matter how bad they are playing.

If the team is doing badly, cheer even louder as they need your support more.If a player is struggling, sing his name louder and more often as he needs it.If the opposition are the better side and perform well, appreciate it and give them the credit they are due.”

Remember the words of You’ll Never Walk Alone: “At the end of the storm, is a golden sky”.And understand the true meaning of these words.

Keep the Faith.


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  1. Very good piece. Though I do understand why people get on Rafa because sometimes I do as well. I have a love/hate relationship with him but i have never wanted him to leave. This is his first year in complete control and our youths are looking better then ever and we have some promising future players. This is a marathon, not a sprint, walk on.

  2. Well said that man. Benitez has a long term project that hopefully should be self financing through control of the youth academy. Long term solutions are what’s needed not quick fixes. RAFA YNWA

  3. Rafa has been Awsome for the club since he landed in 2005, I for (1).
    RAFA has my support and I hope the rest of you do Too!!

    Stand up and be counted!!

  4. Thank for your voice. I’m 100% backing Rafa even I somehow don’t understand why he keeps playing Lucas alongside Masche.


  5. I’ve not liked Benitez since around Christmas of LAST season.
    Some may wonder why, especially when we had such a good run last season. Personnaly though, I feel that Rafa needs to get his mind into Premiership football as his decisions have been poor for easily over a year now.

    The only difference there is when you compare today, to the same day last year is simple…the team performed.

    So yea, I may not like Rafa, yea I do want him to go.
    But and this is a big but, if he can get his mind right and make some proper calls (eg subs/starting lineups) then the teams morale will rise and we will get back to the form of last season.

    Morale is low now, and I’m not going to blame Rafa exactly for this as I believe there is a few factors.
    But this season it is the players fault. True Rafa’s not helping fix that problem in my eyes, and hasn’t done anything to fix it for over a year.

    Personally, if Rafa doesnt find a fix by the end of February, then he needs to go and there is no denying it. Kenny Dalglish or even Sammy Lee can take over till Summer. They both have enough experience to somewhat handle it.

  6. Murinhio would not do any better than rafa. In fact I think he do worse. He had millions threw at him in one lump sum basically, think anyone could have handled that job!

  7. Adam, I would suggest to you that the players’ morale is high at the moment, probably the highest its been all season considering we’ve fought back from 8th position to within 1 point of 4th. Also the fact we have racked up 10 out of 12 in our last four games.
    If we can keep the Liverpool strength and never give up mentality for two to four weeks, when the other players return well almost be an unstoppable force once more.

  8. “So when others are linked with the Rafa’s job, we should reply with even louder support for him”

    Well said! I’m backing Rafa 100%

  9. There are quite a few things which I don’t like or agree with regarding Rafa. He has made it virtually impossable for himself to be sacked. At the last count,there was 14 of his own people in the backroom staff.The vast majority of which are also Spanish. If he was to leave or be sacked,the majority of these will also go with him. Which would leave the club in total turmoil. I do like majority of his signings,the only two costly mistakes being Ryan (who bewilders me,as his mindset was well known about before we bought him) and also Dossena.Aquillani is a class player and Rafas biggest gamble to date. Another point is the lose of Paco,who was a massive loss to the club.He is a major part of Rafas success story so far. Do I think he is the right man for us? At the moment yes,simply because he is the only top coach who would take the job.To attract a top coach here,would require a big transfer budget in place,plus him having a backroom staff to join.him.

  10. In my opinion, manager is a moot point until we get rid of the Muppets. Won’t back him or sack him. If they did sack him, no one would take the poison chalice that this job is under G&H. If they did back him, we’d be hoisting silverware. I agree, we are in it for the long haul.

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