(Video) Royal Liverpool Philharmonic choir performs the greatest ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ you’ll ever hear

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As tributes and sympathies for the families of those affected by the 1989 Hillsborough tragedy continue to roll in, Liverpool’s Royal Philharmonic choir have performed what is the most beautiful, spine-tingling rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone that you’ll ever hear.

(Via Mirror)

The special arrangement, which was originally produced by chorus master Ian Tracey, which was first sung at the Hillsborough memorial service in Liverpool Cathedral on April 29th, 1989.

The choir also shared it on their Facebook page:

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Words of praise from Facebook users flooded in.

Linda Cubin wrote “Beautiful, emotional, and the only song that tells so many, “You’ll never walk Alone”. May each and everyone find peace in their long fight for justice. 96 angels can now RIP.”

“This is truly heartwarming & inspirational. I hope there is some comfort now for families & friends who have suffered for so long without vindication,” added Chris Hazlehurst.

Some people, however, continued to express their anger. “What happened at Hillsborough and subsequently shows the utter contempt that those in positions of authority have for the ordinary person,” said Avice Turnbull. “They were happy to divert the blame for what happened on to those who suffered and the establishment supported those lies for more than a quarter of a century. This is a big step forward but even now the people responsible aren’t being held accountable and brought to justice.”



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