‘Leave my club’ ‘#FSGIN’ – Liverpool fans react to FSG apology over breakaway Super League

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Liverpool fans have responded to Liverpool owner John Henry’s apology following the backlash received from the European Super League talks.

Many were, rather understandably, quick to condemn the businessman for his involvement in the highly controversial proposals.

Given all the good FSG have previously done, however, it’s clear that the owners have split elements of the fanbase, with some willing to move on from the incident.

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In all fairness to Henry, the apology does come across well, though it’s hard to overlook the fact that this is not the first ill-thought-out venture FSG have committed to without any consideration for the club’s values.

The owners have ultimately helped drag us out of midtable obscurity but how much longer can we afford to put up with decision-making that seems entirely out of touch with the fanbase?

If we are to move past this, far more than an apology is required – at an absolute minimum – to rebuild the faith that has been utterly obliterated.

You can catch some of the fan reaction below:


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  1. Damage is done.They waited to see how it would play out.
    These guys knew what they’re at.
    Are fans really gonna suck up this rubbish from Henry after this debacle. He’s apologised for his greed before albeit this is the first video one. But it needed to be

    Nothing less than falling on his sword was gonna give him a chance of crawling back from this.
    Nothing will change with budget, transfer fund etc
    It will be move on to Plan C and brass it out again if that goes wrong.
    Money and greed are their motivation.

  2. I have been a Red for over sixty years. I have seen the glory years and the drought years.
    Everyone makes mistakes but FSG don’t learn from theirs.
    The most important part of LFC has always been the fans and team. We have seen owners come and go – some good and others disastrous ( Hicks & Gillett) – but the one constant has been the loyalty of the true fans. We now have one of the best managers we have seen who ranks alongside Bill Shankley and Bob Paisley and the team has evolved again under JK.

  3. Just be careful what you wish for. FSG can just let go and sell the club to some middle east owner but do you LFC fans think they will listen to your call any better?

  4. All these money men who own clubs obviously know how to make vast sums of money but they don’t seem to understand that without the fans their investment goes belly up. You have to have the fans on your side.
    On several occasions now FSG have tried to force through things, without consultation, that make them more money and been rebuffed by the fans.
    When will they realise that alienating the fans, the players and JK is not the way forward.
    An apology without learning lessons is worthless .

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